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Elyon: This is Elyon, I greet you. I am opening this engagement to allow
time for deeper connectivity with your teacher and the human voice being
familiar to Jonathan is a comfort. We are always anxious to be in company
with you to engage your mind, to uplift your heart and to motivate you
toward the goodness of helping your brothers and sisters. The Father
unfolded the miraculous universe and oriented the mechanisms within this
great display of space that each willing soul will ultimately, eventually
arrive at its Paradise home fully aware of God and fully in love with God.

The expanse is beyond conception, the opportunities well nigh infinite and
the choice is yours for Father knows wherein he resides but wishes likewise
to return to Himself by way of His spirit presense in you through the course
you take as his child.  In wholenesss, God is aware of the totality, in
multiplicity God becomes aware of each instant and each location through

I have taught that your natural inclination is to pursue those hints, clues,
techniques, processes which draw you to God, but it is of equal value to be
aware that you are the portal for God to be drawn out into the universe. His
all everywhereness stands alongside the manifoldness of his divine
indwelling and partnership with each of you.

Never be uncertain of your worth to him as you pursue your daily activities
for it is guaranteed that what you do here in your life is not an
undertaking that God performs on Paradise, and this becomes your gift to
this relationship of divine parent and child. The adjustments made will be
instigated by one who is perfect and your trust will allow for the
correction if your undertaking will prese nt harm to your wellbeing.
Remember the story given by our Michael of the wayward son. His return was a
cause for celebration and the importance of that story was the perpetual
love of the father regardless of the actions of his child.

Every one of you, value above all else, your relationship with the Father of
all, and your loyalty trandscends any error. The sense of misgiving is not a
feeling to avoid but one to celebrate as an indication of your sensitivity
of what is right and good and the opportunity for adjustment and alignment
and it is loyalty which constantly bears upon the situation with the drawing
power of orientation to your highest ideal, relationship with God. I will
step aside.

Jeremy: Jeremy present, how are you? This as exciting to me as it to you.
Our familiarity will grow and our engagement as a unit will have many
rewards. While I am in the role as teacher, we are equal as company for we
are molded by the same material, each one of us a vessel distinct, yet given
the gifts the Father bestows, we are a container that encloses a chamber and
within this chamber is your Holy presence. In the course of time, the
vessel, the outer shell, undergoes discoloration, dents aand scratches as it
is buffeted about in time and space in the course of receiving experiences.

Within the chamber, your deeper self, accumulates the values, harbors
reactions, defines the meanings of these external encounters. When
recognizing that center of the Holy presense, you in partnership, are able
to organize  your experiences, to decorate with beauty. When the external
distracts, the chamber becomes filled with misinterpretation, erroneous
conclusions, and this is a signal for that correction which Elyon has spoken

You are not to grade yourself as failing but reward yourself for recognizing
the need to reorient. It has been spoken  of, in the phrase of "emptying the
self", and often associated with the phrase " filling with the spirit". You
know spirit already fills you, but why the sense of the need to be filled?
Again I direct you to the image of your chamber within your vessel. Imagine
a fine membrane aklong your vessel wall within that chamber. when the
external pressures bear upon you, the membrane collapses into a smaller and
smaller sphere, and the extrernal and your reactions fill the space between
the membrane and your vessel walls, and spirit within appears ever small.

This is the zone of self, managing, directing, compensating, undertaking
alone the activities that is meant to be in partnership with spirit. When
you empty yourself, you expand the membrane back out on the larger sphere
and spirit fills all the space internally. You find joy in the fullness of
spirit and are troubled in the fullness of self, but the lasting peace and
joy is in the recognition in the dynamic ebb and flow, contraction and
expansion of your inner being.

As Elyon said, Father has everything and is all, but within you, you are
present, defines a new reality, a partnership. And so you will fill with
self, and then be filled with spirit. Life is dynamic, spiritual life also
pulsates. When you experience and you adjust in partnership with spirit,
this reciprocal action takes place smoothly, and does not stop or stall.
Just as you cannot sit in stillness for 24 hours filled with spirit, but
must take to your feet and turn to the world, so will you know that you
cannot run afar in travel wide without at some point pausing to return to
Him within.

I express to you my happiness and excitement to have expressed to you these
ideas and to have them implanted in your mind that it may bring you a
mechanism wherein you can orient your moment by moment experiences into a
larger picture of your personal dynamics. I also want to hear from you, to
hear your words of blessing to me.

Cec: Thankyou Jeremy for you lesson today and coming to talk with us. We'd
like to know as a group if we will be receilving a T/R or perhaps Lorraine
will be our T/R in the future.

Jeremy: Each one of you has the ability. Do not fault yourself for the
passage of time, for it is a walk of trust and even your hesitation is an
honor for we value the purity and correctness of your connection. I
encourage you to be supportive, to allow experimentation, to even avoid a
recording if that provides comfort, that your words are shared to the loving
ears of each other. As I and the other teachers with me make our contact you
will discover building events of faith.

When you gaze upon a map of a land you have not visited you derive a picture
and even develop a process for travel and this image initiates the journey
with some confidense of where you are headed, but when you actually travel
that land, the sights, the sounds, the places that you go were never
contained as symbols on that map. To be a transmitter/receiver, you begin
with a sense that is your map, but in the travel, things will unfold that
will give a confidense over time, a confidense that is impossible to possess
at the start. Trust in the Fathers' guidance and we will have a wonderful
time together.[thankyou Jeremy]

Raine: Jeremy and Elyon, you have greatly given me guidance in your
transmissions today. I know what I must do. I know the course of my actions
and trust in our Father.

Cec: Jeremy, could you tell us more about yourself, where you are from?

Jeremy: I have been many places, worlds far from here. I have trained in the
schools oriented toward the establishment of life and light across all
Nebadon. Every ascender can choose a curriculum for personal advancement and
for universe service. This course drew my attention for I could continue to
ascend and leave this wonderful universe of Michael, and I know I would have
left behind much of value to brothers and sisters who ascend behind me, but
the thrill of the thought of being preesent for the witness of the
settlement of Nebadon in light and life was too much to pass by. I did not
want to witness it from afar. I want to be here at that moment, distant
though it may be, and so I volunteered to go into this correcting mission on
Urantia and I must say this is a mighty good place to start in the building
of a settled universe.

Cec: We are very lucky to have you as our group teacher.

Jeremy: And I am very lucky to have you as my students and friends as we
will develop our acquaintance into friendship. There isn't any greater
importance placed upon a teachers role be it a group teacher or personal
teacher, for the goal is the same though the method be different. I will
observe and teach according to your social growth. Your personal teachers
will work with you in your personal growth. Meanwhile we are here to serve.
Remember our common Master is Michael and Mother Spirit. This is where we
all place our aliegance and our trust.

Cec: That sounds very true. Barb would like to know the name of her personal

Jeremy: I am receiving the word Virginia.[ thankyou Jeremy]

Raine: I understand my personal teacher is Thomas, but what is commander,
Commander Thomas? What is the connotation of that title?

Jeremy: Thomas is one who currently heads up an order of his kind. In
clarification, a kind I speak of is not of nature but of training, he
functions as a teacher for teachers, and this group works coordinatively for
an effect upon  Urantia through not individuals, but large bodies of people.
It is a collective effort of spirit teachers with many humans, and he has
also taken the assignment of your personal associate. He is not your
commander, but he holds that rank in his job with his fellows. In the course
of time as he sees fit, you will be able to discern more of his functions
and you will also receive contact from his associates. I hope I do not
intimidate you for contact with Thomas alone is plenty to undertake but once
established, you will delight in being introduced to his many friends.

Raine: If we have time to allow, I would very much like you to
explain...what is an emissary please?

Jeremy: I will explain it thusly. A missionary is one who approaches a
situation with a mission to establish conditions, to provide the opportunity
for a new and better way of function in that situation. That missionary may
fulfill that function well even while personally undeveloped in that very
goal.  That missionary simply understands the mission and is able to bring
an introduction to establish the condition.

An emissary is a personal attained representative embodiment of that very
presense. I use presense because it is about being rather than a condition
which is about an external situation. An emissary knows whereof he speaks
because an emimissary is what of he speaks. Jesus commissioned his apostles
to go into the world to represent him and they did so faithfully, mostly as
missionarys and some as emissaries. I hope this has contributed to the
pursuit of your understanding of this condition.[yes thankyou very much, I
love you too.]

Cec: Could you tell me more about my personal teacher, Christy.

Jeremy: Christie is gentle. She delights in likeness. She has the natural
talent toward joviality which you will benefit from in your association
though you may find frustration for she is not inclined to give assignments
but rather to find a game to play that will stimulate your growth. Her work
is the work of fun.[thankyou very much]

Harold: In the lessons that are taught to the teachers, is there a
curriculum that coordinates all these lessons or are they specific for the
group and grow as the group grows?

Jeremy: Your second observation is the immediate means we undertake in
function for it is forbidden that we march you through a series of lessons
from which you graduate with a stamp of approval. This thwarts the mandate
of Michael which is your first observation. The overriding objective is the
correction of the effects of rebellion anywhere throughout Nebadon that the
universe and its subsections may proceed advancingly rather than
correctively in its spiritual, physical and conscious growth. But to do so
requiring homogenization would destroy the overall plan of Michael to
develop diversity of spirit manifestation in each of you and so from week to
week, from meeting to meeting, I am trying to compose meaningfull
expressions from which you may benefit and then in partnership we fulfill
the overiding objective.

Barb: Sounds like transformative education.

Jeremy: I like that.

Raine: I would like to know what it means to be tested...or one is being
tested. What are the meanings of those words?

Jeremy: In your culture, testing is a form of evaluation  to determine what
has been grasped and what has been either overlooked or misunderstood, and
this is good to do, however there has been applied to such a procedure, the
unfortunate label of passing and failing. These testings are an update of
accomplishment and work ahead, not of worth , of right or wrong, of
attainment or failure. In spirit, testing is not so much an assesment of
where you are and what you need, but an investigation of just how much
further you may be capable of going at this point. An example is stretching
your body.

That is a test of how much further you can extend your limbs. In a spiritual
test you are not being evaluated, you are being extended. Your arena is
enlarging, an arena you will be able to more broadly function in. So while
you work to attain and recognize what you need, also realize you are being
extended, your field of function is enlarging. Spirit tests for that and
then you in partnership with spirit discover the tools and techniques, the
skills and talents need to function in that broader area. I hope this helps
you.[What a wonderful way the Father has made for us with you and your ones
as helpers along the way, I thank you very much.]

Barb: As I understand it in my studies of transformative education, there is
no right or wrong or good or bad, and we need to be willing to test.

Jeremy: Yes indeed, and remember I have much growth to undertake as you
teach me.[Transformative education is about teacher/learner....thankyou.] It
is a  blessing to me to be with you.

Nebadonia: Among you I dwell, this is your Mother Spirit. In spirit love and
in spirit energy I surround you as you may feel in one of your hot tubs. I
seek to provide warmth and comfort, to soothe, to bathe you in love, to
penetrate you with this loving peace as would the heat of the water warm you
to your core. My presense is with you ever and always, my love around and
within. Thankyou for your honor today. You are my beloved.

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