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Arcadia Teaching Mission

Arcadia, California, U. S. A.
Monday, April 3, 2006, 8:00 pm

Teacher: JarEl

Transmitter/Receiver: George Benavides

Topics: You are all important to this world.
In you exists God.
There is truth to be discovered in all religions.
Key to the truth, beauty and goodness in all religions.
We are all of one family, the family of God.
Tell us what we need to do in order to transmit and receive?
Is it possible for us to tune into the circuits to
transmit/receive at anytime?

Prayer: Larry: Dear Father thank you for this group and thank you for all
of the blessings that you have bestowed upon each one of us. We love you
Father. We pray for peace in the world, we pray for the coming of
Monjoronson and the coming of Light and Life. In Christ Michael's name, amen.

JarEl: TR, George. Good evening, it is I, your teacher, JarEl. It is good
to be among my small and intimate collection of friends. I do so enjoy
coming here and observing your progress as individuals. Each time I see
you there is a substantial growth in your spiritual capacity and
receptivity. You are very much attuned to all things spiritual and
therefore you gravitate towards situations which allows you to express this

You are all important to this world in what you do and in what you
seek. Everything that you strive for in your lives will have some greater
benefit for the rest of the world. You may not understand that at this
moment and you may not see the full implications of what you really are
doing. Let me assure you that you are the trailblazers of a new era. You
are the forerunners of a new Age.

You shall be an inspiration for generations to come. You shall give them
hope and they shall look to you and dream of one day reaching your heights
of spirituality and understanding. You shall illustrate to the rest of the
world that it is possible for them to reach God even in a purely human
state. The connection to God is simple, it is precise and it is something
everyone can do and yet they do not. You have attempted to reach God and
you have reached Him. For in you exists God; the Thought-Adjuster.

The Thought-Adjuster is God within you. Your connection with your
Thought-Adjuster signifies this connection that most people are capable of
having. Therefore, my friends, you are the inspiration to the rest of the
world. They do not know, they have not yet discovered this connection. It
remains true that God inspires and every inspiration you see in this world,
all the beauty of art and music is a representation of God and in someway
has been influenced by God. Many of you know this already, many of you
recognize the inspirations of God. Many of you read other books and
recognize the inspirations of God therein. Many of you can look into the
established organized religions and see the inspirations of God.

God exists everywhere, all around you and within you. He penetrates every
worthy project of your society. It is important for you, and anyone who
happens to read this, to recognize this: recognize the fact that God exists
in everyone. Just because a religion is outdated, does not mean that the
information within that religion does not still contain truth. There is
truth to be discovered in all religions.

You, as ambassadors, need to search for the truth contained in all
religions. You, as ambassadors, need to key to the truth that you find in
your brothers and sisters' understanding of the truth that you see in their
religions. We are in the Correcting Time. Key to the truth, beauty and
goodness of all religions and build on the truth, beauty and goodness which
you see within your fellowman and their beliefs.

Imagine that all religions are different corner points of a
pyramid. Slowly and surely the truths in each religion will grow within
the minds of man until his understanding reaches the top of the pyramid
where all corners meet at one point. The progress of organized religions
will be like this if the truth is allowed to grow. This is your challenge
to the world, to find truth, beauty and goodness in each one's religion but
also to find God in each of their brothers and sisters. We are all of one
family, the family of God.

Are there any questions?

Larry: JarEl can you tell us what we need to do in order to transmit and

JarEl: TR, George. The process of transmitting is a very simple
process. The circuits are all in place for anyone to transmit and
receive. It only takes the willingness of the individual to do so. It is
through stillness, meditation and practice that one can become a
transmitter and receiver. Once you have stilled your mind, allow yourself
to step aside and look inward toward the center. See the light at the
center, this is the true light from the Source of All, from God. This
light is real, it is a true light from the Source, this light is the
connection through which we communicate. You can open this circuit of
communication by asking a question, then be still and repeat the thoughts
that come into your mind. You may see, hear or feel the answers to the
questions which you have asked. Learn stillness, meditation and listening,
seeing, hearing or feeling the answers to your questions. I suggest that
you either type the questions and answers on your computer or record
them. At first there may only be a sentence in response to your questions,
but with practice a dialog shall result. At first you may question the
whole process. Trust in yourself, trust that you will be able to do this
for that is the only way it will work. If doubt creeps in, which is very
common among first time transmitters and receivers, then the process in
interrupted, for doubt is a form of fear and fear clouds the judgment of
your mind. Do not allow fear to enter and do not be afraid of what may
come through. Allow the Spirit of Truth to speak to you as you read the
transmissions as to the truth. That which rings true to you, accept; and
that which does not, set aside.

Dennis: Is it possible for us to tune into the circuits to
transmit/receive at anytime?

JarEl: TR, George. Yes, it is your choice. The connection is always there
and therefore available for all of you. Whenever you ask for assistance,
remember that the Universe is friendly and stands ready to assist you in
whatever you strive to accomplish in your perfection career.

Dennis: Thank you.

JarEl: TR, George. You are welcome, until next time goodnight.

All: Goodnight, JarEl.

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