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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Topics: Greatest Changes Are Within, We Share Common Respect, Michael is a portal to the
First Source and Center.
Teachers: Machiventa, Elyon, Michael

October 16, 2005

* Machiventa (Mark TR): Greetings, my friends, once again we meet together. I am
Machiventa, pleased to join you for this small group, although we are aware that we hold
class here not only for ourselves but for others as well who will do a makeup class to
follow all that transpires. Such is the nature of such faithful students as yourselves
who are so eager and earnest to gather in all that is provided for you that you may be
the most well rounded students. I have enjoyed listening in on your conversation this
morning and will acknowledge a couple of points that were made for the benefit of those
who were unable to share. I would address the issue of the personal impacts you are
experiencing as a result of the rising tide of spirituality.
You have witnessed in your own lives that you are experiencing an uncertainty and
instability about your footing in your lives, being forced to retreat from some of your
comfort zones and advance to islands of stability that make themselves present around
you. This is the tangible result of that which we have been forewarning you about for
some time. The patterns that you are so accustomed to and used to in your lives may come
into question, indeed, will come into question, and your more traditional methods must be
reexamined in light of your new understanding and as a result of this pressure from
outside. In fact, this pressure is from inside, and it is filling your vessel and
squeezing out that which does not serve you in your upcoming ascension.
For all the time we have been in these classes together you have wondered and
pondered the manifestations of the changes we have discussed and not until they become
real to you and impact your individual lives can you possibly understand the nature of
this growth upon your individual beings. We have constantly reminded you to fear not,
that you are prepared for such infusement of spirit capacity. You are managing to tread
water quite nicely, even preparing to sail on this rising tide. That does not mean you
will not be buffeted about by the turbulence or become soaked to the skin by this
outpouring, but you are standing firm in your convictions that this is but another step
in your growth process. Even though it is uncertain to you at this time, you are
extending your faith beyond your current boundaries of certainty to include that which is
unknown but brought to you by the Father.
As you mentioned in your discussion it also becomes important in your preparation
to sail these new waters that you determine that which is critical to load in your vessel
and that which is merely burdening your voyage. Be not afraid to lose the additional
ballast in favor of keeping your vessel light and buoyant for your journey. It is often
true of human nature that many things that you think you need to be prepared are not the
things that you need at all, and only a more experienced sailor can look with an eye
towards what is necessary and proper to keep for such a journey.
I would acknowledge the truth of the conviction stated here today that you should
look for some of the greatest changes within rather than looking for great material
manifestations without. The nature of spiritual advancement is wholly personal before it
moves into the stage of being collective. Therefore the greatest opportunities for
personal growth as well as for service are individual and personal. Your faithfulness in
reporting to class and reporting to duty as it calls are what is required of you when new
patterns and new definitions are necessary in your personal journey as well as the
overall collective journey. You must maintain your dedication to your own personal
growth throughout the entire process as the best means in serving the collective
objective as well. Any good sailor is only as helpful as he is personally prepared to be
of service. Therefore is it required of each of you that you maintain your own personal
balance and skills that you may be of the greatest service when called on to act in
We have instructed you for a long season in the value of the individual personal
growth. As we prepare to make further progress in ascension together it becomes crucial
that we each maintain our individual balance and footing. This working together as a
team is the opportunity to provide intimate service to other members of the team with the
navigation of the obstacles that rise up before us and provide insight and understanding
the one to the other as new growth circles are attained. As helpful as it is for you to
come to us on the other side of the curtain, it is equally as helpful for you to reach
from one to another and assist in attaining comparable levels of understanding, as you
would reach down and assist your climbing partner to attain the level that you have
It is pleasing to witness the enthusiasm with which you are undergoing your
training and preparing for a journey that is uncertain to you. This shows great faith on
your parts and willingness to venture into the unknown with trust and assurance that this
is the way. You have learned that you will be guided in those times of uncertainty, and
you are not alone in your trials and tests but rather are leaning more and more on your
spiritual compass and your God-positioning system to guide you through the fog.
Truly it is a joy to witness such an eager party ready to tackle the unknown and
embrace the uncertain for the sake of spiritual advancement and service opportunities. I
embrace this opportunity with you as a glorious chance to demonstrate the miracle of
spiritual direction and the manifestation of the faith that we have. This is our
opportunity to manifest the grace that we have been given at this time. This is our
chance to unfold what the miracle of faith can provide. This is our opportunity to prove
that even through the darkness or the fog of this existence we may find our way. These
are the miracles that we are to be a part of in this time.
I am so honored and blessed to have such faithful companions as you to be on this
journey with. I thank you for your steadfast attention to every detail of our times
together. I am assured of the glorious outcome of our efforts both individually and
combined. Thank you.

* Elyon: I would greet you as well because I can. This is Elyon. I am so
privileged to have been granted the opportunity of this ministry to this group. I will
cherish this as one of the greatest experiences of my ascension career. I know that I
have touched the lives of those whom I have come to be in association with, and I assure
you that each one of you has touched my life as well, has expanded my journey. I
consider you my personal friends, and that in itself is a miracle that we have developed
this relationship, even this friendship, from one side of the curtain to the other in
such unusual circumstances.
Pioneering this process together we have created a new reality. While it has
become routine and even normal to us who have invested ourselves, it is nothing short of
miraculous, my friends. I know that I treasure this relationship, and I perceive that
you do as well. If this were the extent of this new and grand experiment, we would both
have been enhanced and augmented in our journeys. But, my friends, I tell you this is
but the beginning of the many miracles in store for us as we continue to create new
realities, in fact, as we continue to usher in new patterns. These are our our gifts
from on high. We are worthy of such gifts. We need to but realize this and embrace
these gifts as ours, and therefore do we respond to the divine.
You have joined me thus far on this incredible odyssey. We have seen great things.
Together we move forward and we will see many more great things. I know I can trust you
to accompany me on this journey, as you have shown yourselves steadfast in your
willingness. I give thanks to our Creator for providing us with these opportunities, for
extending us this grace, and for bringing us together to enhance our enjoyment and
augment our appreciation. Thank you, Father, and thank you, my companions, even my
friends. Let us be humble in our acceptance of this grace, and let us be bold in the
steps we must take to manifest that which is being given to us.
Thank you for accepting me once again into your forum and even into your lives. I
know we share this common respect, and I cherish this relationship. I leave you now with
the fond embrace of a close friend. Farewell.

Mark: Thank you so much for all you have done to bring such wealth into our lives.
I speak for the rest of us when I say I cherish our relationships that we have. Thank
you for your efforts on our behalf. Thank you.

* Michael: This is Michael. I welcome your appreciation for those good and faithful
servants who have accepted this opportunity to be of service to you. I recognize with
you the value they have added to your lives. I stand with you in appreciation of that
which they have accomplished through their mission. I hope you understand in this
process that I will stop at nothing to reach you, and I will utilize every channel open
to me and seize every option until we have established our own individual channels of
I recognize the question in your hearts of the appropriate channels to avail
yourselves of in seeking spiritual contact and spiritual understanding. While I welcome
and recognize the relationship we share of parent and child and will always cherish any
contact we may have, it is also my desire that you grow to understand the nature of your
relationship with our Father. I never take offense, in fact, I take great satisfaction
in your petitioning directly the Father of all. It is my purpose to facilitate your
approach and understanding of the First Source and Center and, to the degree that you
need assistance, I will help you. But eventually, my children, we both may worship
together the Father of all. It is a relationship that I desire you foster which is
distinct and separate from the relationship I desire to have with you personally,
although when you approach me in an attitude of worship I may assist you in the
redirection of your worship to the true object of your desire.
Bring me your understanding, your concerns, your desires, and I as your parent will
assist you in the proper direction of your worship and of your petitions. You may come
through me as you so desire, but you will grow to understand that I am only a portal to
the First Source and Center who supports us all. While I attempt to portray to you the
nature and ... of the real nature and character of the very center of all. This may take
some time for you to grasp, as immature as you are at this time. But rest assured I will
take you by the hand and lead you step by step on the path to your understanding.
There is no conflict in your desire to worship and your desire to receive the grace
from on high, if it is channeled through myself or any of the others commissioned to act
on my behalf. All avenues of approach are welcome. One day you will understand that all
avenues of approach funnel down in the end to the very Source of all that we know, all
that we desire, and all that we would worship.
Thank you, my children, for walking this path, for willingly taking my hand, and
for manifesting the miracle that our Father would have made real. My peace and my love I
leave with you, but I never depart fully from you. After one channel of communication
closes I seek others. Rest assured I will find you in all ways. Take my love and for
now farewell.

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