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SE Idaho Teaching Mission
15 May, 2005
Klarixiska, Daniel, Aaron, Michael

* Klarixiska: This is Klarixiska and we wish to welcome Pam back to Pocatello, to the group, and to the fellowship of like beings – mortals. We look forward to your participation and the gift of your presence.

* Daniel: This is Daniel. I, too, would welcome Pam to this group again. I am reminded of the human saying, “All that is old is new again.” Friends, how delighted I am to be with you this evening as your teacher, though I will not be teaching tonight. We have someone else in mind for that designation. We were excited with the questions which arose during your time of reading last week’s lesson. It implies to us the depth to which you are taking our words and analyzing them for clarity and personal growth. In fact, we made some adjustments in our preparation for this evening’s presentation based upon your comments. With those words of introduction let’s begin. One moment please.

* Aaron: Greetings to you, my friends, I am Aaron. It is my pleasure to be here this evening, for both the reunions and to solidify our intention to pursue greater understanding of reality so that each may be ennobled in their quest to understand the will of God.

You have heard it said that “You should be wise concerning the signs of the times,” and yet it is true that most every generation confuses the signs of the times and construes more meaning in the events than is suggested by reality if viewed from a global level.

Part of the confusing aspect is the inability or unwillingness to view different arenas of life as separate and distinct, even while having some connection to others. For example, blending the economic, political, and spiritual activities as one, such that if there are struggles in one arena it is all too easy to misconstrue and apply these difficulties to all arenas.

You are encouraged to recognize there are interconnected levels, but the social, political, economic, and spiritual realms are distinct. Political instability, in and of itself, does not connote to spiritual instability. The same goes for any other arena of growth. The more serious correlations occur when instability bleeds into every institution. This very uncertainty creates spiritual questioning.

But it is important to realize that the spiritual arena is transcendent of the other arenas. There are areas, even on your world, where there is extreme poverty, social isolation, and political chaos, and yet enlightened individuals exist who seek to know the inner spirit and to be of service to the world around them. From the spiritual perspective, you can recognize that you are able to transcend your circumstances and overlay the vision from spiritual sources with the material plans and efforts. Without seeing this distinction between the different arenas it becomes more difficult to engage the spiritual arena when the other aspects are depressed.

In times of uncertainty it is somewhat critical that there be torch bearers -- those who can light the way for those caught in the darkness and uncertainty of trying times. Your ability to stand firm in the spiritual principles that have formed your foundation will be key in bringing about more enlightened patterns on a societal level as other individuals can be inspired with a sense of purpose by recognizing those who live with purpose -- the purpose to know God, to grow in realization, and share in the harvest with those who see the fruits.

In essence, tonight I encourage you to be the torch bearers who recognize that the spiritual life is not bound up in the material life – the economics, or the politics – but stands alone as a path that can be pursued regardless of the other realities around you. Utilize the foundations that you have received through this long period of instruction to cast away the doubts and uncertainties so that you may more effectively be able to minister as you pass by, so that your certainty about the higher realities and the ability to grow in the spirit, will permeate your being and release out upon your surroundings.

Nothing is more welcome in the darkness than to reach out and find a light that knows for a certainty, the way out of the darkness. If you contemplate all that you have learned and been taught, and couple that with your internal seeking and time with the Father, you may recognize that you do know the way out of the darkness and into the light. Be able to be more enthusiastic and certain about that fact, and you are, by your very nature, a torch bearer for the future and for those who come into your presence.

At this time I will step back. We are here and available for questions, as well as having other friends that can communicate with you, as well.

Aaron, the very reference you made to speak with certainty about what is happening or what our hope is, reflects back on a conversation that truth for me isn’t necessarily going to ring for someone else. So I think what I hear you saying is to state your own truth and move on. There’s nothing to convince anyone about. It’s simply a reference to our own security as far as the future is concerned. Am I making myself clear?

* Aaron: I believe so, and you are right, in that it is your certainty that will be impressive if your actions reflect what it is you are certain about. One who is wrong can be certain in their mind, but their actions do not reflect the alluring path that the certainty would suggest.

So by recognizing all that you have learned, and manifesting the characteristics that you know portray the Father – truth, kindness, beauty – and having a certainty about it, this is the way to impress and to be a light rather than needing to tell someone what to be. Of course, if one is asking you may share, but it is immeasurably more important to trust in the very qualities which have led you to where you are.

Virginia: Thank you Aaron.

Bob S: Aaron, I have a question along the same lines as Virginia. I am concerned that in advancing our spiritual knowledge we’ll get so far ahead of other people that it will become difficult to communicate with them. They won’t understand some of the truths that we see and it will be hard for them to accept what we’re saying. What’s your response to that?

* Aaron: To one who is seeking truth, it is not hard to follow. To one trying to give truth, it is not always easy to give, for one has to be in a place to receive it. But if you seek to be truthful, honest, sincere, and kind, then this translates into any language, and actually creates the opportunities for you to share the advancing truths as one’s mind is opened to the possibilities.

You do have to be aware, or discern somewhat, the level of development a person might be at, so that you can tailor your words in a way that would make the truth you would like to share more palatable to the mind receiving it. One sure means of building a bridge of communication is to speak to the spirit within their minds more than you would try to speak to their intellect alone.

By having a conscious awareness that you have this common reality within each of you it becomes easier to let the spirit in you translate your efforts for the spirit in them. Sometimes all your words are for not, and the person walks away simply being impressed with your sincerity.

After all of my efforts to explain this to you, I feel I have confused you further.

Bob S: No, it has shown me that it’s a much more difficult job than just knowing the truth in your own mind. Is that why Jesus wasn’t critical of other people? That he waited for them to say something that he could expand upon or help them to understand at a higher level? He was, by letting them talk, trying to get a handle on their level of spiritual sophistications?

* Aaron: Yes and no -- meaning yes, he had the ability to recognize where someone was at and to expand upon the concepts they held, but one of the more alluring characteristics of Jesus was that he truly wanted to know the thoughts of others and was very curious and inquisitive and truly interested in everything that they thought.

Bob S: And that sincerity they perceived as concern or love and it led them to be more open to what he had to say?

* Aaron: Yes, this did come as a result, and truly his motive was not to seek for a way to teach other people, but rather to truly know other people. Because he was so interested in them, when in conversation he would naturally be able to expand upon a concept because he so thoroughly understood what they were saying.

Many people on your world have difficulty being truly interested in what others have to say, to various degrees, because of the protective instinct due to the distortions which cause people to be concerned for themselves, and how they are perceived, whereas Michael was free from this concern for self.

And so once you have more complete trust in the overcare of the Father, you are better able to let go and just be with other people, sharing naturally when it comes about. Does this expand on the concepts?

Bob S: Yes it does. Thank you.

* Aaron: You’re welcome, and know that we recognize that your inabilities to achieve this in entirety are not construed as negative so much as a simple recognition that you are conflicted, as a species, with a combination of self-protection and the desire to socialize your experience.

(Clock chimes the hour) The bell has sounded, and so our time is coming to a close this evening.

Pam: One remark, Aaron, and that is your description of communicating with others was a description to me of how the Teaching Mission and the teachers communicate with us.

* Aaron: We have gone through the courses and shed our baggage, so to speak. So yes, we have learned, in large part, the ways of Michael, and yet, even at our material level did we have struggles with these efforts, as you have, and will. Even on a world of light and life, one must grapple with self and the desire to be in relationship, and trust in the overcare of the Father.

I am finished, but another will close your meeting, this evening. If you would stand and hold hands…

* Michael: My beautiful children, what a delight it is to see you coming to me to learn, to grow, to see your trusting faces. I protect you, watch over you, and I present you to my Father on Paradise, as examples of my children who are growing, struggling, moving forward, and opening up with great progress. You are truly a joy to me and my Father. I love you. You are protected. You are thought about. You all are like newborn babies. Remember you are never alone, my children. Good evening.
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