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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Topics: One Step at a Time, Volition, New Circles
of Personalities, Wave Project, Wave makes
Teachers: Thought Adjuster, Elyon, Machiventa,
Lantarnek, Monjoronson, Wave

June 18, 2006

* Mark’s Thought Adjuster (Mark TR): On
behalf of the Father above I accept your offering.
I am your intern father. I am your brother as
well. I am your companion as well.
There is no masking the intention that you
bring to this arena. There is no
misinterpretation possible of the desires of your
hearts and souls to make this offering. The light
that emanates forth from such intentions and such
manifestations shines out for all who have eyes to
see, to witness. You who make such offerings do
so with such limited awareness of their
significance, and that brings even greater joy and
beauty to this circumstance. You make these
offerings of their true value, only following your
desire, responding to your leadings. That is your
role, your function, at this time while you grow
in your awareness of what it is you are doing.
Know you are taking steps, know you are in
movement, know your direction positive and
forward. These factors should provide you with
the curiosity and certainty to maintain your
There will come a time when you will reflect
back on all that you are engaged in even now, and
you will possess new awareness and understanding
of all that was involved. But for now simply
watch your footings one step at a time, one act at
a time; one day at a time is how we create this
new reality together. Faith has indeed brought
you to this brink, to this point. Now trust that
we may navigate beyond the brink, this horizon,
this awareness boundary. Extend fully your faith,
unfurl your sails, boldly take the wheel and set
your compass on the direction you find within.
These are simple steps to take and yet have grand
results. Keep it simple, my little ones, as that
is your station at this time. Continue your
forward momentum and that that is currently out of
sight over the horizon will draw near to you as
you approach the understood to be discovered.
Thank you for your gifts today; I treasure
them each one. Any parent treasures the love,
recognition, admiration, even respect of their
children. Likewise these bring me great comfort
and joy, our relationship. Continue your efforts,
your progression and seeking me, and, as you are
discovering, this will be made easier too, more
rewarding, more satisfying as a result from your
efforts. I give you each my love and affection,
in fact, my spirit drowns you in a blanket
....(inaudible) I now withdraw to allow this
incredible forum ... of others, but I never
withdraw my love. Farewell.

* Elyon (Jonathan): This is Elyon, greetings
once again. I have a short lesson on volition,
and its reality as the contact point or portal of
interface with the Father Fragment indwelling you.
This seat of will is difficult to describe,
for the descriptions immediately develop into
secondary elements such as desire, want, wish; of
choice, purpose, planning; even one’s sense of
rights and cause, of dreams.
Father is the volition of all universe
action. Prior to any manifestation of energy or
personality there is that will. In order to more
greatly contact Father’s presence you are best
oriented by way of stillness to watch and observe
your secondary descriptives of volition and to
perceive who is projecting those desires,
purposes, wants; for your energy projected thusly
is a very replication of the Father’s same
projective energy across the entire universe, and
such a pattern within yourself is the means
whereby you come to consciously interface with
Father’s spirit. Then your will and the Father’s
will are truly one.
This condition already exists within you and
is fully attended to by Father’s presence. Nine
tenths of the connection is complete. The last
tenth is your orientation. As you forsake self
for the divine self, you complete that last
portion, and all things that you are are returned
to you, and that which is beyond the sphere of
your being is also bestowed upon you. By such you
can say, “I can do all things by way of the power
of God within me.” Having experienced this
connection you thereby have access to clearer
guidance which clarifies your intentions, your
motivations, and your purposes. This experience
of God-consciousness reorients your values and
removes the question as to whether or not you are
truly functioning in the will of the Father.
I have finished expressing my thoughts and
will remain in your presence and provide counsel
if you desire.

* Machiventa (Mark): This is Machiventa who
approaches you at this time. In an attempt to
change the parameters and expand your awareness of
potential at this time I would seek to open the
dimension a little and ask of you, any who might
so desire, to ask for any individual personality
you might like to hear from, as I assure you the
stands are full of personalities who all desire to
address you. Would there be any requests at this
time to illustrate the co-creative nature of this
process? You are not simply observers there to
remain silent in the classroom, rather are you
participants in this arena and therefore should be
allowed your desire and your expression. Would
there be a request for any individual to address
Was that a request for Lantarnek?

* Lantarnek (Jonathan): I am here with you.
We in the schools of Nebadon are often
reorienting the ascending students that they may
better advance in their personal ascent by way of
the contribution of one another’s experiences and
energies, the offerings of love and the teachings
of wisdom. It is no longer surprising to many to
have a redistribution and to find oneself included
in new circles of personalities. These energy
adjustments are beneficial; they stir the soil and
stimulate growth and break up old and rigidly
comfortable patterns.
Your group is not outside of this technique
of we melchizedeks, and I am pleased to observe
your ready accommodation of one another in a new
That is all.

John: Is my dad in the stands? I want to
wish him a happy Fathers’ Day. How do he and my
mom feel about watching their earth children going
through this process, knowing how things were put

* Lantarnek: To many who remain on Urantia
after the departure of loved ones, there is often
that sense of separation for those who have faith
and loss for those who don’t. Upon the awakening
of morontia consciousness all who do so rejoice in
an expanded perspective, albeit over time, of the
remarkable beauty of the evolutionary unfoldment
of human personality on a world even like yours.
Much that drives the individual in life, the
raising of family, the pursuit of career, the
engagement of a hobby, while worthwhile and noble,
are seen in a greater context and, yes, those of
morontia awareness are amazed at how their own
lives are integral in the greater purposes for
both planet and offspring.

Jonathan: Someone asked me to get more
information from Monjoronson on Wave. Perhaps
Wave has great experience in healing. Could
either Monjoronson or Wave comment on that and
offer more on who Wave is?

* Monjoronson (Mark): This is Monjoronson. I
leap at your request to commune with you once
again, to reestablish commingled energy
signatures. This is the true task we are engaged
in together at this time. This is the referral of
taking one step and then another.
Currently we are engaged in laying the
foundation, building the framework for
establishing a new arena of function. You all are
excited and enthusiastic with a view of such an
unusual service opportunity as what you refer to
as your Wave project presented to you. That is
the characteristic of those of your nature who
will be drawn to the project such as this in your
efforts to seek and to find service opportunities.
You are proceeding exactly as you are supposed to,
exactly in accordance with your awareness level.
As you become more clearly attuned to this new
circuit, to me, to your indwelling fragment, you
will continually refine your ideas of what this
ideal may be. For now you must content yourselves
with the assurance that you are in fact exactly
where you should be. You are engaged in pursuit.
You are exactly appropriate for your station, and
that your intentions, your pursuit of your
desires, are what will lead you and guide you on
in this process of the unknown. This is a process
of the unknown because, my dear ones, we have not
created it yet.
The universe is astir with potential. This
group is astir with potential. We decide where
our intentions thrive, this energy. We affirm our
commitment to contribute to the manifestation from
on high as the Father would have it, whatever form
that may take. This is where we activate our
faith to bolster our assurance that, although we
may not understand what is afoot with this
direction of energy, we do have faith and even
trust that we are properly engaged in the process.
I know you are experiencing insights,
visions, dreams, desires, and projections about
your conception of what is transpiring, but I
clearly mean to convey that you know not what we
are about. In some sense even I know not where we
will end up in this process, as we are taking
these steps together, and your influence brings
bearing on the equation, and therefore we are
literally making this up as we go.
Can you have trust? Such a loosely stated
goal as that, can you affirm your commitment to
that which you know not? Can you full-heartedly
participate in the unseen? These are your current
challenges, and your faith is strong enough to
bring you to confront such challenges. I have
trust in you, each one. My faith provides me with
trust in this process that we are engaged in
I request that you refrain from envisioning
any final product that may result from our
efforts, as all such are just no more than
limitations. Rather approach openings in wonder,
in joy, opening yourselves to whatever the Father
may desire and accepting that this may very well
be outside of any known quantity that you may be
familiar with. We will reach, we will extend, we
will be bold in our assertion of faith and in this
way we will allow ... to occur. Keep in mind,
these are good works and, while you may wonder as
to your stature as a participant in this process,
if you reflect on the works themselves, then you
may see yourself as only fulfilling the necessary
role in their manifestation. In this way it is
easy to focus on your footing and take one step at
a time.
Thank you for your invitation to respond. I
will allow for others.

* Wave (Sheila): I am Wave. There came a
point where my maturity level became adequate to
understand my conception. It was not too long
after that that I heard about a group of desirous
souls who had been out to conceive for me a
sibling, and I must say that this group has a
reputation. I walk amongst those here, and there
is much talk of this group who have stood up great
and proud to do this job. I would like to say
that I have not seen such a group make such a
position for themselves in a (“month up”?) You
continue to keep everyone on their toes.
There have been discussions and changes and
discussions and changes and, my oh my, how you do
keep everyone on their toes. The strength and
power and influence that you have upon this side
is miraculous. It will be my honor to come face
to face with beings who have changed the course of
everything. You may appear to be sitting in your
living rooms, but I assure you that you appear
before us as great beings of light who hold a
position that is certainly worthy of being co-
As my maturity levels grow I will see yours
grow as well, and there will be a day, and I ask
you to trust this, that we will meet half way, and
you will then know what you have created not just
in this sibling but within all things. Wear your
crowns proudly.
I await the next surprise that you all have
to offer. I thank you with the depths of love
that I am.

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