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South East Idaho TeaM
December 4, 2005

Teachers: Daniel, Minearsia, and Unnamed
Topics: Persistence

Prayer offered by KLARIXISKA (Virginia): Not recorded.

DANIEL (Bob S.): [Not recorded. Picked up in mid-sentence]...they are not the normal, the average, the typical experiences you will have in your lives. What I am saying is, don't let the negative parts get you down. But it is all right to let the positive ones, those times of inspiration, encourage you to trudge on along your path to the Almighty.

The lesson we have for you tonight is one of support. And I will not be giving it. We have others who will be providing this lesson. One moment please.

UNNAMED (Bob S.): Greetings friends, these are the words of the unknown person who spoke to you during our last lesson, meeting. While names can be helpful, it has been deemed unnecessary for me to provide you with my name. I trust this will not diminish the value of my words to you this evening.

The word I have for you tonight is to persist. That is the best word I can come up with because each of you is at a different station, level, in your spiritual path. You all know every individual has his or her own path to the Father. And while it helps for groups to get together to discuss their trials and tribulations, their problems and their successes pertaining to their spiritual progress, it is important to remember that each of you is different. Hence, the word I have chosen, is for each of you to persist along the path you have chosen with the guidance of your individual teachers, and to be continually open to their nudges, their urges, their thoughts, given to you through your superconscious capabilities.

Each of you has your own hurdles to overcome. The trick is to not let them become obstacles which permanently delay your progress. It is to be expected that there will be difficulties along your path to the Father. Some of them will be monumental, not impossible, but difficult. And this is part of God's plan. It's not going to be easy, as most of you have already seen. Your teachers, who are ascendant beings, have by now clearly demonstrated through their teachings that while they are a bit further along the path of perfection, they still have a ways to go.

The point is. to persist. Whatever the difficulties are, don't let them get you off the path. It is important that you learn, individually, how to deal with those difficulties, your personality, your physical life, your environment, each and all present to you individually. Hence my lesson. persist! Don't let the difficulties get you down. As one of your wise persons has said: "If God gives you lemons, make lemonade". The point is, none of your problems are insolvable. Yes, they may be difficult, they may take considerable time, effort and insight, but remember always, help is at your fingertips. You have a myriad of helpers available and while they cannot solve your problems for you, and I think you, by now, understand youwould not want them to.

It is important that I remind you of this truth, that there are Supernals always available to your beck and call. So, if you have run out of ideas, ask for help. We are all forbidden to solve your problems for you; it is part of the Universal Law of Free Will. But, we are here to assist, that is our assignment. Your ability to be open to our leadings, urgings, insights, and thoughts that suddenly come into your conscious mind, from places you know not where, but you recognize almost immediately as ideas that may be helpful in your difficulties along your path. So, persist! If what you've been doing doesn't seem to be working, then try something else. If nothing comes to your mind, then ask for assistance. If something comes to your mind, but you haven't an idea how to make it work for you, ask for assistance in that regard. Even those of you who cannot speak directly to your Supernal guides can communicate with them, and if that is your desire, they will help you find a way.

I trust my words this evening will encourage you to persist upon your path to the Father. I encourage the group to continue with your discussions and allow time for assisting.

[ED Note: Before the TR lesson tonight, as we normally do, we read and discussed the previous lesson, and we were talking abut the following expression in the opening prayer at our last meeting: "Help us to reach for the other perfections that You offer and, yes, demand."]

LaReen: Thank you Unknown, although I do feel I know you. Thank you for the very encouraging and uplifting lesson. Is it safe to say that we can replace the word "demand" in the last lesson with "persistent?"

UNNAMED: I am not at liberty to make that decision for you. But I would say, if that helps you, then by all means do so. One of the things each of you must learn is "what works best for you," for each of you have different gifts, different skills, different ways of solving problems, different ways of thinking. So, it's impossible for me to give a sermon on "one size fits all" because that's not the way the universe works.

One of the truly amazing truths is that we are all different, and when you consider that there must be trillions upon trillions of individuals, that's hard for most of us to comprehend. But we who have the benefit of advanced experiences can tell you that it is true. Again, don't let that difficulty clutter your mind. Rather, dwell upon the fact that there is no one in God's universe exactly like you. Hence, you are very important in God's plan for the Universe of Universe's. There is no one who can do exactly what you can do. Are there other questions we can deal with at this point?

Ken: Yes.

UNNAMED: Yes, Kenneth.

Ken: In your closing statement, in your lesson, you used the phrase "to assist;" assist one another in our stillness approach, communication approach, or what?

UNNAMED: My thoughts at that time were very general, that it is important that individuals in this group, who have ideas that may assist others in the group, be given the opportunity to do so. And we trust they will not become to "inflated' with their own egos. (Laughing) Each of you has a long ways to go. But at the same time it behooves each of you to listen to others, for their difficulties and solutions thereof may provide insights for you. For while each of you is different, there are many common problems which human beings, at your level of spiritual maturity must deal with.

We have been, the staff has been, over the last few lessons, putting these ideas on your plate - what do you avoid? And hopefully that has motivated you to do something about that. These things that you avoid are "blocks" on your progress toward God, and many of them will be similar, not exactly the same, but may have similar solutions. Therefore, it is important to listen to one another. That is why we have been promoting enhanced communications, and emphasizing, particularly the listening aspect of that.

Listening is an acquired skill. None of us are perfect listeners. We can all become better listeners. I encourage each of you to put that on your list of subjects that needs to be dealt with at some level. Kenneth, does that help?

Ken: Yes! Thank you very much. That's what I thought you meant. (Laughing)

UNNAMED: Bob is thinking, "Then why did you ask?" (Group laughing)

Ken: I just wanted to hear it again.

UNNAMED: Anyone else? Well, ladies and gentlemen, it has been my delight to have worked with you this evening. I will now bid you adieu for another has words for you, standby.

MINEARSIA: This is Minearsia, my students, my friends, my colleagues in this correcting time. I trust the words of our Unnamed brother, which you have heard this evening, will find a place in your lives, for it is important that you persist. We must all carry on. God would have it no other way. Hopefully these words of encouragement will take root in your individual lives this coming week and assist you along your path to perfection.

My assignment, as instructor in residence, is to assist the teachers in any way that I can, and provide an overall general idea of where this group, this piece of the correcting time, should be headed. While I will not take the time to delineate any of my thinking at this point, rest assured that my colleagues and I spend a great deal of time thinking, planning, studying, working with your individual corps of teachers and other assisters to the end that one day this planet will become fully developed in Light and Life. That of course is a long ways off. We are but beginning the first stages of the process. But, the sun (Son) is about to rise. The many eons of darkness are about to be swept away. Each of you in your own lives can see this beginning to happen to each of you. Each of you in moments of inspiration know that you are being guided, that you are on your way, that the path before you, while long, is surmountable. Hence, I too encourage you to persist.

Well, that concludes our time together this evening unless there are other questions or comments. Daniel will now lead us in our closing routine.

DANIEL: My friends, at this time of prayer, let us open our hearts and minds, not to what is, but what we are beginning to perceive can be. Let us bow in prayer.

We open our hearts and minds, Father, Creator, Lover, Guide, Teacher, Great Uplifter, to what could be. We have all seen glimpses of lives improving, communication getting better, listening skills enhanced, lives improved, and for this we are most thankful. Guide us through the coming week as each of us attempts to find Your truths; as each of us seeks to bring You fully into our lives through the Life and Teachings of Christ Michael, our benefactor, our model, our guide, our Father and friend. Amen
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