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Andover, MN TeaM

June 14, 2005

Session #3

Topics: Intent




Discerning the will of God

UB truths and doubters

Light anchors

Mother Earth

Teachers: Most Highs, Tomas

T/R: Leoma

[Ed. Note: Our small group has not met for teacher contact for 14 months. After much prayer and faith, the Father's helpers have brought two new members to our group. This group is willing and anxious to start the TeaM group up again.]

We began with stillness, then linked to the light anchor. Together we built the group merkaba.

Prayer: Dear loving parents, Michael and Nebadonia. Thank you for bringing us together in the presence of friends, seen and unseen. We come with the intent to personally learn from this experience, to grow spiritually, to learn universal truths so that we can be of service to you during this correcting time, in service to one another. Thank you always for your love and support, and the opportunity to grow from the challenges that you and your celestial helpers put before us.

Most Highs: We bring you our greetings on this most auspicious of evenings. We are the Most Highs and we are pleased that you have gathered with this intention, with purity of heart and mind and unity of intent. It is our wish to bless this evening's gathering. We are here to oversee these doings and to introduce to you your teacher, who is Tomas. We are pleased to bring Tomas to the service of your group for the duration of the time that he is available to you and the time that you make yourselves available to his teaching. We step aside now to bring you Tomas, yet we remain with you this evening.

Tomas: Good evening and my blessings to you my children. It is a privilege indeed to be invited to this gathering. I sincerely hope that it is the first of many. There is much that can be shared. The lesson that I would bring to you this evening is in the use of your intent. Focusing intent is important in all spiritual matters. When you focus your intent together in a group the end product is far greater than the summation of the individual parts. You would be amazed if you would be able to foresee what you can actually accomplish by focusing a pure God-aligned intent. You can accomplish so much beyond what you can now imagine. This is one of the great lessons that we wish to bring to you. That working in a group can be so powerful, and yet before you can be truly effective you must realize your own individual potential.

The Holy Spirit and the Creator of your universe have given you so much potential that lie latent within you. Begin to awaken and acknowledge the truth of this. You may think of yourselves as weak and ineffective human beings. While that may appear to be true, when you join yourselves together and when you align your will with that of your Creator, it is true that you can move mountains. It is true that with God, nothing is impossible. Healing, on many levels, is only one of the effects you can achieve in working together in alignment with God's purposes.

How do you awaken this potential within you, you ask? First is to believe that it is true. Recognize that there is so much more to you than meets the eye. There is so much more to what you can achieve than what you have ever believed before. You must believe and recognize the God within you; the Holy Spirit that dwells within you that you call the Thought Adjuster or the Mystery Monitor. When you learn to rightly work with this indwelling spirit, this spirit shall enable power that is inherently yours. Then you can begin to awaken the true potential with you. You can begin to connect mind, body and spirit within you, and to connect these with the higher power that is also accessible for your use.

It is acceptable at this time to address your questions.

Randy: Welcome, Tomas.

Tomas: Thank you. I have been waiting. as you know. (chuckles)

Randy: When you say "believe", is this another way of saying that you're willing the process to happen? Does this have to do with will, also?

Tomas: It is connected with the opening of your mind to spirit direction, to guidance. to the right use of your will to align with the will of God. Yes, first you must have in your mind a basic belief in this, a faith that it is real, that it is true, that it is available to you.

Randy: So, in some ways is it a switch. Without going through that process, it will not work.

Tomas: It begins the process of opening you to God's will. It is not the end product. It is not the destination. It is the beginning. Belief leads to opening yourself. When you see the results of working in alignment with God's will, when your will becomes in closer alignment with that of the Creator, you see the results and feel the vibrations in your body of this result. Then your faith grows. Your potential can be released, and it grows. This growth can continue and feed upon itself.

Randy: There've been teachings about intent and sincerity. Is it true that intent is like a compass, a choosing of the direction that you're going or the thing that you are concerned with? Whereas sincerity relates to the amount of effort, or spiritual force, that you put into the process?

Tomas: That is a good way of putting it. The intent is the focusing of your will, if you want to say it that way. The focusing of what you want to see happen. But what is behind that intent, what is the motivation behind that intent? Is it for your ego-self or is it for another's benefit? Is it simply to be and to serve God's will? This is where sincerity lies. God knows what is in your heart and what your level of sincerity is. Here again, when you see results and this process is working for you, you feel the results of working in alignment with God. This increases your sincerity for the next focusing of intent.

Does this answer your question?

Randy: Yes it does. Thank you.

Much is said about finding the will of God and trying to live your life in alignment with the will of God. Discerning what God's will might be and then choosing to do that... is intent really the first part of that two-part process?

Tomas: First let me address the thought that you must discern God's will. This is an effort that many of you make and find that it is very difficult to do. Often it is to no avail. Rather than to discern God's mind, it is simpler to do everything you can just to live a godly life. Live spiritually and don't worry what God's will is. In the process of growing closer to God his will will be revealed to you in many ways. in the people that come to you, in the thoughts that come to you, and in the way that events unfold in your life. When you learn to discern God's will in that way, it is a spiritual alignment. Attempting to discern God's will is a mindal activity that will never be very productive on your part. Does this make sense?

Randy: Yes it does. Does this get easier in the morontia life?

Tomas: Certainly. Your connections become more direct and clearer. Following God's will for you and seeing it unfold in your life will be from moment to moment. In this world of chaos and many distractions it is very difficult to connect with that on a daily or on a moment-to-moment basis. As you know, you struggle daily with this effort. So as you approach a more morontial life this process does indeed become much smoother. It permeates a greater portion of your life. Then is when you will truly see that the mindal process could not help you much. It is then that you will see that discerning the will of God is a spiritual process. For now it is a process of faith and trust, focusing your intent and joining your sincerity to your intent. You try with sincerity even if you feel that you have failed in your attempt or fallen short of your expectations. The simple effort, the sincerity of your intent, is what grows you in your spiritual journey closer to aligning your will with that of the Father. That is where your progress lies in picking yourself up, dusting yourself off, and going forward again. and again. and again.

Surrender yourself to the process. Relax and allow the process to come to you. However, you should not sit around and do nothing. That will stagnate your progress. Although there may be periods when it feels to you that you are doing nothing to progress, that may not be truly the case. However, keep your sincerity intact. This is what is recognized. The Father recognizes all effort, all sincerity. This is what draws you forward, no matter what your stumbling or confusion may be. It still is progress in the right direction when it is your sincere intent to grow closer to the Father.

Did that fully answer your question?

Randy: I imagine that it did, but I'll have to read the transcript to be sure. (laughter)

Tomas: I believe that there are other questions to be asked?

Keith: Yes. Tomas, you mentioned belief. There have been so many different teachers. We have multiple beliefs on this planet. How does one choose or know which would be the best way to find the will of God for one's self?

Tomas: OK, this is an easy one (ha). Pray and ask for guidance. If you are asking about which choice is right, you will usually be shown that there is no wrong. It is only a choice, either way. It is up to you. You have free will in these matters, always. However if you ask the question "Which is the higher choice? Which is the choice in greater alignment with God's will for my life, for his plan for me?", then you will receive direction. Again, it is still your choice. Even if you choose the higher response, it does not guarantee success. But it does guarantee learning and progress if you are paying attention. Again, have that sincerity of intent of growing spiritually.

Keith: One follow-up question. Is it our biggest intent in this life form to learn?

Tomas: That is the purpose for all of life. All of your existence through eternity is to learn and to grow; to become more god-like. It never ends.

Let me say one more thing about belief which was the first part of your first question. There have been many discussions and distinctions between the meaning of the words belief and faith. Let me point out that belief is more of the mind while faith is more of the soul and the heart. That does not mean that belief is not valuable. As we discussed earlier, it is the opening, it is the beginning that leads you toward faith. It helps you to grow your faith. When you talk about belief in various teachings in world religions, etc, that is for the mind to contemplate. It is good that you would explore the world's religions. In all of them you will find things with which you disagree or chose not to believe. Yet in all of the world's religions there is at least a few tidbits of God's eternal truth lying within all of those teachings. Again, you may choose to believe them or not.

In discerning for yourself and asking for the guidance in what to adopt as faith, that is a process that is personal between you and your higher power, your creator, your Father in heaven. It is a process in which only you can engage for yourself. There is no one right or wrong belief. There is no one right or wrong faith. There is no one right or wrong religion. There is within each person their growing and developing and ever-changing belief system which leads and opens them to a growing faith with their growth experiences. In their faith journey, faith grows. This is more at the soul level. Belief begins with the mind, but faith is beyond that. Faith is the supreme trust in God the Father to lead you in His ways. It is the supreme in His love. This is not mere belief. It is what carries you on in your spiritual journey.

Jan: Hello, Tomas. (Hello). I feel that I am learning to have faith, and my faith becomes stronger. I am learning so much as I am reading the Urantia Book. But I have many friends who are doubters and cynics. How would I handle. how would you handle the doubters and cynics as I try to share what I have learned in the Urantia Book?

Tomas: Think back in your own life to even two years ago. What would you have thought or felt if someone had told you that there was something called a Urantia Book, and that it was a new revelation beyond the bible? How does that feel to Jan of two years ago? How would she have received it?

Jan: Yes, you are right. (laughter)

Tomas: It makes it easier for you to remember that everyone is where they are, when they are. You haven't always "been here" as you are now. Indeed, you are learning and growing. Once you were ready it happened very quickly, did it not? (Yes, it did). Yes, when you were ready you were quite open. Had you been given that information before you were ready, you simply would have ignored or rejected it. Then perhaps you would have missed the opportunity when you were ready for it.

I hope that this will give you patience with your friends, to realize that when they are ready they will take off with it in some form of speed. perhaps not quite as quickly as you. To approach them and try to push something on them they are not ready for may defeat your purpose. We see that your sincerity of wanting them to know what you now know is very true and very good. But you must be patient and watch for the signs when they are truly ready. When they ask questions, follow those questions only as far as they lead. Be patient and do not give them more than they are ready for. It is like with a small child; you don't try to teach them physics at age two. You teach them simpler things that they are ready for and can accept. Those things can lead them to grow and be prepared for more later on.

Randy: In this case the signs that you are looking for are. (Tomas: receptivity) and inquisitiveness on their side. (Yes) We should have the attitude of reacting to them and not prompting them to react to us?

Tomas: Not being aggressive. Watching for the signs of their openness and receptivity yet not jumping ahead of where they truly are.

Randy: Is it safe to say that there are not just two people involved in this process? There is a host of celestial beings involved. If we have faith that the other person's thought adjuster or their guardian angel or their personal teacher are whispering in their ear to be inquisitive and respond. to me knowing that helps me to be patient. Is that part of what you suggest that we do in this situation?

Tomas: Yes, that is a good reminder. Certainly there is much celestial help for individuals on this planet who are seeking. That is all the Father is looking for, people who are seeking sincerely in their heart. They might not even know in their heart what they are seeking. As long as they are open to receiving.

Are there other questions?

Randy: I have one about the light anchor that we have been blessed with in this house. Can we link to this for the purpose of adding energy to any spiritual work that we're trying to do, whether it would be personal stillness, prayer or intercessions for others. Are these good uses for this blessing?

Tomas: Certainly, of course. The Most Highs would like to address this question.

Most Highs: We are most pleased that you have shown the interest and have asked for help in establishing the light anchor here. We need more willing souls who invite this into their homes and lives. The more there are around the planet, the greater the light pouring into the planet, which up steps the whole correcting time process. We welcome and applaud the effort at creating the light anchor here and encourage you to use it as much as possible. As you do, it will strengthen and grow. Indeed, it can be used for any spiritual purpose.

Randy: Is there another effect of this anchor, not only in strengthening that spiritual work that we are attempting. but does it affect people who are not aware of it? Does it affect Mother Earth? Can you comment on that?

Most Highs: Yes, it certainly helps Mother Earth to purify her energies, and to reconnect her energies. The planet as well as the people were cut off from the circuitry for many eons. The earth itself is being renewed with these energies. The desired effect is to have light across the entire planet. There are many dark areas, so any light that is added through the purity of your intent adds to the total effect. We remind you that the summation of the parts is far greater than those individual parts alone. This works the same way with the light pillars. The more that are added around the planet, the greater the effect becomes when an additional light pillar is anchored.

Randy: How does one get a light anchor? Does someone have to "install" it?

Most Highs: (chuckles) Let me go back to your previous question that we have not fully addressed. You asked if it affects people who are not aware of it. (Yes). People in the proximity can be affected without them being aware. You have improved your neighborhood, though no one living here may have realized it or detected a difference. Yet a difference was made. They do not have to be aware of this. However, when people are aware then their intent and awareness can build this effect with their bodies and their soul. The effect is greater when they are aware.

Randy: There certainly seems to be a lot more squirrels around here since, that's for sure. I don't know if that's good or bad.

Most Highs: (laughter) Nature is a good thing.

Randy: I'd like to leave a note for Tomas' note pad. The concepts of Mother Earth, and not earth changes but changes that the earth is going through, are of interest to me and possibly to the others here or those that will read the transcript. For a future lesson, could Tomas possibly speak to that?

Tomas: (chuckling) This is Tomas and I will put it down as a possibility for discussion at another time.

I believe that this has been enough for this evening. Again, we are most encouraged and grateful for this time to communicate more directly with you. We would ask you to remain aware during your time away from this group that this kind of communication and guidance is always available to you. We spirits, seraphim, guardian angels, teachers. are always with you and accessible to you. It is our goal for you not to rely excessively on this type of verbal communication. Learn to rely on your own individual guidance, so that you develop that within your own self.

With that we ask for God's blessing on each of you. We bid you good evening.

Randy: Thank you, Tomas. And thank you for being patient with us as we have waited for spirit to guide these new members to our group. Thank you for all who were involved in that.

Tomas: Thank you.

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