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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Topics: Spiritual Field, Volunteers, Group
Dynamics, Children of God
Teachers: Evanson, Machiventa, Elyon.

April 23, 2006

* Evanson (Jonathan TR): Hello, Evanson
speaking. You are all such forward looking
individuals, and I am grateful to be in your
company. You hardly realize the benefit your
efforts to grow have brought you. I did not
pursue such activities while in human flesh. You
have made your lives simple in comparison because
of the peace and surety it has brought you. You
have discovered that the striving is not painful
but rewarding, and that change is like exercise;
it may feel strenuous but it increases strength.
I wish to encourage you to become more
sensitive to your spiritual field that surrounds
you. Each of you has recognized your field of
energy of love and light. I encourage you to
determinedly work with that energy in social
situations and in your working arrangements. The
power of positive energy overrides negative
energy. It is more easily identified with by
another, and you draw allies by projecting such
uplifting vibration. Your stature as an ascending
being, your presence of mind and heart, penetrates
into the soul of another, and it draws forth an
encouraging impulse whereby another finds their
own presence and connection. It is so subtle that
no word you say or touch pinpoints what is felt
but it is recognized.
Try in the day or two ahead of you to be, as
you might say, in the driver’s seat and work with
this understanding, for your society is entering
into difficult times, and it will be important for
the workers of divine light to project with power.
I have finished my words. Thank you.

* Machiventa (Mark): Greetings, I am
Machiventa. I would spend a few moments in
discussion of the paradigm you encounter that you
refer to as being volunteers.
On your world it is unusual and rare for
volunteers, individuals whose desire it is to work
toward common goals for no compensation in a time
when you have the term “time is money”, and
therefore you are choosing to allocate your
resources, and volunteering represents your
choosing to spend some of your resources, your
time, in pursuit of goals or ideals that will
bring you no direct monetary compensation. In
that sense volunteering represents a very noble
and divine trait of looking to allocate your
resources toward avenues of service and not toward
avenues of self advancement.
Just as in this circuit we form at this very
moment that we all have chosen, we all have
volunteered our time to come together in this
forum and, having come to this of our own freewill
choice, this offering that we have made represents
our higher selves, our more divine motivation in
that we are allocating the resource of our time
toward those pursuits not of this material world
but rather for idealistic, spiritual gains
This phenomenon of coming together in groups
of peers is one of the opportunities to negotiate
while you are in the mortal flesh. It is
important to realize that when individuals choose
to donate of themselves towards any common goal
that they are in a vulnerable state of bringing
their resources to that forum, and they should at
all times be encouraged that to donate in such a
fashion is indeed a noble trait and to be
commended. However, there does arise in this
paradigm the opportunity for those of strong will
to commandeer the efforts of a group of investors
in the process and take control of the pool that
is generated of those giving individuals.
The best tack for keeping the contribution
on an equal playing field is to strive to make all
the participants aware of the nature of the format
and to provide for opportunities for all
contributors to feel as though they are an equal
and valid part of the circuit that has been
formed. This requires skill of individuals to
monitor the ebb and flow of this pool of combined
resources and to be where the contributions are
flowing in and the resources are flowing out and,
through monitoring this, to strive to strike a
balance between all the individuals involved.
This process can lead to delicate interpersonal
interactions in which the dynamic of the
individual and the group may be illustrated to
refer to the original intent of the forum, and it
may become useful for one among this group to be
appointed chairperson or facilitator with the
obligation of monitoring to insure that all
individuals feel included and that no single
individuals are over-impacting this given circuit.
One suggestion might be to offer any
individuals who feel the need to delve deeply into
particular subject matters the option of
formulating a new circuit with the goal to
facilitate such in-depth desires while freeing up
the general format to be more applicable to a
wider variety of participants. You have witnessed
in the past how the teaching is conducted, and you
have observed that we make every attempt to leave
no one behind in our teaching program while still,
you have observed, providing for those with more
experience to still find something of substance
and value. The orchestration of such volunteer
meetings will fall to you as participants to
conduct and regulate. We will make no imposition
or mandates regarding how your individual forums
should work but rather, as you have also observed,
we will work with whatever forum, with whatever
format, we find ourselves.
You are beginning to see the value of
providing for the various levels of understanding
that you are beginning to encounter in this
process. For some time we have enjoyed working in
close groups together and advancing as a class
toward common understanding. Now we will
encounter new waves of seekers. Your Light Line
has reflected that these waves are finding our
classrooms, and therefore we may find it quite
appropriate to divide out at times into more
beginner oriented classes and yet still maintain
some classes of higher education. This will be
largely up to you to determine as you perceive the
needs of those who join and wish to pool their
efforts as well. Every effort should be made to
accommodate people in their seeking at whatever
levels they may be found.
Trust your analysis of the needs of your
fellows and meet their needs where you find them.
If this means speaking to their level of
understanding then so be it. Much can still be
gained to those who feel as though they have been
exposed to these left before. If you encounter
the need to form a group for advanced study, so be
it. We will meet you on whatever terms you
request. But there will arise this question of
suitability for greater audiences, and it will be
up to you to formulate your response as to how to
deal with various levels of understanding. You
have my commitment to work with you in whatever
format you see as proper at the time. No doubt it
will be proper if it is your will and in alignment
with the will of the Father.
These are my words, even my suggestions, for
this hour. Thank you for hearing them. I open
the floor.

* Veronica (Jonathan): Children of God, I
greet you. This is Veronica.
You are the luminaries of the great and vast
truth that appears to be obscure in the minds of
your fellows. You are repositories for the ocean
of love that pours itself upon the rocky shores.
You are the goodness of God enlivened, animated.
Behold yourselves, for you once sought to
penetrate the veil of the wholly beyond, and now
you are the very indication of its reality. You
are great in your humbleness, but you are also the
greatness. Settle yourself ever deeper into the
conviction of your universal position. Though the
reflective surfaces of your physical world show
you a form of animal origin, deep within you is
your lastingness, your divinity. Let it erupt
forth; be blinding. It is time for Urantia to
explode in light, to be set afire in love. It is
time. As you accept yourself you accept the
purpose of God for you. The revelation to this
world comes by way of your action. Go forward.
Be He who resides inside.

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