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Arcadia Teaching Mission

Arcadia, California, U. S. A.
Tuesday, February 7, 2006, 8:00 pm

Teacher: JarEl

Transmitter/Receiver: George Benavides

Topics: Connections.
Treat every person with respect and grace.
All of this will contribute to your eternal happiness.
You will one day reunite with all of those you once knew.
Will the animosity between the Moslems and other religions
ever end?
Why do some people, such as the Iraqis, kill in the name of God?
Fighting in the name of God is an abomination to God.
If our government does things that we don't approve of, what
shall I do?
My mission is to help you to find your path to God.

Prayer: Larry: Thank you Father for this gathering. Thank you Father for
the many blessings that you have bestowed on each of us, we pray that we
may be good stewards of these many blessings. Father we pray for peace in
this world. We pray for the coming of Monjoronson, the completion of the
Correcting Time and the coming of the Age of Light and Life. Father thank
You, we Love You, in Michael's name, amen

JarEl: TR, George. Good evening, it is I, your teacher, JarEl. It is good
to be back among my friends, welcome to those who are here for the first

Tonight I will speak about connections; connections that you have with one
another, even just passing connections. Many of these connections or
encounters you pass off as trivial or insignificant, but nothing in your
life is insignificant. Nothing in your encounters is
insignificant. Everything has meaning and purpose and even though the
meaning has not yet been revealed to you, someday it will. Someday you
will see what it all means. There is a reason in time for everything, just
as there is a reason in time for you meeting a particular person on a
particular day.

That is not to say that fate has brought you here, it is more an
orchestration of current events; an orchestration of your current life
pattern, a weaving of certain streams that make up your life. So treat
everyone, every encounter with just as much importance as those who you
love and cherish. Treat every person with respect and grace. It is very
common for many to look at life in a limited perspective. You live and die
and that is it and whatever happens afterwards, is up in the air. I ask
you to look at things from an eternal perspective, a perspective where
everything that you do here matters there, everything that happens now will
affect you for eternity. So everyone you meet now, one day you will meet
in eternity, one day you will encounter them once again and continue with
whatever conversation you started or with whatever relationship you
started. You have had relationships where things didn't work out, you have
moved on and you have tried to forget about that person, but it is not
about forgetting. It is about moving forward, changing and growing and
accepting and reinvesting. One day that person you tried to forget may one
day prove to be the best friend in your eternal life. People change and
they grow and that is the potential that everyone has. That is the
potential that you must observe in people.

Do not judge people for where they are in this particular moment of their
lives. It is unfortunate that many of them are stuck. Eventually people
do grow and move on, just as you have grown and moved on. So understand
this basic nature of humanity of mortals to learn and to grow and to
mature. Understand this and you will learn to accept your brothers and
sisters as equals. You will learn to look at them with potential, with
anticipation and you will learn to be less disappointed when things don't
go your way. All of this will contribute to your eternal happiness. These
connections do matter and must be cherished even if your encounter is only
for a brief moment, that brief moment should mean the entire world to
you. There is so much to this Grand Universe that you do not yet
know. There are so many treasures waiting to be discovered by you. These
things already exist but you have not yet arrived at the point where you
shall behold all of these wonders. Where you are now it is just as
beautiful and just as marvelous, it shall be an experience that you shall
carry with you for all of eternity.

Be reassured my friends that you will one day reunite with all of those you
once knew or those that you know now. One day you will be given the
opportunity to continue that which you started and was left undone. One
day every opportunity will be afforded you to continue the reshaping of
your life and destiny. There is nothing in this world or the next that you
cannot do. Everything will eventually work to the glory of God and the
perfection of your life is to the glory of Him. Find your center and you
shall find God.

Are there any questions?

Stella: There is such animosity between the Moslems and other religions,
will this ever end?

JarEl: TR, George. It will not end unless there are honest efforts made by
each religion to bridge the gulf that exists between them. People must
understand that these religions mean no harm towards the rest of the
world. It is just their attempt to search for calm. Unless this knowledge
is understood, there will always exist this animosity for things that are
unknown. It is the lack of knowledge that creates this animosity and it is
also the feeling of superiority which creates this animosity as well. When
a particular religion decides to surrender their authority for the greater
good then this superiority complex will cease to exist, but until that
happens this train of thinking will continue. It is up to you my brothers
and sisters to change this. It is up to you to create that bridge which
will fill that gape which now exists. You are not only the ambassadors of
light, you are the creators of peace. With you comes the knowledge of
generations. With this knowledge you shall ease the tensions, correct the
stereotypes and build the bridges. This is no time to get frustrated, this
is no time to give up. It is crucial that you continue with the Correcting
Time, for it is not yet finished.

Anne: Why do some people, such as the Iraqis, kill in the name of God?

JarEl: TR, George. It is foolish to name an entire state as having a
particular way of thinking. Not all Iraqis are killers, most of them are
woman and children. There are certain groups of people who kill in the
name of God or Allah. They are certainly misguided just as many Christians
have been in killing in the name of God. This is a form of extreme
idealism in which they try to make the world to conform to their way of
thinking. If the world does not conform, their only solution is
violence. All this is fed to them and it has happened for the longest
time, but not all of them kill in the name of God, some are just fighting
for their freedom.

I will not get into your politics. There is still much chaos which exists
on your planet. There is still much to be decided. To say that you are
fighting in the name of God is an abomination to God. To declare war in
the name of God is an abomination to the creator of all. God does not
create war, God does not start wars. God does not condone one group over
another. God loves everyone, all of his children in every form and
fashion. God does not pick a particular nation over another. You must
love all of your brothers and sisters in no matter what part of the world
they exist, and this is just a test for many of you.

This world that you live in is only the beginning. Once you leave this
world you will face many new challenges to your very nature and
personality. So be prepared, what you deal with now is just the
beginning. If you find it hard to accept others, if you find it hard to
accept people of other colors or races or languages then it shall be more
difficult for you when you pass and you reach the other side. If you learn
to accept people, if you learn to love people just as you love yourself,
then life will be so much easier for you. There are no enemies, there are
only confused people, for everyone is your brother and sister.

Are there anymore questions?

Lucille: JarEl if our government does things that we don't approve of,
what shall I do? Our government is in a war with Iraq, which I don't
approve of, I would rather go for peace.

JarEl: TR, George. As I said, Lucille, I will not get into politics with
you. That is all for you people to figure out, you are a people of
conscience. You know what you feel in your hearts. You can make the right
decisions for yourself.

My mission here for you, is to help you to find your path to God, that is
my only concern. I love helping you and others find the path towards
God. The search for God is irrespective of your current politics or the
current social situation. The search for God is something you can do
regardless of what is going on in the world. To me that is what is
important, but it is not about abandoning the world and searching for
yourself. The search for God includes you becoming a part of the
world. When you find God you find others, you find friends and you find
family and you find brothers and sisters the whole world over. The search
for God is about opening your eyes, about seeing clearly, about realizing
that you are all connected with one another. The search for God is not a
selfish act, it is a selfless act. It is an act that helps all of
humanity, so when you search for God you are helping others. Not only do
you help yourself but you help to achieve peace throughout the world. So
just remember that you are not abandoning the world you are becoming a part
of it.

That is all for tonight, good night.

All: Thank you JarEl.

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