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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Topics: Internal Compass Bearing of Faith, These are the Days of Pioneering, Follow the
Leading of Your Higher Self.
Teachers: Monjoronson, Jessona, Machiventa, Elyon.

February 19, 2006

* Monjoronson (Mark TR): Greetings. I will take this opportunity to come amongst
you once again. I am Monjoronson and I will accept that which you provide here in this
hour, this gift of your devotion, of this format in providing this opportunity wherein we
may commingle our energies. I respect the fact that each of you is operating with your
faith fully in place in order to not only bring yourselves to this forum but to then take
away from this forum all that is presented to you as the grace that is present when
individuals such as yourselves reach out and extend in faith.
I would seize on the thought notion presented that you are in fact operating in
faith without a firm understanding of exactly what to expect from your interactions here
and your subsequent actions upon leaving this format. You join this arena with me in
faith that it is a proper function for you, appropriate to your spiritual growth, and
even fostering of your desire for service. But in fact you know not what to expect when
you extend yourselves thusly. I make this point so as to reference that part of you
which yearns to proceed forward regardless of the fact that the rest of you may have
uncertainty. That part of you that is strong and bold and unafraid of what lies ahead is
in fact your guiding compass. It is your desire coupled with the desire of your
indwelling Fragment. This overall desire prompts you and leads you to extend yourself
beyond what your mind may know and your experience may have demonstrated. Yet to those
who have this strong conviction of faith they proceed into this fog of uncertainty with
the conviction that their compasses are always accurate and their direction may therefore
be maintained. There are times when the fog dissipates and there are more familiar
landmarks to navigate by, ones that have been a part of your experience, and there are
times when the way is far less certain, and you are required to rely on your internal
compass bearing of faith. In fact each of you has come to embrace that when you are
walking with God you are always on the right path. There may be uncertainty, there may
be doubts, there may even be fear, but you have the firm conviction that you are on the
right trail. Your sense of conviction is what those around you in this life crave. They
desire that which you have, your profound faith in the outworking of all that surrounds
you as being appropriate to your journey.
If one stops to look too long at the details along the way, it is easy to become
distracted with their significance and importance and lose sight of the path. Therefore
does it fall to those who maintain that clarity of vision about where they are going even
though they embrace that they are unfamiliar with the route on how to get there. This
speaks to all of you who maintain through your faith this conviction that you are on the
right path and, having such assurance from within, you then may function as trail guides
to those who are uncertain as to their next step to be taken. Always be prepared to
provide the long-term view of that which you perceive, and those around you who remain in
uncertainty will seek you out and find that which you have attained in your faith
conviction. It will become your opportunity and your pleasure to express that which you
have developed and foster this development in others so that they too will share your
conviction of the big picture and the overall destination. They may then choose an
alternative route, but their conviction of a certain destination will be their guiding
force as well. It is not desired or required that each take the same path, rather that
each see the same destination as part of their journey.
Those are my words for today. I remain in attendance and allow for others, of
which there are a great number in observation. Thank you each for your devotion of time
to this forum and project. Farewell.

* Jessona (Jonathan): This is Jessona, I greet you today. I am happy to be in
attendance and to receive your warmth and your attention. It is very rewarding to be
recognized by our human associates, for we master seraphim have undertaken our
responsibilities for centuries with little recognition from our human partners.
The efforts undertaken on your world today by the Magisterial staff and the corps
of assigned melchizedeks are made possible because of the united acceptance and
confirmation of every divine spirit that indwells each of you who are conscious of this
undertaking. Your pledge of assistance coupled with the allowance of the divine spirit
grants opportunity for all who are part of this planet’s administration to move forward
in full awareness of divine blessing and full knowledge that we have the support of our
human comrades.
These are the days of pioneering. You are heading into the uncharted territories
of a new era, and you will benefit from Monjoronson’s advice, for where there is no trail
to discern, you will be setting that trail, and your faith has come to know that with you
in your company are many beings of great stature and high skills and of divine origin who
will illuminate for you the way.
I have spoken in the past that our own order of master seraphim have undergone
reorganization in preparation for this new phase of Urantia development. We are now more
than ever able to grant you awareness of our endeavors. Much of our undertaking in the
past has been through your subconscious and superconscious mind levels, for it is
important that the framework for your conscious function be well established in these
other arenas of your mind such that you will enjoy stability as you awaken to the
significance of your contribution and participation.
You are aware that when Michael dwelled upon your world he did not choose those who
would assist him from the highly trained, widely acknowledged and revered people of his
time. He chose ordinary simple folk. So you likewise may rest assured that your
credentials need not be of the worldly sort. Your accreditation is the divine spirit
resident within and your expressed willingness to be involved. It is noted by myself and
others in my order, and you can rest assured, that you are incircuited with like-minded
fellows who are likewise skilled as you are. You will be acting in faith without the
certainty as to exactly how these events will unfold, but you know with a certainty that
this planet is the host of many companies of ministering spirits who are dedicated to
fostering Urantia’s well-being, Michael’s beloved sphere. I pledge and we pledge to be
with you and to assist you as you have so expressed to us.
I will allow time for you to ask questions, to express observations, and you may
also ask of other teachers, for you have among you TRs willing to receive at a moment’s
notice such contact.

Tom: You mentioned the old era focused on superconscious and subconscious
activity. In the new era will there be more overt contact other than the
transmitter/receiver process we’re in now?

* Jessona: Yes, as time unfolds, for at present you are only entering into the early
stages. There will be some period of time required to test the reactions of those human
beings who have expressed a desire to be so contacted, for, while our goal is to advance
the planet, our overriding caution is never to risk the welfare and well-being of any
soul, for your ultimate purpose is Paradise and the embrace of Father. Long since will
you have left this world and Urantia will have journeyed on its course as you will have
journeyed on on yours. With that primary perspective we cautiously begin to make such
contact. Remember your world would have had such engagements for centuries under normal
circumstances. So, it will begin subtly and increase in sensibility. Again, as I receive
word from Elyon, I am reminded to remind you that stillness is a valuable preparation for
such engagements.
I hope this addresses your question.

Tom: Yes, thank you.

Jonathan: I recall mention of the acceptance of Thought Adjusters. There is, if I
remember correctly, a leading Thought Adjuster on the world, the Personalized Adjuster of
Michael and Machiventa who coordinates Adjuster activities. Am I right? I think of them
acting independently. Is this an indication of a group effort of Thought Adjusters?

* Machiventa (Mark): This is Machiventa. I am on deck and present and would field
your question as well as make a few statements which may provide you with some footing.
You are correct in your understanding that there are two aspects to this divine
fragment which you are all coming to know. The reality of both conditions remains true,
that each of you has what is a unique and personal fragment that you are attempting to
form a union with. As well, as is common in universe affairs, nothing is done without
some union downstream and therein is where this connection of Adjusters may enjoy
communion through the avenue of the Personalized Adjuster of Michael. This has been
mostly identified and associated through your mortal terminology as perhaps the
collective consciousness or the overall soul. While it is impossible of description to
the mortal mind, thought patterns such as these provide you with how such an infinite
process can also be funneled, directed, and channeled through a common individual.
This takes nothing away from each of your individual experiences and growth
processes having to do with finding and coming to union with your own Adjuster but rather
as to the experience of the individuals also working together towards the whole. This is
an important aspect when we discuss the relationship each of you has to this process. If
you are hearing these words, reading these words, or otherwise in contact with this
communication, then this is referring to you. You as an individual are a necessary, even
vital, component of that which is happening to us and through us as we proceed in this
It is significantly helpful if you may come to this process with the open mind of a
child that you may be led to discover that of which you are currently unaware, in fact,
to create that which is currently nonexistent. Many will consider this and declare
themselves unworthy of such a process of co-creation when in fact we have touched by
virtue of this question on the fact that you have within you a component of unlimited
potential. Where you may think that you, individually, may not be worthy or capable of
such a task, a privilege, in fact, there is a part of you which yearns to be involved in
such a privilege as to co-create a higher reality, a more accurate representation of the
divine here and now. This is how it is done. Many times lessons are given in terms of
paths and obstructions and fog and uncertainty. I tell you plainly and clearly that your
role, our role, as we function on this material plane is simply one step at a time to
proceed in the direction that our highest self knows and is aware of. If we simply do
that one step at a time then we will create a new reality based upon this divine
From where you stand you may not have a vision of exactly how this new divine
reality will manifest, but I assure you that there is part of you that does. Trust in
yourself. Trust that you are partners with this divine fragment, and that you may harbor
doubts and uncertainty but your divine fragment does not. Position yourself to allow
your divine fragment the greater latitude to direct you. Be willing to follow the
leading of your higher self. Be as children ready to learn what you do not know. Your
internal guide will be unerring in its direction, and your material component must learn
to follow in the footsteps of your divine component. This is how this job is completed,
and none of us is certain as to exactly how this will manifest. You are creating this
reality moment by moment, choice by choice, action by action. If you rely on your
internal divine compass no matter what the path that arises, you know you are headed in
the right direction. In that sense it is visible to those unconstricted by time and
space to witness your successful completion of your journey regardless of the side trips
and obstacles that may be encountered along the way. Therefore do we work together in
this process.
I would ask that each of you reflect repeatedly on your commitment to be involved
in such a way, for your repeated affirmations help to orient your soul position in
receptivity to your inner guiding light.
I would conclude my remarks there and allow for any further questions or

* Elyon (Jonathan): This is Elyon, greetings, my friends. What a delight to have
such brilliant beings in our classroom today, not only those from what you would call “on
high”, but even yourselves. It is my pleasure as your group teacher to witness such a
beautiful collection of souls and beings. The light is brilliant and the love strong.
Take to heart what you have heard and trust what was said, for you are the means whereby
we will accomplish the goal and reach our ideals. Thank you for your attention today. I
will offer recess to this calls. Farewell.

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