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Ham: Greetings, children, I am Ham and I am glad to have this
opportunity to speak with you each once again. Let us speak of the
requirements of love. When you find your God-connection it will be in
love and so to maintain this living spiritual bond requires remaining in
love as much as possible. Remaining with love requires constant
vigilance against those spirit poisons that destroyed love and so
destroy they connection to the spirit.

None of you has trouble with hatred, but fear is more subtle and fear
creeps in when you are not looking and suddenly that fear will spawn
other poisons like resentment, envy, greed, laziness, and so on. Then
you have a lot of little seemingly trivial attitudes towards things that
must be removed one by one as you weed your garden and nurture the
tender plants of vulnerability, helplessness, child-like faith, hope,
and love for your self and your fellows coupled with forgiveness. These
little plants are vulnerable and can be easily choked out by the weeds
of selfishness and fear. They must be watered with truth, and fed with
the bread of life, the Master's true spirit, so that through love these
plants will grow strong and bear fruit in your maturing characters.

The old habits, the old reactions are gradually giving way to a new and
better way of living. The way of living truth is never static, it is
constant change, constant molding, constant realignment of your
thoughts, feelings, and priorities. The fruits of the spirit will lead
toward a natural service and a way of giving that is yours alone. Each
of you has a unique contribution to make to the spirit and to the
spiritual lives of others.

Each of you, as you bloom and grow into bearing the nutritious fruits of
the spirit so that others can partake, gives something in actual
substance to the God of experience in time and space, the Supreme Being.
The God of experience is formed and created through experiential contact
with the material world. This contact is made through material
creatures, born of clay then reborn is spirit. Spiritual growth is born
through giving. No growth can be achieved without the active giving of
the spirit as well. You love because you are loved, this is the Father's
spiritual circuit that then creates him in his experiential form, the
trinity translated in time and space.

Each of you is finding that to grow toward God you must release the
things of the world and you must release your attachment to the material
world. This releasing has to be coupled with a growing faith. Faith will
grow with the releasing of fear and attachment to the world. Faith will
grow as you learn to feel, as a real part of your experience, the
Father's love in increasing measure day by day.

The Master released all things to the Father's good keeping. Every
moment he consciously released himself and all his worldly cares to the
Father's hands. Every prayer was ended, nevertheless it is my will that
your will be done. Though he walked in the lowly places of mankind, and
though he knew the human feelings of fear, disappointment, and
disillusion, through each individual trial after expressing his
thoughts, he turned it over.

To follow him then, you must each learn to do the same. Whatever your
human fears, desires, or feelings, you must release them in order to
grow in the spirit. After you pray my children, and you ask for his
blessings, remember, as the master did, to say "Nevertheless, your will
be done" and then face reality as it is releasing that which you would
want it to be.

What are your questions.

Q: I'm not sure I understand what you mean by releasing our attachment
to the world. This is not to be confused with disengaging from the
world? Are you talking about continuing to be engage but not being
personally invested in the outcomes? But I think this does not mean we
should necessarily be disinterested in the outcomes of our actions in
the world. So could you clarify a little more please?

You are correct my son. The Master told the apostles, be in the world,
but not of it. Be engaged, do your best, but after you have done you
work, say nevertheless, your will be done. This will help you release
your attachment to the outcome.

Q: Human beings often have very mixed motives, some positive and some
not so positive. How does this relate to the way we motivate ourselves
to act?

Ham: Yes, each of you pushes and pulls to get through the various chores
of this life that are set before you. Gradually, though, as you grow in
service, you can begin to release the negative motivational side, the
"if I don't work who will pay my mortgage" type of motivation. Gradually
you will be able to switch into positive service oriented motivation
saying "Father, today I will serve you and I trust that you will provide
for me". This is different and going from one side to the other is not
like flipping a switch. It is not a matter of one single decision, but
the cumulative effect of many decisions. The direction you can set
through your conscious mind and through prayer you can ask for aid and
comfort as you step out in faith as did the apostles of old.

Essentially my children, you are gradually realizing the truth that you
were born into this world naked and helpless and so this is how you will
eventually leave. Letting this sense of helplessness coupled with strong
and strengthening trust will bring you correctly through this life and
all its trials. Each of you is helpless to know what will befall you
tomorrow. None of you knows when your last day will come. Most human
beings resist these thoughts and the fear they inspire by keeping busy
with things that you can control. But ultimately, you control nothing.
This is the truth and to realize it takes faith and to realize it you
must release the illusion of security that most humans cling to. The
only thing you will take with you when you leave this world are your
memories and your treasures in heaven, that is your growth in spiritual
substance, that which is real because it is part of God. Everything
else, even the body, is not real because it is not lasting. It is
temporal and it is material. The material world is the shadow of the
true substance that is spirit and that is all it is. Is this helping?

Q: Could I have a message please Ham?

Ham: Of course my son. My son, you are doing very well. You are growing
in faith and in the true righteousness of the spirit. Differentiating
what is real from what is not real is the task of all human beings. But
there are those who can discern the spirit and describe it. This is the
aim of art and what gives art its meaning. The Father's spirit lives
through each of his children and only the spirit can discern the spirit.
All your work will mature as you grow in spiritual maturity yourself.
Follow the Master's loving presence as he gently guides your steps and
leads you into truth. Rejoice then, give thanks in humble spirit for the
gifts he is giving you every day. The way opens, you are doing well.

Q: Do you have anything for me this evening Ham?

Ham: Yes my daughter, be at peace. You are finding it is not that
difficult to take the big steps if you hold tightly to the Master's hand
as you do. Have faith that he has placed you, have faith that you are
learning the lessons he wants you to learn. Have faith that you can
cling to him through the difficult times and you can cling to him then
through times of ease as well. Rejoice, you are set upon the pathway my
dear. You have been tested and found not wanting. Gradually he will
place greater burdens upon you but not before you can carry them. This
week place one foot before the other. Do each days chores to the best of
your ability and then release them to the Father's care come nightfall.
Rejoice my daughter, be joyous through all things. Be joyous and
trusting and gentle. Be gentle with yourself first, then you can be
gentle with others as well.

Q: I have gone through lots of changes and challenges these last few
years. Am I on the right path now?

Ham: My daughter, you have truly overcome great difficulties and it is
these things that are the most valuable teachers. No one becomes wise
when things are too easy. No one develops character without being
challenged and so the greatest adversities become in the end our
greatest blessings. Walking in the spirit is not the easy way, but it is
the only way to move toward God and one's ultimate destiny. Truly my
daughter you are giving of yourself and this giving is also what you
need. Rejoice then and be exceedingly glad. All things are becoming new
and though you will have difficulties in the future, your growth in the
spirit will equip you to meet these challenges with ease and grace. Be
at peace my daughter, all is well.

Q: Do you have anything for Rebecca?

Ham: Yes my daughter, before you are many challenges but you are meeting
them from a safe place and you must understand the great support you
have around you. Each piece of work will be given. As you find these
steps placed before you, you must trust in the spirit ever more
completely. Trust, trust, trust, this is your watchword and your way.
Let your work develop for then you will be used more fully as you grow
strong in this safe place. Give thanks then and be at peace. You do well.

Q: Jarad?

Ham: My son you are also growing very much in the spirit. The way of
gratitude and humility is your path ahead. Little do you understand the
power of your blessing and your gift. To receive, you must be a child -
innocent, humble, helpless. To find this ever growing gift you must
embrace those three. Rejoice and be glad my son, you are doing just fine.

Q: Do you have a personal message for Wendering?

Ham: Yes, my daughter, have peace. Realize there are many things that
are not controllable by you in this life. Each step is a test of faith
and faith is tested more by letting go that through grabbing on and
doing. Rejoice, move toward the spirit in humility and gratitude. All is

Q: Katie wants to know if you can tell her anything about Vern?

Ham: My daughter, do not fear. This is an opportunity for you to
distinguish what you can control and what you cannot. There will be
challenges, as always, for you in this relationship. You have handled
many situations and problems concerning this man before. What is ahead
will be no less difficult but your faith is stronger, even though you
may not perceive it to be and you will not have the deep emotional
difficulties that you have gone through before. Use each challenge to
strengthen your faith. Have no fear, all is well.

Q: Do you have a personal message for Charlie B?

Ham: Certainly. My son, you do well. You are meeting the difficulties of
the hour with strength born of the spirit, a strength that includes
grace, tolerance, and ultimately love. Let love dominate your mind and
permeate your soul so that all things reflect this awareness. Let your
actions be dedicated to him. All is well.

Very well then my friends, until next week my love and my prayers are
with you. Farewell.

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Belief has attained the level of faith when it motivates life and shapes
the mode of living. The acceptance of a teaching as true is not faith;
that is mere belief. Neither is certainty nor conviction faith. A state
of mind attains to faith levels only when it actually dominates the mode
of living.... Faith does not shackle the creative imagination, neither
does it maintain an unreasoning prejudice toward the discoveries of
scientific investigation. Faith vitalizes religion and constrains the
religionist heroically to live the golden rule. The zeal of faith is
according to knowledge, and its strivings are the preludes to sublime
peace. ---The Urantia Book, Page 43

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