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SE Idaho TeaM
Teachers: Daniel, Aaron, Michael, Nebadonia



Greetings children, this is your Mother, known to you as Nebadonia, for I am the fabric of your being and of the Universe of Nebadon.

Thank you, dear children, for your heartfelt individual prayers of love for My children extended throughout this universe. Thank you for your love and concern for those children here on Urantia that suffer hardship, that struggle for survival, who bear the unbearable. Grasp within your being that these children, although exposed to seemingly incomprehensible atrocities, are eternally safe.

While you may question the wisdom of the plan that allows free will to prevail and allows evolving unstabilized forces to impact human life, do not lose faith in the outcome. For you see, loss of idealism is, in one respect, a questioning of the wisdom of the plan. [Editor’s note: One of the participants had referred to a “loss of idealism” in the sharing time prior to this session.] This is, of course, acceptable. You are allowed, encouraged even, to question, to evaluate, to think for yourselves. But keep your faith. Keep your perspective. Continue to trust the goodness of God, of your Father, Michael, and I in our allegiance to the great Trinity of which we are a part.

My dearest children, on you I bestow my most heartfelt love and appreciation, no greater, no smaller, than for any of my children. I love you. So be it, farewell.

AARON (Simeon): Michael has something He wishes to say this evening. I am Aaron and I will step aside.

MICHAEL: Dear family, friends, brothers and sisters, the time is upon you where the course of events seem to weigh heavily upon your minds for what will come. Some of you are expectant and thrilled, others uncertain and reflective as to whether changes to come will be of a directly negative or positive quality. Let Me assure you that you are well taken care of. And, yes, you are up to the challenge.

There is no divine design behind catastrophes. The events occurring are a combined result of chance and long-term impact of human activity on your environment. These events come in cycles. And yet, other events can occur which are more directly manipulated, such as wars, and on the flipside, divine involvement on a more overt level.

When I lived on your world, I recognized the fearful nature of the human creature that is played out both in terror and in excitement. When I exclaimed, “To a God knowing believer, what does it matter if all things earthly should crash?” It was a statement of faith to bolster people into a new awareness that the winds of change do not need to control you, but that there was a certainty possible that could override any momentary occurrence. And so, it is today.

As I survey the world of my nativity, I do recognize two things, which stand out. One being a marked increase in fear, globally, manifesting in myriad ways. But the possibilities for divine influence and spiritual change are endless as well. I hope as My ambassadors you can recognize these possibilities and set yourselves to the tasks at hand, to comfort and uplift, to serve and enlighten. For circumstances such as these do not present themselves everyday. In times of peace and comfort, people recharge, ponder, and enjoy life. But they also have a tendency, at times, to become complacent. In times of instability and uncertainty, people seek out the light, whether it is conscious or not. And your actions at whatever level have the potential to be magnified.

So, tonight, I am once again issuing you a challenge, to roll with the circumstances as a surfer rides the waves. Clear your mind and reset yourselves so that your core is centered in the connection that you know is possible, and be about the business of sharing kindness, love and a word or two to those who would express pessimism, fear and doubt. Do not slide into the pattern of pessimism or commiserate with your friends, or fellows, or strangers about all that is wrong with the world. Rather, seek to be about what is right, to reflect what is true and speak of encouraging ideas, a different way of looking at things.

You are My Apostles, here in this room and further. The years of training, sharing and absorbing have been to make you ready for circumstances such as these. So I hope, pray and have faith that you will rise to the challenge. I leave you my love. And I seek to saturate you with my peace. Good evening.

DANIEL (Nancy): I am Daniel. We are in awe of our Master’s Being, Wisdom and Truth. We are privileged and honored by our Parents’ participation in this evening’s gathering. We will not take questions this evening but rather request that you close in your usual format. Please stand and hold hands.

Father we are blessed to be Your children. We thank You for Your abundant love. We request that Your presence be known, to these, Your children, as they seek to carry out Your will in these times. Amen
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