[tmtranscripts] FW: NO. IDAHO GROUP 4-10-05

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Elyon: Good morning, this is Elyon. I am happy to be with you again today as
you gather in your desire to increase and make stronger your spiritual
personhood. As humans, you indeed have in your inheritance, especially on
this planet, a long history of fear and control and greed and avarice and
self serving so you need to be very vigilant about allowing these weeds to
grow in your garden.

As all of you are gardners of some sort, you all know if you do not daily,
weely, work in your gardens, pulling up the weeds that do not belong there,
watering the soil, loosening and aerating the soil, that you will not have
much fruit. So concentrating on making your gardens grow healthy, doing the
things that will make this garden a beautiful and fruitful one takes effort
and time and concentration.

You must pay attention to the weeds, for they are there, and as good
gardners it would be beneficial for you to remove them. It is also
beneficial to focus on taking care, nurturing the soil, providing the right
nutrients so that this healthy environment will also produce the fruits that
you are wanting to produce.

You can be assured that your planet is indeed being cared for and your trust
and your faith that all things are happening for the good will play a large
part in your developing spirit soul. When Michael was on this planet he was
also surrounded by the same negative forces that are present on your world
today. He certainly was aware of them but his great spirit, his strong
personality and his well developed character was able to confront and
withstand these temptations.

As you well know, it was not easy for him at times. He indeed felt, as a
human, the pressures of time states. Your time with the Father should be
frequent, if not daily, for it is really then that you can be provided with
the insight and the strength and the knowledge that you are indeed being
cared for even though all things around you crash. So be faithful in tending
your gardens. Water them every day with the  Spirit of Truth. Weed them
every day to increase the possibility of good fruits.

Care for them and love them so they will produce beautliful, healthy fruits.
You have been assured many times that when the times come for you to make a
descision or when you are confronted with a difficult situation, you will
be, if you are ready,  inspired and informed about what you
should do. Jesus told his apostles many times to go out in trust, that they
will know what to say and what to do when the time comes.

Make your spiritual practice daily. Just as an athlete needs to practice
often to build his strength and stamina before he can perform well, so too
you must build your spiritual strength and stamina so that when the time
comes you will be ready, you will be on automatic pilot so to speak. Then
will do what is right and truthful and loving. It is hard for humans
sometimes to separate the material repercussions in this world from the
divine intention. Note that all divine power and influence is filled with
love and beauty and truth, and anything that is not loving and beautiful and
truthful is not of God.

So I will close this session with you with encouragement to continue on your
paths of choosing to do what is good, beautiful and true, and to continue
your daily practice of prayer and meditation with a sincere desire to do the
will of the Father and to do the work of his Kingdom. I bid you good day, 

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