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SE Idaho TeaM

Klarixiska (Virginia):

Rejoice in the promise of springtime. Rejoice in the promise of this change. Rejoice in the promise of perfection. Rejoice in the promise of perfection that is yours, the promise from God. Amen

DANIEL (Bob S.): This is Daniel, I greet you my friends, my colleagues, my co-learners of the wisdom and truth of the First Source and Center.

It is my great pleasure to kick-off tonight’s meeting and introduce those who will follow. Your discussions continue to amaze us and keep us on our toes. We take pride, yes, if I may use that word, in the progress you demonstrate in your questions and discussions and in the soul-growth that it portrays.

Well, with those words let me now step aside for the lesson for this evening. One moment please.

(Nancy): Greetings to you. My name does not matter. I am a teacher in the corps of Michael, and I am privileged to be given this opportunity to share knowledge I have gleaned through experiential living.

I too am from a rebellion planet, one that is now settled in “light.” I have traversed many eons, and have ascended from the depths of horror, to beauty, truth and goodness that surpasses all the beauty, truth and goodness imagined by all the dreamers of Urantia combined and magnified many-fold over. The splendor of God’s grand plan is not describable.

I am not here to try to describe that for which there are no words. I am here to present my existence and my experience, to assist you in your faith journey, to assure you that all that you have heard about the glory and beauty and goodness of your future is true.

I am blessed by the horror which was a part of my initial existence, for it gives me insight and compassion and [the] ability to be of assistance to the sometimes despairing minds of mortals that others cannot understand and have difficult identifying with. I also feel perhaps even deeper loyalty and even greater gratitude for having come though the experiences that I lived. While the horror is long, long, long gone, not only in time and in truth but in memory, the lessons and the strength, which I developed as a result of my experiences, remain a part of the fabric of my being and of the totality of the Supreme.

My name is Isadora, and it has been my pleasure and privilege to greet you and to share my presence with you. I encourage you all to continue the good work and to find the joy that is available in each moment. I bestow my love, a gift of the Father, upon you. Good day.

Ken: Greetings Isadora, thank you for that beautiful lesson. Welcome to our group, welcome to our world, and our love to you.

ISADORA: Thank you.

AARON: Greetings, I am your chum, Aaron, delighting in this opportunity to be amongst you in an interactive manner. The format I suggest is to share your thoughts, to share the thoughts that you had, that passed through your mind as you listened to Isadora, to Isadora’s description of her experience coming from a world of rebellion. What were your real thoughts? Did you experience curiosity? Did you experience hope? Did you experience cynicism and skepticism? Or what! And if you would, if you can identify the emotion, emotions, or range of emotions and thoughts that you had, can you then tie them to reactions that you have in other contexts. Can you see what I am trying to draw out of you? Questions?

Virginia: Aaron, I have a couple of pictures in my mind. Certainly Urantia has been - “people living in horror,” - as Isadora has mentioned. But I am not sure that I could identify with that even when I’m down and low and may be very depressed. I would never classify it as the horror of living on Urantia for me. And the beauty and the contrast of the other end of what she said reminded me of the Bible verse that says “it has not entered in the hearts of man what God has prepared for them who love Him.” And so there is just a tremendous contrast there that… I don’t think I’ve experienced either/or. So, certainly not skepticism, but hope in the beauty and the truth and the goodness that is waiting for us.

AARON: Thank you, Virginia, for your comments. Yes, you in this room have been insulated from some of the direct horrors of this world, of immediate war, of starvation, of debased acts. And yet, you are from this planet, and on this planet, and this history of Urantia pervades the Urantian consciousness. It is part of your genetic memory. It is part of the consciousness that you share collectively. And certainly these horrors are known to you and are part of the force of fear you have, if not for your own well-being, then for those of your children, grandchildren, etcetera. And while a fish swimming in water does not recognize water, those of you imbued in these remnants of rebellion have nothing with which to compare to, and so you cannot fully understand the grimy black fog that enshrouds the consciousness and why the cleansing bright white light that you put off during such times as this is so important.

And so I combined two thoughts there: the reality of the enshroudment and the purity of the light that emanates and cleanses when the Father, our Father, is sought.

Teachers who have not experienced the enshroudment can sometimes have difficulty here. Those beings who have had experience elsewhere bring wisdom from that personal knowledge. While you struggle valiantly today, this struggle will benefit not only yourselves but the Universe of Universes.

Other reactions to our guest this evening?

Ken: I did not ask, Aaron, if Isadora was from a rebellion planet of Satania, or not.

AARON: She is from outside the local universe.

Ken: Thank you. Her expression of her understanding of truth, beauty and goodness versus ours, our view, is very limited in those aspects of the Father, and hers is greater, giving hope and encouragement, to me, that to hear from somebody new, from outside our system, of these aspects, is very encouraging. I thank her. She used the words horrors; I didn’t know if she was referring to her rebellion status or what she has observed here.

ISADORA: I’m Isadora. Thank you Kenneth, I will address that further. I was referring to the horrors that I experienced first-hand and have observed on your planet. I am pleased that my words were encouraging. That was my desire.

I am fairly new to service on this world. While I am not from your Michael’s universe, I am honored and privilege to be allowed to serve Michael and to share my experiences. As you may have surmised, I have been in existence a good long while now. I am a Finaliter in service. And so, yes, I know personally the range of experience, from the human state of a planet of rebellion, to perfection in the presence of the Father. My joy is rapturous, and I am thrilled to serve in this manner.

Ken: Thank you very much. It is good to hear from you and to sense your presence.

ISADORA: It is truly my great privilege to be here among you and to have the honor of being a guest speaker. Thank you for drawing me out further.

Ken: Alright, a little bit further. Am I familiar with you?

ISADORA: Kenneth, my dear friend, we have visited. (Thank you) Yes.

AARON: This is Aaron, returning. Are there other thoughts anyone would be willing to share this evening? I will not be pushy and call [you] by names, and so instead I will say: “going once… going twice… going three times.”

Virginia: Nothing is sold.

AARON: The Father’s LOVE is not for sale. Please stand and hold hands.

Nancy: Michael, we stand in this circle of love, well fed. We thank You, that we have been born in this place, in this time in history. Help us to live each day with enthusiasm, in faith, in the promise of loving service that you have shown us through you daughter, Isadora. Be with us this week as we look to You to find our way through each moment of the day. Amen.

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