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In the Kingdoms of Men
This is Andromadeus.

It is one of my rare appearances in the flesh, as it were, to come here and converse with you this evening. I believe a lot of water has gone under the bridge in order to enable this kind of communication to take place. It is my pleasure to acknowledge the assistance of those who have been pioneers in the field of Celestial Communications and we observe your application to your art and your craft -- as one might, who was an elder, a mentor, even a supervisor.

And now hierarchy is the focus. The hierarchy in the universe.

You are all deeply conditioned by your experience of hierarchy as you have known it only from its source here of mortal mind. While, yes, many mortal minds have stepped out of the crowd and forged a path into the future, we offer a new perspective.

Hierarchy in the universe is necessary, for there is order in the universe. It is not chaos, even as you out here on the rim of space see many things for which you have no answer, that only serve to leave you "lost in space" -- but you are not lost and "the Most Highs rule in the kingdoms of men."

I am a Most High. I am not a most high God. I honor, worship and serve the Most High God. But I am Most High in my standing in what I do in my universe. I am a Constellation Father and I am appointed. It is like a political position. In fact, you could think of the King, our Sovereign Lord, the Creator of our universe, and the many, many appellations and nomenclatures put upon him. He rules; and in his Kingdom, his domain, there is Gabriel, who in this case would perhaps be like the Attorney General, and I am perhaps like a Governor.

The Lanonandek Sons and Vorondadek Sons are like the House of Representatives and the Senate, or the House of Commons and Parliament. And those on Jerusem, the Counsel of 24, might be regarded as your Mayor and City Councilmen overseeing the provinces, the townships, in which your world resides. And so the hierarchy exists, to bring harmony to the universe. And our King, our loving King has created this Kingdom in order that we may all perfect ourselves under the most optimum conditions, even when those conditions are difficult, stressful, or even painful.

>From our perspective, there are no acts of hatred; there is no violence. And yet we are fully cognizant and aware of the angst and discomfort it causes those of you who live upon a material world in its early stages of evolution encountering the kinds of things that you in your budding social consciousness and spiritual consciousness are beginning to notice and be able to speak to, through the Internet and other forms of techno-communications.

Do you think that you are without help? Do you think that you are without guidance? Do you think the gods are impersonal, if at all, and have no concerns for what happens to you? Do you think those spiritual longings are born of vain imaginings? Your soul yearns to reunite with its Source, our most infinite God, unspeakable in his glory and magnificence and power. How can we be anything, compared to such greatness, except as we reflect such greatness in all we do, as a Son of God, as a part of God's universe? It will require you to begin to see the love of God in order to appreciate the love of His hierarchical servants, subjects -- appendages of Himself.

That is enough for now.

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