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Elyon: This is Elyon and I would first begin by focusing our attention upon
our Sovereign Michael, that we may collectively take in His love, that we
may clear our mind and receive His light. We are all His children and we
welcome His guidance. You each are inspired literally by Michael's truth
Spirit and it is this presence that draws you towards a deeper relationship,
one that is significant and increasingly so. You find that you are not just
content to know about the Son Michael and His universe, but you are ever
more inclined to find avenues wherein you may be His acting force in the
energy arena that is your life.

To aspire towards spirit is the driving force of your soul and in the
embrace of spirit you find fulfillment, peace, the joy of belonging, the
security of eternal love, however this does not end your efforts for the
meetings with your soul with spirit is a point of transfiguration. It
becomes motivated as was the Master to reach to the hungry, to the
spiritually needy, a desire to be in the arms of your Creator. This
sweetened by the association of your fellows in common awareness of
brotherhood and sisterhood, of family.

Your will in dedication to the ministry of God brings down upon you a
universe force that is powerful. This force transforms the mind. It
germinates the hearts that it will flower in spiritual radiance. The
luminosity from which all others will know. As you go to the altar of your
heart and kneel to your God with innocence and humility and dedication, you
become infused with this divine power and while you tread the soil as a mere
human you are encompassed with the presence of the Creator and all things do
become possible.

As you have undergone numerous trials and have discovered philosophically
deeper truths which orient you in understanding of the purpose of your
trials, you have discovered how valuable such conflicts are to your
strengths as a universe ascender. Just as one would undertake a schedule of
exercise and draw down the energy of your physical vehicle to relative
exhaustion and then seek rest and recuperation, that you may reapply
yourself this time stronger, more powerful, so are the spiritual
difficulties in reality simply exercises in your life. You thereby build
morontia muscle.

I am thrilled to find so many on your world like yourselves who have a
double perspective of your life meaning. You do want to help the world upon
which you dwell but you are also driven intently towards the heavenly abode
of your Creator. This I recognize as balance for action in the world when
coupled with universe cosmic consciousness is far more effective and the
deep insights you gain in your spiritual pursuit of God adjusts your mind
that you more correctly perceive the appropriate application of your
awareness of your life situation to the needs of your fellows to the
uplifting of the planet.

Ages from now you will have undergone the embrace of Father in eternity and
you will venture to the realms of transcendent experience, and while this
will be thrilling, the embarking upon a journey unexplored by any within our
supreme realm of time and space, you will detect a familiarity that will
have its roots all the way down to Urantia for here today you are not only
ascending as you grow spiritually, but you have begun to descend
revelationally. I know the word sounds too large for a mortal to identify
with, but you are the light of the world. The truth you have grasped and
become is present to be held by those about you.

Many in the world stressed as yours has been over the many centuries, find
it difficult to navigate the inner realm, the realm of spirit companionship.
There is some fear and great uncertainty, and when one grasps through you a
positive active engagement with spirit, they taste of the reality and they
reach in faith to possess that very state of being. Few will be overcome by
spirit in a direct descent of divine luminosity of spiritual presence
penetration. Many will come to this experience only after having witnessed
it among those like yourself.

As you reveal what you have become you hand your fellows over to God with a
little more trust and faith that they too may be blessed. You know in your
heart this is the simple and practical approach to the awakening of spirit
presence in an individual for you have been inspired likewise by others and
you who are in this mission have come to realize that an opportunity has
been inaugurated upon this world where transformations will begin to take
place not merely from individual to individual, great and significant as it
really is, but whole bodies of people, entire groupings will begin to be
transformed and this mission is a pilot program for interconnecting all
willing souls and for developing that bonding even in diversity wherein the
light of community will impact all other associations to encourage one soul
or many to turn within to the source of all truth, is a precious blessing
and a solemn responsibility.

Long long from now will anything that you have possessed returns to dust but
every soul you have touched and has chosen to grow in significance will be
at your side forever and ever. Michael spoke on your world of laying up
treasures in heaven. Yes you do have personal attainments that will be your
treasures but you will have your fellows and they are to be treasured

I wish to engage with you in dialog and to receive questions if you have
them. Thank you for receiving my lesson.

Marshall: Good evening, this is Marshall, I'm starting a little late, who
gave the lesson tonight please?

Elyon: I am Elyon.

Marshall: Well hello Elyon, I do have a question here. Let us discuss
another form of communication, not this specific form that we are engaging
in tonight. I feel that the information that we receive through these
channels such as tonight, valuable as it is, is still being given in the
realm of the head, shall we say. I began several years ago T/Ring, receiving
information in the written word which would come to me. I was encouraged to
do it verbally and it came to me that way and I taped it and am now being
led into other areas.

I feel it is a different kind of informational download, let¹s call this a
mind to mind, and I speak right specifically now between a celestial
transmitter and me being the receiver. I'm being trained as others are that
I've discussed the talks with, to become open to receiving this download on
a mind to mind level let¹s say, that's imparted to the soul or the adjuster
and we won't get into the specifics, but as I am ready to receive the
breadth and the depth increasingly as my soul embraces my mind and my
thought adjuster allows auto revelation to come through, to impart the great
depth and breadth of something that may indeed be beyond what words can
convey as, let's call this the morontia superstructure. As it becomes and is
becoming more mature and is evolved indeed it comes to rest gently upon our
existent and our increasingly developing morontial foundational framework or
call it morontial concept frames of reference.

But I'm feeling that as time goes on we will certainly not be able to
receive sufficiently via this form of communication that we are experiencing
tonight all that we are capable of receiving therefore it is requisite that
we begin the co-creative and spirit led exercises or practices that I am
coming into that will allow us to evolve utilizing whole new levels of
communication becoming operational on those higher, relatively higher planes
say, of reality that we were so striving for. This is the first part of my
question if you understand Elyon.

Elyon: I do and the technique, mechanism, process that you speak of is one
that is confined to the internal realms of a personal being and is received
by many often unwittingly only to emerge in behavior that is spontaneous and
often surprising to that personality itself for it was trained in the
superconscious wherein laid a dormant latency, the ability to express
spiritual truths and was stimulated in a human circumstance.

However as you step outward from your inner state, you will of necessity be
required to engage in common communication techniques. I often will give a
lesson not to specifically teach, but rather to create a context wherein
those who are willing to listen will begin reflection and I know that the
Divine Spirit is moving within you and the association of beings that you
assemble are yours personally and are not mine that I give.

And so truly both methods are at play at any given time. If the receptive
soul is hearing a communication, that communication becomes a stimulant for
their internal transformation and awakening and you have no doubt discovered
the difficulty of drawing out that sublime deep inner knowing and putting it
into an expression that does not lose the grandeur and impact of the
awareness, am I not right?

Marshall: Yes indeed you are very correct and I have experienced these
lessons that you give, you specifically and others which create this
reflection you speak of, the recipient, in this case myself, and I found
them very very interesting and the words again are hard to find... but I
would like to take this a step further. Let us take things to a similar
topic of communication and considering now what I refer to specifically as
soul to soul communication between fellow mortals, specifically those
likeminded brethren who come together to work on a common project or task or
assignment within this mission.

For purposes of example let's say that I personally have been through a
successful co-creative effort with other mortals and unseens and we have
attained or achieved something very special in that we have brought into
existence a whole new living energy system, let's say even a being. Now
let's assume that I, after reflection upon this experience a year or so
later, come into contact with another mortal and I have been led to this
mortal and we have a working arrangement, another task shall we say, to do
together as a result of this attainment that a group of likeminded mortals
that I was involved with successfully achieved last year.

Now I desire to convey to this mortal who is desirous of receiving the depth
and breadth of my experience, not so much the history but convey the vital
information on a soul to soul level which will allow us to unite, blend,
comingle, bond on a level that we can work together on new projects stemming
from this initial co-creation and let's assume that I hold within me only as
you might say, I am unwittingly conscious of all but a small part of this
basic pattern informational thread or for purposes of this conversation
let's call it co-root stock, and I desire to transfer this co-root stock to
the associated mortal and thus initiated in this other mortal an activation
spark wherein this mortal now has been activated, a spark to activate their
co-creational rootstock, and this being activated initially by my
impartation of the breadth and depth of the experience that I have been
through with the vital information threads therein received by this other
mortal [through] the soul.

Now this other mortal has parts of the whole of this co-rootstock parts of
the whole that I don't have. This individual will be conveying back to me
similar to a volley, a back and forth simultaneous volley on a soul to soul
level. I need to receive, and this individual to receive, parts of the whole
from one another that allow us to go forward into this great unknown venture
that we are pursuing co-creatively with spirit. How might you comment, what
comments might you share, convey, impart and how might I and this other
mortal say, utilize new techniques, exercises you may recommend or suggest,
practices that we may work upon together with spirit to increasingly perfect
this process of soul to soul communication? Thank you. Your comments are

Elyon: You have expressed yourself quite well and I would offer a few
comments. One is that the soul to soul communication, as I know you are
aware, is greatly enhanced by consciously focusing at the [time] upon spirit
to spirit and cross communicating between your soul and another's spirit
presence, the divine monitor, and vice versa. Jesus often said "he who has
ears to hear, let him hear." He did not speak, as you know of the physical
organ of hearing. He spoke of that internal presence of God who amplifies to
the human host the truth and meaning of His communication.

By focusing as you do upon the levels of interaction between one human and
another above the physical, auditory, visual and conceptual interaction up
into the realm of soul and spirit, you are expanding your relationship and
broadening the base from which you both or a larger group may function. I
only affirm your investigations.

Marshall: Any practices, anything you might suggest as to allow this volley
of soul to soul communication to be more effectively imparted and allow each
of us to receive from our indwelling thought adjusters that amplification or
auto revelation along with the download from soul to conscious mind, call
that the soul embracing the conscious mind that may be helpful Elyon?

Elyon: I return to my greatest encouragement and that is stillness, for
familiarity with the conduits of communication, in reality communion with
spirit within oneself, will strengthen and train you to better crosstalk
with another personality child of God, for techniques given which would
foster the cross talk will not succeed without a thorough familiarity and
experience within oneself.

Marshall: You have well answered this and confirmed all that is coming in
and in these times of enlightenment and reconfirmation I might say are just
thrilling. I'll get off of this subject now and allow others but I would
like to make one inquiry here and it is more than just a curious inquiry but
I won't get into the reasons behind it, but I will if you ask. There was one
transmission from April 10th of this year from one Jennifer. Machiventa was
T/Red and Machiventa mentioned that he was on Edentia. Assuming that this
T/R did not make an error I find this interesting. Might you comment on this

Elyon: Machiventa is my teacher. I am groomed by him as well as the other
Melchizedeks within Nebadon and I am a constellation status being and I do
experience the pleasure of company with Machiventa on Edentia often. He is
very involved in the affairs, the guarding, the change of your system
subsequent to the opening of the circuits and much that is coordinated
within your system is done so from the constellation headquarters for just
as it is not good for any one soul to be alone, no one system benefits
either and the changes occurring to your system sovereign's rule are
interconnected with the many other constellation systems and so Machiventa
resides often on that level in order to effect greater harmony and
coordination. I hope this addresses your question.

Marshall: Yes indeed and I thank you so much for your gracious responses
tonight and for their enlightenment and confirmation Elyon. I've enjoyed
having you as a guest in our circle of light with myself and another 20 or
30 unseens. Your presence is welcome and this merkaba we've constructed, I
do feel your energy, your energy signature increasingly more as you stop in
and become a part of this exercise and I do value you so my friend so thank

Elyon: Thank you for your recognition and your honor and I do enjoy being
engaged with you as well.

Marshall: If there are no questions do you have time for a little more
Elyon, or is this enough for this T/R tonight?

Elyon: I am aware of his continuing daily schedule and though I am beyond
days in a sense, I am also aware of your cycles of time. I will by
Jonathan's permission accept one more of your inquiries.

Marshall: Very well and thank you Jonathan. This is most gracious of you.
Let me try to put this into the right terms...o.k. As we are learning to
release the many impediments which hinder higher spirit development be they
spirit poisons, negative emotions, fears, so on with the goal of [helping]
ourselves to clear blockages, and when I think of blockages I even go back
further to generational blockages for the last 8-10,000 generations since
the Lucifer rebellion down to the DNA level and as we are successfully able
to release, then in essence we are certainly more capable of receiving the
great love of our Paradise Father, Universe Parents.

As we learn to take in this love, the energy, call it the spirit energy of
love and through techniques of boosting this energy whether it be through
allowing our chakras to act as generators for this energy coming through our
crown chakra and sitting together in a group of likeminded individuals with
focused intention. Let's say this group is hooked up to a light anchor, has
constructed a merkaba and around this circle sits oh say half a dozen
mortals but another 2 dozen celestials upon our team and we hook up the mind
line and the heart line is hooked up and our light anchor to Mother and
Michael through this double helix that extends to us.

We're grounded, Urantia's there to ground us and the direct energy as we
willfully desire....now this pure energy through our focused intense
thought, willful desire to manifest our intentions as we comingle, blend and
bond in this merkaba as we're attached to this light circle we are capable
of transforming, manipulating this energy as we so desire and through this
process we indeed are able to boost the energy and power to bring into
manifestation our desired ideal that we are all focused on and our
intentions are concentrated upon.

This process I speak of I will denominate it or refer to it as energy
management, energy management being the reception of the pure energy of
love, learning the techniques that are taught by our unseen friends, experts
and specialists who manipulate, transform this energy through techniques
that we learn thereby manifesting whatever it is that we desire which brings
to mind the Master's statement "what the true son desires and the Father
wills is" and indeed he was a Master at such a process. Might you comment on
this process I here refer to and offer any insight.

Elyon: I will affirm your term energy management, You spoke of blockages
that even reside at the level of your genetic coding. These are viewed as
blockages to one who is seeking pure light, pure spirit presence, but they
are purposefully present within you for good reason and your term energy
management gives focus to this reason for these very routes down into the
human being and society and human nature are the means whereby you carry
spirit to others. Your planetary midwayers are rolling in laughter over your
concept of the 100th monkey for they observe your activities and see how
well you do adopt and adapt from one another¹s behaviors.

As you go inward you may feel that you have blockages to contend with but
upon your return you discover that these are your very stepping stones and
tools through which you can bring to the world your inner experience.
Urantia has been chaotic for centuries. Harmony is developing and it is this
understanding and willingness to act in the realm of spiritual connectivity,
the family of God stated simply, that will further establish harmony in
broader and broader circles the culmination of which is light and life.
There is much work to do. There are many upon your world to help and there
are many like you who are wearing the shoes who are helping those who are
here to help you.

I will now draw close and will ask all to look to Mother Spirit to thank her
for your presence of mind and for the richness of your heart, for all
support and for every caring embrace, and I thank you all for receiving my
words. I will now take my leave.

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