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Arcadia Teaching Mission Group

Monday, April 4, 2005, 8:00 pm
Arcadia, California

Larry: Dear Father, thank you for this gathering. Please open our minds,
eyes, ears and hearts to be open to whatever the teachers have to say. We
would do your will Father. We love you so very much Father, we love your
son Michael and your daughter Nebadonia. We pray for peace and the coming
of Light and Life. We pray for the coming of Monjoronson. Thank you for
all of your blessings, in Michael’s name, amen.

JarEl: TR, Lucille. This is JarEl, it is so good to see you this evening,
joining you in fellowship. I welcome you all tonight, it is great to share
your love because love is an important thing in life, it is the only thing
in life. To be of service to your fellowman and to send him a message of
the Father and his love for each one of them is so important. People do
not realize that they are completely loved by the Father. They need this
information, so many are so lonely in life, if only they would open up to
the Father to receive his love.
The future is bright for Urantia. The time will come when there is more
spirituality amongst the people, more love and understanding of one
another. You need to spread the information that each one is loved by the
Father, everyone is loved equally. There will be a spiritual awakening
soon on Urantia, people will realize that this is the best way to go, to
feel the love of the Father. There are so many things you can do, just to
smile at someone as you are passing by is a big help. Being of service to
one another will increase your abilities of love. It is through service
that you better understand someone. If you know someone who is depressed
or down in the dumps see if you can help them and understand them and
express your love to them. Then they will feel the Father’s love through

Donna: JarEl, just this last weekend, Larry and I went to the Retreat
Network in Santa Barbara, California, at the Casa Maria Retreat Center. It
was a wonderful gathering of Urantia Book readers from different Urantia
Groups. There was a message read by Michael Marlow and it was from
Machiventa Melchizedek. I know that it was a transmission from the
Teaching Mission, but no one questioned it, or asked about it or said very
much about it. But it was one of Machiventa’s most in-depth profound
messages and it was presented to this whole group just as a communication,
I think that was the terminology. Anyway, were you aware of this group
meeting in Santa Barbara, JarEl?

JarEl: TR, Lucille. Yes.

Donna: OK, I would imagine that JarEl and other spiritual teachers were
there. It was a very positive and uplifting event.

George Benavides who is our regular TR arrives at this time.

JarEl: TR, George. First and foremost I thank Lucille for your courage in
transmitting me tonight.
You are all individuals of light. You are individuals who bring life into
this world. You are constantly being guided and energy is being funneled
through you, so that you may disperse it throughout the world as
needed. We found that it is most effective when the energy is funneled
through individuals such as you, who have learned over time to more
adequately assess the current environment in which you are in. Most people
tend to skew toward whatever belief or dogma they believe in. When you
have an open mind, when you contain an open spirit you will accept others
more, you will include others. This is why it is essential for you to
continue your work and for us to transmit to you.

It would be wise to learn the technique of stillness to better qualify you
to receive messages such as this. Many of you have individual minds that
are keyed to certain frequencies and those frequencies that you are able to
receive are tailored for your being. So each individual has a specific
purpose if he/she chooses to follow the Father’s will. It is always
voluntary that you come to the Father. If you wish to follow him, he has a
mission and a job for you.

As I have said before you will witness many changes in your world. The
things of old will fade away and there is new reality that is about to
begin. You, my dear brothers and sisters, you are the emissaries to this
new age. You are fortunate to have witnessed the beginning of what will
certainly be a most glorious event to happen to this world. The world is
ripe for this new age. Much of your preparation has been geared towards
this event. Many throughout history have waited and wished to have seen
and witnessed this day that you are about to witness. Many have longed to
have witnessed the presence of the Father here on this earth.

The energy is all around you. It is a manifestation of whatever you want
it to become. You are now in control of your own lives and your own
destiny. You have now become self acting and can accomplish whatever you
put your mind to. There will be substantially less opposition and friction
to whatever you decide to do. Things will become easier for what you do is
according to the Father’s will.

Are there any questions?

Dennis: This event that you spoke about is it the coming of Monjoronson?

JarEl: TR, George. Yes. As I said before it is within your lifetime that
you will see this. The question now is, are you prepared for this
event? Do you fully realize all of its implications? Have you prepared
yourself mentally, spiritually and physically? Do you know what it is that
you are being asked to do? All these are questions that you should have
answers to, and the answers come through meditation, stillness and
silence. There is a whisper in your ear that blows sweet nothings full of
light and truth that remind you that you are spirit and that you are loved
and cared for. You are an extension of what is the human body and the
human body encompasses the entire world. Every single one of the people on
this earth is your brother and sister. You are extended from God and he
encompasses everything and everyone.

The realization that I personally have of you is that you do see this clear
and precise fact that we are all brothers and sisters, and we all preside
in this grand universe. Sure we may have different origins but our true
origin is the same. Our true source is the same and we will eventually go
back to that source and when we go back we shall be pure. This purity
comes from the acceptance of all that you are and all that is part of the
universe. When you accept part of everything that surrounds you, you begin
to see the world in a different way. You begin to experience the world in
a different way as well. Light fills your every thought and every
choice. You bend like water and flow like wind. You are fully integrated
into every essence of the universe, therefore, the manifestations of your
mind and thoughts more readily advance themselves.

This is what I ask of you personally. It is my dream for every single one
of you, that you fully integrate yourself to the universe. The preparation
that I personally give you here on this planet is to better guide you in
your everyday dealing with your brothers and sisters. By this and other
preparations that you will have to deal with sooner or later and with the
integration of the entire universe. It is one thing to accept your
brothers and sisters here on earth, but it is an entirely different thing
to accept your brothers and sisters throughout the universe.
You are all not raised the same. Your people and your culture are entirely
different in many ways and you will find it difficult at first to even
grasp some concepts which they find normal.

Dennis: They being


JarEl: TR, George. Brothers and sisters from other worlds.

Donna: So JarEl, are you saying that we will meet these brothers and
sisters from other worlds while we are still here on this planet or are you
referring to the Mansion Worlds?

JarEl: TR, George. My lessons for you today mostly relate to Mansion World

Donna: That is what I thought.

JarEl: TR, George. Future generations here on earth, however, will
eventually run into this particular problem. Hopefully the adjustment to
other races, other species will not be as difficult as it is here now with
your own races. This is all in the future, but for you specifically you
are all destined to travel the universe career. Every step of the way you
have lessons to learn. Universe integration is a major step for all future
spiritual individuals. It marks a milestone in your career. The sooner
you prepare your mind for such an event the better you will accept your
universe brothers and sisters. I can see that all of you here are
accepting of one another. You have learned to trust one another and even
those that you do not fully know yet you have learned to trust as well. It
will be a challenge to learn to trust an entirely different species would
it not? You must remind yourselves that you are universe brothers and
sisters. There is good in the world, there is good in the universe and
trusting one another goes a long way.

Dennis: It sounds like our time is short, by human standards.

JarEl: TR, George. Events are quickening. Time is of the essence, but you
still have some time. Are there any more questions?
Very well, I would like only to remind you once again, that we all hold the
same place in our Father’s heart. We all have equal standing; equal
footing. I am no better than you, you are no better than me. We all have
the Father’s love, we are all destined to go to the same place.

Lucille: I just want to ask about our government doing certain things,
like the war in Iraq and everything. I certainly do not approve of those
thing and I vote when I can, but is there any other way that we can stop
the war in Iraq and the way our government including other nations?

JarEl: TR, George. You are part of the same organism as everyone else is
in this world Lucille. This world moves in a particular way. When most of
the world is ready to stop fighting then things will change. Things will
definitely change. You are on the correct path, Lucille. What needs to
happen is that others become convinced that war is not the
answer. Basically you are fighting your brother. Basically you are
destroying part of yourself when you fight. When you realize that you are
all part of this gigantic whole which is God, you will stop fighting
altogether. When you begin to harmonize, this harmony will take you to
Light and Life, good night.

All: Good night JarEl.

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