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In the Kingdoms of Men

I am Andromadeus.

I am going to discuss one of the divisions of labor in the celestial fields. I will begin with the Angels of Progress, simply because you've had some favorable exposure to those energetic and able assistants of the heavenly hosts, the midwayers, who are attached to the regiment of Angels of Progress. Midwayers also serve in the other divisions, but through your association with George Barnard and his enterprise, you have seen the elements of progress in action.

I will, in fact, incorporate the use of the midwayers as I discuss the twelve sectors, because the midwayers are so close to you. What they do and how they serve and how they intermix with you as you allow their association, is how you will begin to get a real perspective on how it is that the Most Highs rule.

So many of you sit back and say, (with good reason, from your perspective) "If the Most Highs rule in the kingdoms of men, I can't see it. I think they're sleeping on the job. They must be derelict in their duties. What is the matter with God that he would allow such circumstances to exist that could justify the report that the Most Highs are paying attention? Is this a loving God? Or is he, indeed, the old God of the testaments -- that wrathful, judgmental being? Is He like the primitive goddess Pele, whose eruptions of fire and smoke depict a fury out of the control of mortal man?"

You still have not learned that God is love and love is the desire to do good to others. The backdrop is out of your hands. Civilization is evolving, and it is evolving normally, under the circumstances, and the conditions of your world as it has developed, as it has setbacks and advances, for it is still a young planet. Your races are not amalgamated. You are separated geographically, language-wise, culturally, nationalistically, gender-wise and so forth. There are pockets of civility, even instances of Light and Life, some quite heroic, but in the main it is a primitive world, populated by semi-civilized beings.

This is not an affront; this is a status report, and it is a compliment in that you have attained as much as you have. When you look at the art, the music, the science, the discovery, the engineering, the creativity, the depths of compassion and passion that you know, you have done well, in spite of some difficult odds.

The Angels of Progress are working tirelessly to advance the circumstances of your world. Understanding that the animal nature likes to hold on to what it knows, clutches its security, its traditions, its values closely and jealously guards them against change, you will appreciate what the Angels of Progress are up against.

Many of you who are at odds with convention are strongly led by the Angels of Progress. The "New Age" is an indication of the success of the Angels of Progress. The Angels of Progress work in laboratories, creating solutions, medical solutions to problems. They work in conjunction with the Angels of Health, who also work closely with the Angels of Home and Family Life, and so there are areas of overlapping.

Those of you who recognize your relationship with the Angels of Progress may be singularly drawn to the progressive approach; you may also recognize an appreciation for the Angels of Enlightenment, the Angels of the Future, and so forth, without feeling a need to work in that field. There are only twelve.

Think about the Angels of Progress. Investigate (www.1111ProgressGroup.com). Get an idea of what spiritual progress looks like. Allow your own mind to be stimulated by the concept presented by Mr. Bernard. Without giving it more credibility that it warrants, gain confidence in the idea of putting forth your own energies in terms of improving your world and assisting your planetary government by signing up to work with the Angels of Progress in some manner of service or another.

As your will is in keeping with the divine will (in other words if it is a good idea from our perspective) it will be undertaken -- perhaps not immediately, but perhaps you can contribute; and then perhaps you can become aware of your contribution because of the indicators. As this occurs, then you will begin to believe that you are actually a part of the Progress Angels and a part of planetary life . . . a true citizen of the universe, working in your galactic neighborhood, on your world.

Thank you.

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