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Arcadia Teaching Mission Group

Monday, May 16, 2005, 8:00 pm
Arcadia, California

Lucille: Dear Father, thank you for the wonderful group of people here
tonight to listen to your words from the teachers. We thank you.

JarEl: TR, George. Good evening, it is I, your teacher, JarEl. It is good
to be here again among my friends here on Urantia. I so look forward,
every other week, to converse with you and to look into your lives. Every
week I see improvement in your lives. Every week I see decisions being
made, choices; every week I see a more solemn dedication to your spiritual
life. You have come this far in creating the situation that you currently
find yourself in. You have cultivated the slow presence and you have
allowed it to grow in this environ where you commune and communicate with
like-minded individuals. It is a good thing that this group has existed so
long. It has become a local anchor point for all of you here who frequent
it and it will continue to be a light source for the surrounding communities.

The cultivation of your spiritual lives is the most important thing that
you can do. It is what separates you from the animals. It is what
separates you from mere evolutionary process. It is what sets you apart;
there are those that do and those who onlyb think. Your whole life you
have tried to marry the ideas you have and the doubts to the various
sources of information. You have constantly searched and you have come to
many sources of information. For many of you your journey has culminated
in the finding of The Urantia Papers where many of your questions have been
answered but many have remained for the Book does not reveal all that is in
the Universe. Yet the Book remains and stands for itself for it is
complete in its own right. It is full of powerful information which has
potential to bring peace to this world. It is the mind of man that needs
to adjust itself in order to be receptive to such high level of information
that is contained in The Urantia Book.

Life is a process of fine-tuning, of constant progress and evolution. The
soul that you have and are creating is a product of your sincere and honest
dedication to evolve that soul. You have fine tuned your spiritual life to
receive highly valuable information that brings you truth, beauty and
goodness. You have been given an insight as to how the universe works, how
your lives are important and how this world is evolving. You have been
given this knowledge because you asked for it. You were curious enough to
go out and search for this information. It is important that you remain
always curious and inquisitive. Knowledge is everywhere, it is ready to
siphon into your mind, but you must have that preparation and that
cultivation to have the adequate conditions in which your ideas will
flourish. There is a time and place for everything and there is a time for
you. Everyone of you, in this room, will have an everlasting impact on
this world. You are pioneers in your right and the knowledge that you have
is too powerful for you to remain complacent. You have all taken it upon
yourselves to act and to create conditions where you can divest this
information into the world.

All of you are what we call unsung heroes. For the work that you do comes
from sincere and honest dedication on your part without any need for
reward, fame or glory. You have a passion to bring this knowledge to this
world, for you know how it has affected your lives and, therefore, you have
a clear mind to know that the whole world can benefit from this same

Are there any questions?

Anna: Are we in the period of seven years of trials and tribulations or is
that something of the past?

JarEl: TR, George. That is something that has happened before during the
time of the Caligastia betrayal. The current times that you are living in
are the Correcting Time. You are on the verge of the Age of Light and
Life. This Correcting Time can take anywhere from 10 years to 200 hundred
years. The trials that you find yourself in are the results of the intense
pressure for change. There are many who do not want change and would like
the world to stay as it is. The change begins in your minds; change beings
with the individual and how the individual views the world. Change does
not come with the sword or with a gun. That sort of change is in the
past. Ideas/mind is a new form of change that will enter your world. The
whole world will change when you learn to love yourself and your brothers
and sisters. It all begins with you, with the individual. These trials
and tribulations can all be over in a mere instant. All it takes are
decisions and actions.

At the present time there is much correction that needs to be done. There
are many erroneous ideas on how the universe works. Therefore, we bring
down this information to enlighten those minds which are receptive and
perceptive. That is not the only reason why we contact you. We also want
you to know that you are not alone in this universe for there are many who
watch over you and protect you and care for you. There are many who are
working to bring your world to peace and Light and Life. There are many
who want to see Urantia to become the promise in Michael's eyes. And it
will happen, it will come to that, we are sure of this because there are
people like you who have become representatives of the Universe of
Nebadon. The knowledge that you have gathered for yourselves has qualified
you to become official representatives of all Nebadon on your planet Urantia.

You shall take this knowledge into this world. You will teach people to
see that they are not alone. The whole Universe of Nebadon is full of
their spiritual brothers and sisters. We are all united under one banner
of God. This is the biggest Revelation for all of humanity. It has been
said before and it shall be said again and again, this Revelation is
relevant for all the Ages to come. You shall always need a personal
connection with God as well as with your brothers and sisters. You should
believe that the world is getting better, that the world is your family,
you are all brothers and sisters. You can all trust one another, bring the
integrity back into your world and begin by being it first. Be an example
of integrity and by creating the conditions of integrity make it available
for everyone.

Are there any other questions?

Stella: Yes, JarEl, I would like to know what is included in the
Correcting Time? It is just spiritual upliftment? Or does it include
other areas of life such as history, economics, politics and such? Are all
of these a part of the Correcting Time?

JarEl: TR, George. Yes, the Correcting Time is all inclusive. It is a
period which your world is undergoing to bring your entire planet into
balance. Your history is all garbled up. Your economics are in a shambles
and your politics are at a standstill. Spiritual life can exist and evolve
despite all of these drawbacks, but during a period of correcting it is
imperative that all aspects of life be brought up to standards in which
every human being on this planet can benefit, not just for some or for the
well-off. In your country you have all benefited from your economic
conditions. Many of you have much leisure to pursue spiritual growth, but
this is not true for other countries where the economic status is
dire. Therefore, they must work many hours just to survive, leaving almost
no time for any other intellectual or spiritual pursuits. The Correcting
Time will deal with such issues as this, bringing this world into a more
adequate place for receptiveness of the greater truth. You cannot expect
this world to become enlightened overnight if the majority of the world is
illiterate and enslaved to survive. Once you begin to see the amount of
work necessary to bring this Correcting Time underway, you will begin to
gauge when Light and Life will begin. That is not to say that certain
other events will not happen sooner or later. I am simply giving you a
measurable diagram of how and when your Correcting Time will be over. Of
course the emphasis shall always be on the spiritual and, therefore, we
began with the spiritual as well.
Are there any other questions?

Stella: Well, I have another. You said that certain things will
happen. Now I have been doing research on myths and legends for a
book. One of the things I have read is in the Mayan Calendar in the year
2012 there is supposed to be a great catastrophe. Now is that one of the
events that you mention that is coming along or is this just a superstition
that the Mayans brought into their beliefs?

JarEl: TR, George. They are neither. Predictions of future events are not
always accurate. In their limited points of view in order to control their
own destinies, they even went as far as to create calendars which exceeded
their own cultural life span. Ask yourselves this question? If they could
see so far into the future, why then could they not see their own
demise? I would not give any credit to this sort of predictions for they
are not accurate as far as your world is concerned. There is nothing
catastrophic planned for your world, at least not intentional. The world
is still changing and the world is still adjusting and that is to be
expected. Humanity will always survive any major disaster. Do not focus
on the negative you see on the horizon, rather focus on the positive in
your own life. In our eyes, you are the horizon, you are the new dawn that
brings light into this world and you are the current and greatest news ever
to be brought into this world. The myths should be about you, not about
some old race.

Are there any other questions?

Anna: When will we make physical contact with you? Will it be in our lifetime?

JarEl: TR, George. Yes, by that I mean your entire life, your eternal
life. I will not make physical contact with you while you are here on
Urantia, but only through a Transmitter/Receiver. My dedication to you as
an instructor shall remain, I shall always be there for you. I look
forward to meeting you as you grow in your ascension careers and are
resurrected on the Mansion Worlds on high. Good night.

All: Good night JarEl

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