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Ham: Greetings, children, I am Ham and I am happy that we have come
together once more. This evening, let us discuss finding yourselves and
growing into the divine template. Your real selves is something that you
discover and grow into over time. You cannot define yourselves. You are
a living, growing, changing being. Every time you decide you are this,
shortly you will discover that you have changed and that old definition
no longer works. It is impossible to simply decide who you are or what
you shall be. No, to be your authentic self is a process of
self-discovery and self-revelation. You cannot simply contain your
selves within the boundaries you have settled on or soon you will be
pushing up against those boundaries and growing past them.

Defining yourself is a trap. It is a way to stifle who you are rather
than be who you are becoming. The inner self is continually pushing
outward and this new vulnerable part brings with it some fear of change
and this can lead you to stifle your growth. But every person should
seek instead to grow and change and to learn how to welcome this change
rather than fear it. Finding your ways my friends comes with finding
your selves. For the way toward God is also a matter of welcoming his
spirit within you and welcoming the changes this spirit wrought in your
lives and so on.

The fruits of the spirit - joy, love, along with the solid grounding in
reality: forbearance, temperance - these things will lead you the full
fruition of your life's potential. Potentials becoming actualized are
first like the tender green shoot easily broken, vulnerable, and subject
to those influences that can be hurtful and damaging. But as you grow in
the spirit, these new shoots become stronger and every more fully
developed, able to withstand the wind and the rain, the heat, and the
insects of life so to speak.

Do not be dissuaded from accepting all the growth you can. Turn your
souls toward the source of your growth and open yourselves to this life
giving influence. Sometimes when people are frightened, it is easier to
withdraw and to pull back to old patterns that seem safer. And as you
withdraw and block out the fear, you are also blocking out that life
giving source as well. Fear inevitably leads toward a state of dying
while love leads toward a state of growth. When fear presents itself,
you must make a conscious effort to reject it but you must also allow
those unconscious fears to bubble up to the consciousness so that you
can reject them as well. Have great joy instead and let the divine love
course through your being. Removing fear opens up those channels where
fear was clogging the divine love flow through your being.

Said the Master, I am the vine and you are my branches. As you grow in
the spirit, you take part of his body, you become part of him and an
expression of him in the world. Releasing fear is the letting go of
resistence and when you no longer resist, the divine love, then you
begin to express that love and to be that love.

You must all be at ease my friends for you are all making progress in
the removing of your fears. Have the courage to accept every bit of love
you can each day. Have the courage to bear those vulnerable new shoots
so that they may bear fruit in the future.

What are your questions?

Q: Do you have anything for me tonight Ham?

Ham: Yes, my daughter, of course. In all things you are doing well. You
are moving forward and yet you are also learning to have patience and to
wait as you must. You have been very self-reliant all you life but you
must now learn to rely upon the Master instead. Have courage my daughter
for in all things you will find the strength you need for what is
required of you. You are doing very well. Simply be good to yourself.
You will have all you require.

Q: Do you have anything for Rebecca?

Ham: Yes, daughter, you are learning how strong you can be. But in this
strength you must also be vulnerable as well. Have courage and
confidence as you move forward. You will have many difficult tests and
thus you will need all your growth to be balanced and weighty so that
your feet are firmly planted for the struggles ahead. Be at peace my
daughter, you do well.

Q: Jarad?

Ham: My son Jarad, you are also clearing out some old branches that no
longer serve you. You are allowing the pruning process, so to speak, to
occur and this will strengthen you and keep your energy moving forward
rather than holding on to the past. Each effort will be showing progress
for at each new opening of the spirit, your growth will be rapid. Be
patient with yourself and trust that you will have all you need moving

Q: Jim is losing his vision, what can you tell him?

Ham: My son, this is indeed unfortunate and is a test for your faith and
your courage. The Master has never abandoned you and he will never do
so. As you tackle this new challenge, remember that he goes through it
with you and he will assuage your fears and pull you closer to him as
you cope with each new development. You have some tissue damage within
the eyeballs themselves that is degenerating. But it is not at all
certain how much vision you will lose, but some. This will likely
stabilize and the progression will slow. Each step will be difficult,
but with the Master it can be handled. Do not fear my son. Keep your
hand in his for all things have their purpose, even those things that
seem cruel at the time. Be at peace.

Q: Howard would like a personal message?

Ham: Certainly. My son, you do well. You are moving in the right
direction and coming to find yourself again after losing your way for a
while. Everything is bearable, everything can be done. Don't worry for
the Master and his angels are working to bring you back into the fold,
so to speak. Fear not, for all things are becoming new. It is simply for
you to let them now. Learning how not to block your growth is your
lesson now.

Q: Do you have a personal message for Charlie B?

Ham: Yes my son, you are doing well. Let not your heart be troubled my
son and neither let it be afraid. What is before you can be handled.
Look behind you to see how much you have handled already. Let the Master
take your hand and guide you gently within the ways of the spirit. Each
test you meet strengthens you for the tests ahead. Welcome then those
difficulties that serve to strengthen you. Be at peace my son. You are
doing well.

In all things, you are doing well my son. You must be strengthened
through partaking of the spirit. You are learning to accept the rhythm
of spiritual growth and as you accept this to and fro, your balance will
increase and your stability will increase as well. You are a person
strong on the outside, strong to others, and inwardly you are sometimes
doubting this strength and are prone to self-doubt. But be of good
cheer. Release this doubting and take hold firmly of the Master's hand
accepting his love as a child accepts the love of a true parent. You are
doing just fine.

Until next week my friends, know that my love and prayers are with you
daily. Farewell.

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Belief has attained the level of faith when it motivates life and shapes
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of mind attains to faith levels only when it actually dominates the mode
of living.... Faith does not shackle the creative imagination, neither
does it maintain an unreasoning prejudice toward the discoveries of
scientific investigation. Faith vitalizes religion and constrains the
religionist heroically to live the golden rule. The zeal of faith is
according to knowledge, and its strivings are the preludes to sublime
peace. ---The Urantia Book, Page 43

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