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Arcadia Teaching Mission Group PR

Arcadia, California, U.S.A.
Monday, May 15, 2006, 7:45pm

Teachers: JarEl & Correlli

TRs: George Benavides & Stella Religa

Topics: Individuals who question
After we die – purging process
The gift of faith
Teaching Mission taking hold
You are the new ambassadors
Readiness necessary for revelation
Turmoil in the world

Questions: In Morontia life, what does re-keying mean?
What is the difference between hearing from our Teachers and hearing
from our dead loved ones?
Prayer: Larry: Dear Father thank you for this gathering. Thank you for all the blessings and opportunities that you have bestowed on each one of us. We pray for peace in the world. We pray for the coming of Monjoronson. We pray for the coming of Light and Life. In Christ Michael’s name, amen.
JarEl: TR, George. Good evening, it is I, your teacher, JarEl. It is good to be among you once again. I’m always pleased to be in the presence of individuals who take it upon themselves to investigate and question the prevailing wisdom of this world. Many of you have gone far beyond the normal route and searched for the deepest truths that you can find. There is some courage that is needed to do this, for many times you feel as though you are out on a limb by yourselves with no one to turn to. For this is the way it seems when you search for new and higher truths, when you seek for new revelations. It is important that you search, and many times when you search you will be alone. For now it is a solitary mission that many of you undertake. But it will not always be this way, for now there are many of you, now you all come together and gather, you all share your ideas and your thoughts. Many of you come from different backgrounds and all of these variations add to the
whole, just as all the variant religions that exist in this world add to the whole of humanity.
There is the correcting time immediately after people die and go through a purging process of erroneous ideas. But this is once you reach the Morontia realm and what is special about many of you is that you are attempting to make these corrections while you are here on this planet. You are attempting to bring to humanity a more elevated idea of God and a more correct vision of the life of Jesus. For this you shall be commended for it is not an easy task and there is much resistance to these new ideas. But it is such that all new ideas are always rejected. But given time, the worthwhile ideas earn merit and become established within the society. It is only a matter of time before these Urantia Book ideas will take hold throughout all the world. They have already taken hold within your hearts. And if they have taken hold within your hearts, then surely, those who have begun their search to find God will find these answers just as you have.
Throughout your universal career you will experience much of what many would consider correcting. But it is not necessarily so, we view it merely as an adjustment to the way things are and the way things should be. At this moment this world is going through a phase of the way things should be. But it is understandable and we sympathize with many of you for it is not an easy life to live. However, that said, you are most fortunate for there are many benefits from coming from this world. Those who believe and come from this world will surely know that they have been tried and tested for all eternity. For their faith is so profound that there is no shaking it away from them, or you.
Yes, my brothers and sisters, you have come to believe without one shred of evidence to substantiate any of your ideas, yet you believe, and this is your faith. This is what connects you to God and to your brothers and sisters. This faith alone will see you through for all eternity and you shall look back when you have the evidence at hand and when you convince yourself and you know for sure that God does exist, you will look back and be amazed at how much faith you had even when you didn’t know for sure.
And that, my friends, is a gift, it is a blessing.
Before I continue tonight, I would like to give the opportunity for those who wish to transmit to do so now.
Correlli: TR, Stella. Greetings to you all from Correlli. I greet you from my new abode on the Morontia world. We have listened with great pleasure to your discussions with JarEl and he has told us what a delightful group you are, we agree. You all have been very faithful in listening to JarEl and being faithful to the Teaching Mission. You may not know this and perhaps you sometimes have doubted, but the Teaching Mission has taken hold in many parts of the world. We have new listeners, new pupils, constantly. We are thrilled at the progress Urantia folks have been making. We know you are very upset with the turmoil in the world, but know that those who have passed on from your world to ours are being well taken care of and as JarEl told you tonight, they are being purged of their old religious ideas. To some, this new knowledge, has been a great shock and in some sense, they feel betrayed by what they have been taught; a teaching that has not been very productive for
them. Now they wish that they could go back among you to tell their brothers and sisters of the joys they have experienced and what newcomers will also enjoy once they get over here. We love them and we love you. We wait with great pleasure for that distant time when we will all meet and discuss and answer the many questions that you did not ask while you were in the flesh. There are some things that we can talk about and some things we have been asked to defer until your arrival. But as is, we try to tell you as much as we are permitted to and we will try to answer your questions as best we can within the permitted limits. So be of good cheer as Christ Michael says. We are
with great joy at your faithfulness and we look forward to contacting you again and to tell you some day of our many adventures on your beautiful blue planet. We love you all and goodnight.
JarEl: TR, George. Thank you Correlli. As Correlli said, there are many things that your previous loved ones would like to share, but there are too many barriers beyond. Many things they are not permitted to disclose and one of those is the underlining of their previous religions. We do not permit that for the mere fact that once they reveal many of the erroneous ideas, chaos will ensue. There is a system which exists within each religion and that system must be maintained, regardless of its adverse effect. Sooner of later their religions will improve and their thoughts and ideas will coalesce with the rest of humanity. For this reason, loved ones are not permitted to communicate.
Many new revelations and ideas are discovered on the other side; many new exciting truths. These are revealed to them because they are ready; they have come to a point where it should be revealed to them. A large portion of humanity is not ready for many of these ideas, no matter how powerful or great they may be.
You within this group and those which surround this community have prepared yourselves for these new opportunities of revelation. This preparation came through much struggle on your own, though many of you are deemed worthy to receive much of what is told here. It is not that we are saying that these ideas should not be shared, rather, if we were to share these ideas with all the world, there would be hardly any good reception for them. So we focus our energies and our revelations to those who have ears to hear and eyes to see.
You have all traveled far and long and you can sincerely say to yourselves that you have not been blind entirely, but you have given truth an honest thought, you looked at it, you looked at many ideas in many religions, and you pondered these ideas in your mind until you were satisfied, or at least relatively satisfied. Not many in this world can say that. Not many can honestly say that they have looked at their own religion and really questioned. So we see that you have really made the effort to bring yourselves into this realm of opportunity and now the revelations will come through. Now the flood doors are open for new ideas to come into this world and you are the messengers and the ambassadors. You are the dignitaries that will represent the kingdom of heaven and we thank you for this effort.
Are there any questions here tonight?
Dennis: This is not really a question but it is more of a comment. In regards to what you were saying about us not having a shred of evidence, and yet believing in a God, I personally find it extremely difficult not to believe in a God and I feel as though there is more than enough evidence in front of us and if you look at everything around us, it just seems inconceivable that this could all come out of random entropy. For me there is every shred of evidence around us and within us. Its just kind of a comment. Its interesting.
I do have one question. In reading how we advance from morontial body to morontial body, we are re-keyed or advance-keyed? This term advance-keyed seems to imply that we might be retuned in time possibly, is this like a frequency in time or maybe we are advanced in the future?
JarEl: TR, George. Not necessarily, but yes, there is a key that allows you to feel and experience much of what the source is, meaning that you do need to digress from time as you move forward and inward towards Paradise. But much of what the re-key is about is to bring you up in frequency and allow you to experience more. You will also have a larger mental capacity that will allow you to process much more information as possible. Also this heightening of frequency allows you to see other beings that you previously were not able to see. The higher you get in frequency, the more you will experience as a whole. Eventually you will be so attuned to the presence of God, that you will be one with Him and all time will cease to exist. What I meant to say was not necessarily so with you going into the future, it is more like you going into the future, the present and the past at the same time. As you go higher in frequency, you begin to experience your life as a whole. (Thank
you) You are welcome.
Any other questions?
Stella: When you say we are not allowed to communicate with our loved ones, and yet we can communicate with you, is there a difference?
JarEl: TR, George. There is a very distinct difference Stella. We are commissioned to bring into this world new revelations and help to usher in this new era of light and life.
We are also here to help you with this correcting time that you are currently experiencing. Those loved ones that have been allowed to communicate with you have been under the guidance of us, with many restrictions put on it and it is a privilege for them to communicate with any of you, for it is not commonly done or allowed. Our communications with you are thoroughly commissioned and sanctioned and that is the difference Stella.
Stella: I thought as much but I just wanted to clarify it because sometimes people have asked about this and this is what I assumed, that you were commissioned to do what you are doing and we will just have to wait until we meet again; that sort of communication is not permitted at this time. I know it would be a great mess if that were possible, that we could communicate with the dead. There would be no end to the turmoil to continue in this life if you had any differences with your relatives on the other side. Thank God we have peace in that one respect.
JarEl: TR, George. Consider it a moratorium on communication when you see your loved ones die. It is for the best, believe me. For they must go through a transition period where they must adjust and many times they are very unstable and unprepared to even communicate with you. So it is best to give them time. Eventually you will arrive on the Morontia realm as well and you will have ample opportunity to communicate with your relatives.
Stella: Well what if you don’t want to communicate with certain people? Do you have to?
JarEl: TR, George. That is a personal issue Stella. That is something that you yourself must come to terms with. (I know) There is something that exists in all of you that you must purge through this period. Do not think that it is going to be easy for any of you as well. Just because you have found new revelations that reveal and basically answer many of your questions, does not mean that you have omitted yourself from experiencing many of the same experiences that everyone else has to go through. You, yourselves have some deep issues that you must deal with as well. This is not me passing judgment on you, it is just a reality that exists with all mortals of time and space. And these adjustments are very much a good thing for all of you and you will be much happier and you will love more. You will love your relatives more. If you can learn to love your relatives more, then it is something to look forward to.
I will leave it at that. Until next time, goodnight
All: Goodnight JarEl.

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