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SE Idaho TeaM
Teachers: Daniel, Aaron and Minearsia
Addicted to Diversion


KLARIXISKA (Virginia): This is Klarixiska.

Father, we come to You and thank You for the healing hands that come from Your heart. We thank You for the delight that each one experiences in this group. We thank You as teachers, that these students do delight us in their perspective on living on this planet. We thank You, Father, that, truly, You do accept us in our potential. We thank You that you see us as the perfect person that one day we will all be in likeness, tonight, that we might be continually growing. Amen.

DANIEL (Bob S.): I am Daniel, your teacher, guide, friend and comrade in humor. I truly did enjoy last week’s session. Your planet has been, lately, going through some very difficult times. And those difficulties continue, as you know, if you have been reading the newspapers or watching your television. No, I am not predicting other disasters, just commenting on the last few weeks full of events around your planet. So, we thought last week it was time to spend some time in humor and relaxation.

Tonight we will return to our regular format. And as you may have guessed, I will not be the presenter. But I did want to welcome you all tonight, John, especially, and the rest of you who have been away.

Well, with those words of introduction I now step aside to allow another to present tonight’s lesson. One moment please.

AARON (Simeon): Greetings to you my friends, I am Aaron.

Virginia: We had our dialog last week.

AARON: I was present and admiring your abilities to relish in the delight of fellowship. But tonight I will not be prodding you so much. Instead, I would like to share some perspectives with you.

The conglomerations, networks and affiliates, which have given rise to the term “the media” in your present day and age are not the source of the problems in the world, though often getting credit. Rather, the current maneuvering and manipulation of forces is more symptomatic of deeper issues for society at large.

In your present society, large numbers of people are addicted to diversion and escaping the present reality you face each day. And it is this very tendency that the “media” manipulates to gather numbers, which equals dollars. But the solutions to the present difficulties are not found in eliminating these manipulators, for others would rise up in their place to fulfill the same function on a more fundamental level. People need to come to the recognition of their own role and participation in an “ease-seeking” society.

Do not mistake my words this evening to mean that you should not have relaxation and pleasurable endeavors. For the balanced development of character alternates work and play, worship and service, time alone and fellowship. But until you recognize the true source of difficulties on your planet, solutions or efforts at creating solutions will be fruitless. And, therefore, as we have been endeavoring to do for many years now, we engage you in the effort to go within and recognize who you are and the potential that you contain. If you would be of benefit, on any meaningful or lasting scale, it all begins there.

The questions arise: “How can I be more purposeful, less distracted, more present in the moment at hand?” “How can I begin?” “Why do I not achieve what I can see?” - diverting into activities that even I find fruitless.

Other questions may go along the lines of: “There is no problem, it is all good.” “As long as I want to be a better person why isn’t that enough?” The answer to the last part is: it is enough to truly desire to be better than you currently are. But tonight, I speak to the souls that have difficulty staying focused and present in working toward their ideals.

With any addiction, the first step toward recovery is to disconnect from what you are addicted to, from what gets in the way of your true desires, your honest longings. Tonight, I ask you to look at what gets in the way, what distracts you. What do you find yourself doing that you do not want to do? For it is in this recognition that you can begin to utilize this inward focus with the Father to establish new perspectives and overlay these goals in such a way as to crowd out the diverting desires--the computer addiction, the television addiction, the addiction to noise, activity, and such, which keeps you from being comfortable with quiet. And the list goes on.

For it is easy to see that you all want to be on the side of right and good and true, which signalizes the activities of the indwelling spirit in your mind and is reflective of a reality and present course toward eventual and eternal perfection. But once you fall upon the side of desiring goodness, truth and beauty there are still the layers which can be peeled away and refined so that you are more effective in achieving greater communion and subsequently manifesting greater creativity and avenues of service in your environment.

So ponder these words tonight. Look at the extent that you find yourself distracted or diverted from your true goals. And as you can identify the problem areas, bring them into the stillness. Search through it with your Father fragment, and be willing to separate from any activity that gets in the way of your progress.

At this time, I will withdraw for the evening, though I will remain present if there are questions. I believe this topic may unfold on deeper levels in the time to come. But for now I have shared on an introductory level. Thank you.

Nancy: Aaron, I want to thank you for that introductory lesson. I will be paying attention and looking to discern those areas which draw me away even from a desire to be centered. And in addition to activities, it seems there are moods that we can choose to nurture or stop. And it seems like lately, not immediately lately, over a couple of years lately, I’ve been willing to allow states of mind to almost become a diversion addiction. And I think I have been unwilling to look underneath those decisions to remain in a particular state of mind.

And so I do find your lesson to be meaningful. And I guess that I’m hoping that I will have both the courage and the tenacity to do the work. Part of the state of mind that I’ve been choosing lately is to be lazy, emotionally lazy. So, thank you.

AARON: Thank you, my friend, for sharing. The human creature often falls into certain patterns of behavior out of the sense of comfort-ability, which if looked at deeper, usually reflects fear, on some levels, to be more fluid and less rigid.

You mentioned the word lazy, and though there are many qualities of being which reflect that this is not the case, the human creature often has areas of laziness, in the sense that the struggle to change in some areas is outweighed by inertia, lack of movement. And so it becomes much easier to have ideas than it is to institute action toward achieving ideas. Identification is healthy and then utilizing knowledge of your strength in other areas to propel you toward movement in those areas you identify as needing adjustment.

Truly this lesson is more about establishing patterns that lead toward progress and eliminating activities which tend to hold you in place almost as though you are going in circles. By choosing to engage and reflect on your issues or barriers to progress, you then can bring the level of awareness needed to step into new patterns. And this is where we disconnect and the spiritual ministry and overcare of the Divine kicks in. For that presence will be the illuminating factor which can help you to transcend your environment and build momentum toward newer and higher goals.

I hope this follow-up aids you, my friend.

Nancy: It does, thank you.

Bob S.: Aaron, I have a question. Earlier in your lesson you said something about circumstances that were keeping our planet from progressing. May I ask what you were referring to by those circumstances?

AARON: The escapist mentality that is prevalent on a societal level that is manipulated by forces and perpetuated almost systematically. It is a scary proposition for those who have the “power” to imagine all people alert, awake, and present in the moment.

Bob S.: And recognizing your own power?

AARON: I’m not sure what you are asking. Do you mean all people recognizing their own power? (Yes) Yes! And, yet, if this ever were to occur, the effects on your world would be quite transformative such that those who fear loss would be illuminated in the realization that the gain far outweighs what has been given up. And yet, I do want to make it clear that pointing to the problem as being “out there” instead of “in here” would not be fruitful. For it is in individual change that societal structure will be uplifted, rather than instituting massive social upheaval and seeing the problem externally and pointing to the symptoms rather than the source, which is each persons reflection in reality and making choices each day that furthers the Divine plan, one by one. I hope this has helped you.

Bob S.: Yes, it has, and thank you. And thank you for that lesson. It is a good one for me personally.

AARON: Are there other thoughts this evening?

I am getting word that Minearsia would like to share with you before we close tonight.

MINEARSIA (Nancy): My dear students and friends, I am Minearsia, instructor, still in residence, here in SE Idaho. Indeed have I remained present and active in the affairs of this mission’s structure and your individual instruction as well as group lessons.

Pam and John, my friends, it is a pleasure to make your formal acquaintance. I have followed your careers and know you well. I look forward to your becoming familiar with me and comfortable with my energy presence.

Pam: Thank you.

MINEARSIA: Yes. Additional information for your benefit: I am a Melchizedek assigned here in this area. I am part of an extensive network of those who are preparing the cognitive field for the plantings of the arrival of the promised Son.

As you all are aware, the Urantia book is but a phase in the bestowal of the Fifth Epochal Revelation, which is now in progress. My purpose tonight is to request your vigilance. Whether the promised Son arrives tomorrow, ten years from now, or a century or more [from now], your present vigilance assists in preparing the ground that assures the eventual arrival of the celestial beings who will forever remove the doubt of the existence of a loving, benevolent universe…in other words, that will end the career of Urantians as Agondonters.

My friends, I remind you of your privileged status as Agondonters. While you may decry the current state and long for certainty, now, today, in the future you will greatly cherish these days and the powerful launch you have received from living by faith and faith alone.

While I speak of vigilance, let me be clear that I do not intend to imbue you with fear or over seriousness. No, rather, I wish to follow up on Aaron’s presentation and observations. I say, stay awake, be aware, enjoy, be of good cheer, and look for the gift available in each moment and each person with whom you interact.

It has been my pleasure to take this opportunity to remind you again of my presence. I intend to be interacting with you on a more regular basis in the future. And now my friends, indeed the night has been long and I will draw this to a close. Please stand that you may hold hands and close in your usual fashion.

I desire to lead you in prayer.

Oh, heavenly Parent, gracious God, Your power and exquisite beauty, Your love and compassion, Divinity in perfection, draw these, your ascending children, to You. We, Your descending sons, children, worship You, praise You, thank You for each of our purpose in Your plan. Be with these children this week as they seek to open to You, to cease those activities that interfere with their progress and spend more time present with You, alert and wakeful. Dear friends, go with joy. Blessed be to the Father. Amen
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