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Arcadia Teaching Mission

Arcadia, California, U. S. A.
Tuesday, March 20, 2006, 8:00 pm

Teacher: JarEl, Michael

Transmitter/Receiver: George Benavides, JOYce Brenton

Topics: If the receiver is deaf.
Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man.
We repeat ourselves, we sound redundant at times.
Main purpose of the Teaching Mission.
God is your Father and I'm your brother.
Michael speaks of love.

Prayer: Larry: Dear Father thank you for this gathering and thank you for
all of the blessings that you have bestowed upon each one of us. We love
you so very much Father. We pray for peace in the world, we pray for the
coming of Monjoronson and we pray for the coming of Light and Life. Show
us what you would have us do and guide us in the doing of your will, in
Michael's name, amen.

JarEl: TR, George. Good evening, it is I, your teacher, JarEl. It is good
to be among my friends once again. Welcome to those who have not been here
for awhile and welcome to those who are here for the first time. For many
years you have listened to the teachers speak to you. For many years you
have received many messages that can improve your lives to some
degree. However, all these messages are useless if the receiver is
deaf. When I speak of the receiver as being deaf, I mean that they are
incapable of understanding the message within. Many people just gloss over
the truth; they seek for things that satisfy their own needs, yet miss the
truth therein. Many of the messages that we bring to you have been glossed
over by many in your community. There are many things which we repeat over
and over again for the mere reason that you do not grasp these simple
concepts when first given to you. It is for this reason that many of the
messages and lessons remain the same. We use different variations to
describe the same ideas. At the cost of us sounding redundant we err on
the side of repeating in order for you to receive the message intended.

Many of our core messages deal with the Fatherhood of God and the
brotherhood of man. This brotherhood should be apparent throughout your
whole life. This brotherhood should be in everything you do and in
everyone you touch spiritually. The world has not yet grasped this
concept. It has missed many important aspects of the brotherhood of man,
whereas, many of you in the Urantia Community have embraced this idea and
have attempted to apply it in your lives. Many others who have heard of
this concept have chosen to define who their brother is and have excluded
those they deem not worthy of being their brothers. I say to you that
everyone is your brother, everyone is your sister. There shall be no
distinctions of who your brother is and who your brother is not. You will
discover and you will realize that this world is full of your brethren but
this brotherhood shall reach beyond this world and shall envelope the
entire Universe, a concept which many of you are not yet prepared to deal
with. It is hard enough to deal with your current earthly brotherhood.

So, we repeat ourselves, we sound redundant at times, but for us it is
important that you understand. Just as it is important that you understand
the concept of a Fatherly God, a God that looks out for you, a God that
protects you for all of eternity, a God who finds ways and things to give
you, a God who shall forever be there as your Father, as a protector and as
a friend. Many of you have embraced this concept wholeheartedly. You have
expanded your idea of what God is, but there is still great confusion in
the world as to the nature of God. This revelation about God the Father is
not new, and yet we repeat ourselves over and over again for the mere
reason that much of the world has not yet grasped this concept.

There are many revelations which we have given to you throughout the
Teaching Mission. Many of these revelations have a high concept value and
are beyond the understanding of many and yet we have revealed much of this
to you. Our main purpose in the Teaching Mission is to bring the
brotherhood of man to Urantia. Our main purpose is to bring about the Age
of Light and Life on Urantia; an Age that is foreseeable in our eyes. An
Age whose coming is measured by time into the future, but from your vantage
point it is very difficult for many of you to see the coming of the Age of
Light and Life based on your current situation. It is true that there is
much chaos in your would as we speak, but much of this chaos is the result
of spiritual pressure that is enveloping your planet and this is good. The
concentrations of evil are the effects of this pressure, therefore it seems
greater to you for it is more concentrated, but fear not, for much of this
will be diluted and shall be no more. The power of good shall always
vanquish the power of evil. It is time for all of you not to fear and to
embrace one another as brothers and sisters. It is time for you to declare
that God is the Father of all of you, not just the chosen few. It is time
for you to work towards the development of the Age of Light and Life. You
shall receive our help and we shall always be here to guide you. I shall
take questions now.

Donna: This is not a question JarEl, this is a comment. I appreciate your
explaining why so many of the lessons seem repetitive or redundant because
I have noticed that myself, but you explained why and now I understand, so
thank you for that explanation.

JarEl: TR, George. You are welcome Donna. I would like to point out that
many of you have advanced beyond the lessons which we have taught. Many of
you are ready for new lessons and new concepts, this is all good, but also
remember where you live, what planet you are on. In the situation of your
current resident status, the situation that your world exists in, remember
that many of your brothers and sisters have not yet advanced to the level
of understanding that you have. It will take your help to bring your
brothers and sisters up to this level of understanding. By these lessons
you shall help them, by living the truths of these lessons you shall help
all of your brothers and sisters.

Donna: Thank you JarEl.

JOYce: May I just voice my incredible appreciation to be reminded that we
have help, that you are helping us, that there are helpers to go with
us. Sometimes we feel alone, I know when I say this I realize why the
lessons have to be so repetitive, we forget so easily. I am so in awe of
all of this. I am just in awe to be a part of it. It makes me happy and
yet impatient, but right now I am so grateful and thankful. Thankful to be
in this meeting and hear these words, they are encouraging and they are
happy wonderful words, thank you, thank you JarEl.

JarEl: TR, George. You are most welcome. I understand your position in
forgetting that you are all connected. It happens, but yes, I'm here to
remind you that you are connected. That God is your Father and I'm your
brother and through this relationship we shall forever be connected
throughout eternity. Me helping you to achieve this knowledge enriches my
life, makes me a better person. My only hope it that you have the same
experience, that you experience this enriching in the teaching of
others. This is the way we shall bring Light and Life into this
world. First it is you and then it will be others, and others. The whole
Universe watches you in anticipation, they see the work that you do on this
world, this very special world. They too are impatient for this new Age to
arrive, but they understand that in your world all things take time. On
this world, this world called Urantia, a place governed by time and space,
they fully understand how long it takes. I understand your impatience, the
need to see the world improve before your eyes, make not the mistake in
attempting to rush things. For the work of God is subtle and quiet and
delicate. It must be allowed to grow within each person until fruition and
then you shall see the fruits of your labor. It must be slow and
quiet. This is not to say that you are not to tell anyone about what you
know, that is not what I am saying. Tell as many people as you want, just
don't force it on them. When you know that they cannot receive such words,
allow things to grow in each of you. Allow things to mature and once you
see the spark of truth within that person you will know that you have done
your work. There is much that I am grateful for and seeing all of you here
tonight brings great joy to my heart. Are there anymore questions?

Very well then we shall meet in two weeks, good night.

All: Good night JarEl.

Michael: TR, JOYce. I am Michael, I shall speak to you of Love. The love
that I feel for all of you is like no other love, no other love you have
ever experienced in all your lifetime on this earth plain. I want you to
center in your thinking for just a moment, center on the teachings you have
received. Many, many times you have been told of your Father's love for
you all. Mother has said many times how much she loves you. And I, too, my
brethren, have spoken to you many, many times of this great love. You have
difficulty with this.

You have difficulty because you can't understand a love so great; why you
feel so often unlovable. You are so very hard on yourselves, not all the
time, but enough times to find yourself a little unsure, counting your
failures perhaps too heavily. I would say, it's a new day, a new day, and
I would simply say, yes He loves me. He loves me just the way I am, He
always has, He always will. Breathe it in, let it go. Breathe it in
again, He loves me, He always has, He always will. And now I want to ask
you something very simple, think on these words that I love you and
remember I love you all, not one less, not one more, all. All of you
everywhere with all the love there is. Loving you is so easy. You are so
very beautiful, so very sweet and yes so very, very lovable. I am happy to
speak to you tonight.

I want to say something that may surprise you. You bring me great joy. I
speak of a joy, a joy that you cannot understand. I know that you
struggle, I know that it isn't easy for you. I know that you wish to do
more, to serve more, to be more like me. I say to you now, please hear my
words, you are all so very like me, you all so very much want to serve,
want to serve our Father. You all so very, very much want to be like me
and I want to tell you of the joy you bring me because you are so very,
very much like me. You have a heart for humanity, you have a heart for the
brotherhood, you have my heart. You have heard me say many times, you are
my hands, you are my heart, you are my feet, you are my voice. You are who
I am, you are the light of the world. You are the lovers of this
world. You will read these words and be reminded, don't resist them, know
that I love you and please do not forget that I find you all very, very
lovable. I am Michael, your brother and your friend.

All: Thank you. Beautiful. That was wonderful.

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