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August 4, 2005

TEACHER TOMAS: Good evening, my friends. This is Tomas. Thank you for joining us on this auspicious occasion when we have a chance to meet in cyberspace ~ in "the morontia zone" ~ as you might perceive this format of believing without seeing. Ham is here and would like to take a moment. I'll be back

TEACHER HAM: I am Ham. I am part of you, and understand some of you have wondered what will be the nature of the Teaching Mission with the changes that you see with various groups and seeming schisms in the administration of our work for your world. There are no significant changes that would interfere with your continued growth and development.

The Teachers are still engaged in their work of approaching you as universe citizens in working mode. The Magisterial Son is certainly making preparation. We, in fact, are part of the preparation, and no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should. Ideas of administration and hierarchy are insignificant, in that they are not like what you are accustomed to. We have a far greater perspective, a universe perspective on our work, and we have deep respect for and high regard for our fellow workers in this mission of bringing Urantia along into alignment and eventual light and life.

I am not a chatty fellow like Tomas. I just came to assure you. I am not going away. And I will continue to oversee the Teacher Corps as I have in the past, attending the council meetings and all those matters which you need not worry about. Rest assured of the care and concern your superiors have for you, and the tender regard in which we hold you. Farewell.

TOMAS: This is Tomas and I am once again on-line and am eager to engage with you (as soon as I get this channel settled down). I have to remember, as do you, that you are electrochemical beings, and that while you like to reach up into those areas that will give you the opportunity to touch upon your morontial reality, we always must show proper acknowledgement of the vehicle which carries you and that allows you to lift up.

There are times when the material vessel controls your being . almost completely . as when you are emotionally distracted or when you are physically ill. And because you are distracted much of the time, it is understood how it is that you love to reach beyond the norm into those heights of consciousness that allow you surcease from the clamoring of the mortal for attention and pleasure and from the stress that goes along with being a finite creature in a semi-civilized environment.

One of the great purposes to Stillness is to allow the electrochemical aspects of the physical being an opportunity to be at peace. What a wonderful way for you to learn to know yourself in every aspect ~ physically, emotionally, mentally, as well as spiritually ~ through this venue of sitting quietly with yourself in an attitude of caring for your vehicle, and your mind, thus your feelings, in gratitude to your spirit.

Understanding these sundry aspects of the self, it is possible to become well unified in nature . to be able to recognize when you are becoming unbalanced . and then understanding, from a position of truly knowing, that when the fever passes or when the mood swings, you will once more proceed on an even keel, on your path.

I have been teaching character for some years. The fruits of the spirit are some of my favorite tools to utilize in bringing about a material life fraught with spirit reality. Understanding your own nature enables you to ponder those areas, those fruits of the spirit inherent within you. As daughters and sons of divine reality, to grasp hold of that which you see is good and patiently eliminate that which refuses to see the light of truth.

This job of attaining self-mastery is the job that Jesus himself set out to do, and he ultimately mastered even his mind, and this enabled him to go forth in being about the Father's business in full understanding of the nature of the people he met and served, in full consciousness of those who would betray him, but allowing the divine will to portray itself, and destiny to unfold as it will, because of the incredible gift of free will.

Thus, too, you are able to contain within you a greater compassion for the human condition and for those who flail about in their ignorance and in their striving, perhaps to inspire those words which may pour forth from the font of the Indweller.

All the opportunities offered in one day in the life are too many to consider. If you can learn to love one human being per day, you are not only socializing (your beliefs), you are fraternizing with destiny because you are revealing your God-consciousness through your natural intercourse with others.

Take what you experience daily into private converse with the Master at eventide. Discuss with him your encounters. Ask to see how your fruits operated. Were they ripe, were they sweet? Were they green or bitter? Were they nourishing or wormy? This private consultation with the epitome of perfected humanity will bring you into the presence of Paradise perfection ~ embracing you in all that you are ~ loving all of you ~ allowing you to perceive the good and the bad, the perfect and the imperfect ~ being thankful for the relativity of your growth and the potential that lies ahead.

Fill yourself with the knowledge that tomorrow will bring new opportunities, and give in to the anticipation of once more perceiving the divine will at work in your life and in the lives of those you encounter. Be prepared then for the miracles you will see, the small miracles of human kindness and communication that take place among people, not excluding those myriad examples of perfection that lay before you in the beauty of the planet on which you live. The skies, the trees, the birds and the flowers. The joys of living.

Jesus said, when he was here, that in future times we would know (and) we would manifest our mirth and good cheer, our sense of well-being, even though this world is often seen as a vale of tears and a burden of existence. How may I help you lighten your load, to refresh yourself in the mirth and good cheer of your own sonship? Have you questions?

Felix: Hello, Tomas. This is Felix.

TOMAS: Good evening, Felix, my friend. I have questions from you here already. I see you have been answered, however, in terms of who surrounds you. Have you been able to ascertain, from the counsel you were given [Teacher Tartason: 7/21/05 LIGHT LINE] who it may be?

Felix: Not really, Tomas, not yet. Is there anything you would like to add ? My question is about the presence that apparently accompanies me. What is his/her nature, what is his/her job and what does he/she require from me?

TOMAS: You have your guardian, of course, and your guides, who are often cherubim and sanobim, a pair of seraphim. But more likely than not they are midwayers. And you must not overlook the possibility that they may be Teachers walking with you for a season, or conferring with your Adjuster.

I find mortals are often titillated to think they may be accompanied by one who will oversee their efforts, as if to lead them into adventures, and since this is true of most of us, you will not be disappointed. The question remains to be seen what they will lead you into . service fields, certainly. And so this gives you an opportunity to search yourself for those fields in which you would willingly engage yourself in service. Then, allow yourself to be taught what you will teach.

I see many young minds/souls who have genuine aspirations and sincerity, just as children who perhaps want to be a cowboy when they grow up, who have great ambition but who have no idea how to put their ambitions into practice. It is here that your guides can be of great service. They will tell you by leading you and by conferring with you what needs to be done by revealing to your eager eyes the service opportunities available. Thus, when you go out into the realm with your God-consciousness, also allow your inner eye to open and follow that which you are led to do, sufficiently that you at least can ponder the direction you felt led, in order to discern if this is something you would like to pursue further or discern if it was a mere diversion.

Sometimes my students see something that connects with a subconscious memory or desire and they connect that as something God wants them to do. This is not always the case. I counsel you to not be rash, but to bring it into Stillness and consult, as we discussed earlier. And be careful not to talk just to yourself, for I know how it is: we can talk ourselves into and out of anything. We can rationalize and justify anything. This is not the kind of pondering I invite you to undertake. Rather, invite the Master into your mind and allow his mind to overtake yours and help you learn to think in ways that will reveal the Father to you and that will reveal ways in which you may be about the Father's business.

In looking back on your life, on your experiences, you will more likely than not discover that those adventures you took which were not so fruitful were those which you chose through your will alone, and those which provided the most soulful gratification were those which you engaged upon with the Divine blessing.

They are not always the easier, softer way. But there is great satisfaction in the work . at hand.

Dominic: Can I ask a question about that?


Dominic: Can some of that be intuitive?

TOMAS: Yes, "intuitive" is a good choice. It is a sense, an intuitive sense. But follow through with that intuitive sense to see where it leads. This is possible through the mind circuit of the spirit of intuition. You can walk a tight wire through dangerous territory following the spirit of intuition, arriving safely on the other side. But you must not become distracted. You must watch where you step.

The spirit of intuition is the ideal beginning, for it is the Mother Spirit helping you on your path, and she will lead you to the Spirit of Truth ~ which will lead you to Michael ~ who will lead you to Father ~ Who will lead you home.

Dominic: Can the fruit of the spirit of intuition be a leading to the Spirit of Truth, and Michael?

TOMAS: All of the adjutants are engaged in helping you attain God-consciousness and self-mastery. And all of them work independently as well as conjointly, in order to add dimensions of richness to your experiential living.

If it is your desire to become one with your Adjuster, you will grow in that direction because it is your will that His will be done. However, many, many people have no interest in the Divine will. And yet their adjutants are actively engaged. And when these adjutants are under the command of ill intent . it still exists. And so you must remember the admonition to be as wise as serpents and as peaceful as doves.

It is in this mode of operation that you can see where intentions lie, who is trustworthy, and how much you can depend on others. This is simply utilizing the tools that are given you, the keys to the kingdom.

Stéphane: Tomas?


Stéphane: I am thinking back to Ham's comment on aligning ourselves with the mission and your lesson on how to accomplish this alignment. I find myself at odds in dealing with people in day-to-day living who are convinced that their (Christian) religion/belief is the only "true" religion, and anyone outside of this belief will not ascend to "Heaven" and will forever perish. These people do not have "ill intent" and are very pleasant to be with but are convinced of the righteousness of their beliefs.


Stéphane: Do you have any comments on how to lead them to a broader acceptance?

TOMAS: This is a challenge indeed, but it is not insurmountable . if you are wise . for you must see that these sincere individuals are enmeshed in a paradigm of reality that is supported by the adjutant of worship. They have risen above the animal realm, by having the capacity to worship the god of their understanding, and there is no more potent force in the world than ones religious beliefs, . especially when supported by others.

The only thing that will break the hold over them is the emergence of the influence of the adjutant of wisdom, which will only come into being when they are able to recognize that other groups, other individuals, are also as committed to their God as they are. The global situation you see now is a prime example of devotees of differing branches of faith vying for supremacy from the perspective of the spirit of worship.

Worship is a very intoxicating activity. (It enables man to rationalize and justify anything!) Feeling fervor and closeness to God is what we all aspire toward. Thus we can commiserate and sympathize with the passion for which they fight; however, when it is revealed to them that they lack the spirit of wisdom, that all these factions lack the spirit of wisdom sufficient to see the point that all of us, all of them, all of you are sons of God, there is not much that can be done.

This is an evolutionary conundrum. Thus . foster wisdom. You cannot argue for or against a man's personal religious experience, for it is emotional, until it attains to the spirit of wisdom.

Individuals are encouraged to pursue their destiny path as individuals as we discussed earlier. The spirit of intuition may lead you to follow a course, a path, an endeavor, and it is your free will right to choose the paths of your choosing. As a group (as you know from the text), this is discouraged; it is discouraged that as a group you should incorporate certain philosophies or structures, politics. But as individuals you may become actively involved . in many fields of dreams!

You will find the teachers support their students in their decisions. It is rare you will find a Teacher in the Teacher Corps tell his student, "Don't do that." I have not heard it said, not have I been reminded that I myself have forbidden my students to do anything. Anything the students do choose to do on their own accord is almost always encouraged, for there is value in almost anything you undertake -- if only to reveal to you how far along the path you have come!

And there is no shame, no matter where you are on your path for you all must begin at the beginning. Therefore, all of you are entitled to investigate, you are entitled to make mistakes, you are entitled to learn from your mistakes, you are entitled to gain wisdom through your experience, and you are entitled to teach what you have learned to those who will listen.

We have been working with you for a number of years, encouraging you to be all that you can be, to become aware of yourselves as sons and daughters of the living god, not as a theory but as a reality, and then to pursue your course of action, in service to the Divine, in ways that are intrinsic to you. Then, we try to encourage you on your path.

There will be and are many lessons being learned in this experiential playground, but as long as your motives and intentions are in accord with His oversight, it will be our assignment to counsel you as to the best way to go about doing what you have chosen to do in order to do the Father's will.

According to Nebadonia, when asked about her children, she said, "What's not to love?" Having a perspective like that allows you to appreciate the relativity of the child of God as he grows . even as he stumbles.

Look to the motive. In this, you can learn to understand your brother. And in understanding, you can learn to love, for there is nothing that he experiences that you do not also know. If you are honest.

Look to the motivation. And then look to the Master ~ who walks with you ~ who walks with all his children. Look to him for guidance in knowing how to deal with those things you have difficulty understanding in your fellows. He will help you. And perhaps you will be able to help your brother.

Does this give any insight into the situation you mentioned?

Stéphane: Yes. Yes, it does. Thank you, Tomas.

TOMAS: I noticed that the tape was turned. I hope nothing was lost. I understand the mechanics of the process are often a challenge. However, I want you to know that from our perspective, we regard this project as a complete and total success. The opportunity that we have to address you from this forum, with many miles between you physically, but brought together as one in this telephonic medium, is indeed incredible. Primitive, yes, but immeasurably better than nothing at all. We are infinitely pleased.

And I, Tomas, am supremely pleased to have enjoyed your company this evening. I have very much appreciated your soulful attentions. I have felt your souls, and feel grateful that I have been able to feed you, and hope that my food provides nourishment for your growth.


© The Teaching Mission
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