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The Most Highs Rule
In the Kingdoms of Men

Andromadeus here.

I am glad you've come. I am glad to have another opportunity to visit with you and implant some thoughts, perhaps to help assuage some of the anxieties that are felt in the material worlds, particularly when they are in times of upheaval and great change, such as your planet is undergoing. And as you are reaching out and discovering so much to behold, so much to consider and so many others of like-mind also in search of greater reality and understanding of the existing paradigms. And ultimately what, if anything, can be done to move the course of destiny into a means by which we might anticipate another course, one more suitable for your divine aspects.

I meant to speak to you somewhat about the fact of personality. The fact of personality exists throughout all the universes and in most energy systems. But nowhere is it more apparent and important than in the material worlds, where the fact of personality provides you individuality, as a way of establishing yourself as an entity in your own right. In the worlds beyond this one, there will also be personality, but it will not have the bodies you are familiar with and the concept of personality with which you have become familiar, comfortable, will be changed. But only somewhat, because even in the next life you will be yourself. Never again are you going to be anything or anyone other than yourself, although you may expand or contract your consciousness of who you are, depending on the needs of the moment or the requirements of the circumstances.

But because you understand personality as a means of individuating yourself, you have more trouble than if you were all one ethereal energy mass without definition. And thus we establish order from the confusion of personality interaction by establishing venues which are like channels of organization, such as channels of wealth or channels of health, into which you can invest yourself and get returns.

In what you would expect to be a superior perspective, we provide a farther range view than that which your short-sighted thinking may provide. Also, we oversee other worlds, and although none are exactly like this one, you are not so far afield of an evolving world. You are certainly unique but other worlds are unique as well. You have certainly had your share of difficulty, as have other worlds as well. You have established degrees of rigor and long-suffering where perhaps many others have not needed to. But generally speaking, all worlds follow a similar path in their development and the councilors, 24 councilors, who, as I mentioned before, are like your City Councilors, each have an area of which they have some vested interest, some supervisory control. The politics of that may change occasionally, so that different seats are filled by others or incoming energies, but in the main these divisions of labor are established to provide order for the evolving worlds that are born of personality. And so, various personalities tend eventually to gravitate to one or the other, either by consciousness or by default, and thus the lines are drawn in terms of your work. We have angels overseeing and making up the divisions such as the angels of enlightenment, or the angels of the future, or the angels of the nations, or the angels of progress, angels of health, and so forth. This website is designed to introduce this concept of order in the universe and benevolent hierarchy, so as to help bring some sense of calm to your sensitivities which are stirred by these times in which you live. We see you place so much of your emphasis and energy on the strife that your world is experiencing, but you do not apply your energies wisely. It would behoove you to rise above the chaos and conflict, to attempt to perceive the more transcendent perspective of a world undergoing an epochal growth throe.

Growing pains, labor pains, a new age is being born. And so to point the finger is only to waste energy on blame, when nothing can be done about what is, only about what is yet to come. And that will only come about as you begin to work with these cosmic overseers. They are not embroiled in these battles. Their hearts are not troubled by these weary wars which have gone on, in some cases, for millennia, and that includes dynasties, monarchies, kingdoms, and so forth -- this will always go on.

What you need to focus on is how to bring the light into the darkness, how to bring the calm into the storm. It is not by shooting out the lights or stirring up more trouble. It is by rolling up your shirtsleeves and setting about the work that needs done by you personally, not by sending emails, not by writing articles, not by calling in on the radio show, or mailing your check to certain charitable organizations, although all of the above are of interest and do have value. But the more effective efforts and the far more interesting ones will be had by your commitment to attach yourself consciously to the betterment of planetary administration through your association with the angelic corps overseeing that area of interest to which you seem to feel drawn.

Think about this in the next period of time before I return, whereupon I would like to begin a discussion of the various areas. Yes, you may read about them in the Urantia Papers, those which I will reference, but you will find that no matter what approach to planetary government you look to, you will find order and you will find divine guidance. And, like the other worlds in this system not being so very different from yours, these fields are run by entities not much different than each other, but of another order entirely than the one with which you are familiar.

So if you opt to investigate, be prepared for some psychic conflict and consternation in the private recesses of your mind until you make that choice which will put your mind at ease and set you on a course of action that provides you with what you need or, in the alternative, with what excites you and keeps you agitated; it's up to you, for progress will continue with or without you, but imagine the satisfaction you can gain by being a part of the advancement of destiny.

Thank you.


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