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SUBJECT: NO. IDAHO TEAM 3-27-05 SUN. MORNING [in Northport Wa.]



SUN. MORNING: 3-27-05   [Mark..prayer] Divine parents, we know that you hear
the sentiments of our hearts, and yet we would make public proclamation the
desire to be close to you in this hour. That you would send your emmisaries
of light that we might hear fom them. We will position ourselves with open
hearts and open minds and we know of a certainty that you hear our requests
and we thank you in advance.

Michael: [Mark] I am among you again. This is your Father, your Brother and
your Comrade in this service we are engaged in. I would follow your lead and
I would share a moment of communion with the Father. Father please join me
in the appreciation and the love for those beautiful children with us at
this time. I give you the fruits of our labor. I lift up these souls to be
drenched in the light of your love, each one nourished to their very core
with your affection and your presense. To be with them each one as they walk
the paths of their choosing and help them to find the paths of your
choosing. They are eager.  They are willing and I assure you  they are able.

Now it is up to them. I know you have trust and faith in them each one as I
do. I know that you are pleased with them in all that they have done to be
with us here now. I desire nothing more than to glorify them each one in
your service. I have vowed my assistance and am assured of the success of
their efforts. It is only now for these little ones to take the steps, to
walk on the path. They seek you Father, and I will do my best to lead them
to you, as your light becons us all in the distance and in the darkness.
Join me as I spread my affection on them each one and shower my love that
they may the better feel our presense, they may feel as though they may come
to us with the open arms of a child and that we stand ready to swoop them
up to provide comfort and stability and peace in their journey.

They are truly the fruits of our efforts and of theirs and I know you will
join me in acknowledging the great strides that they have made. Thankyou for
these gifts Father, each one. They bring great joy to my heart as their
parent, to see them develop and to such glorious light beings. So I thank
you and I thank them and I pledge to strengthen this bond, to make this
connection more real in their journey and in mine. To bring to them my
presense as never before that they may be bolstered in their efforts, be
inspired to act in faith and with conviction, and so it shall be. It is only
left to unfold. I leave you now with my peace, but I never truly leave you
my dear little ones. Simply petition my assistance and I assure you I hear
your calls and I will respond. This is the pledge I make to you this day and
always and you will feel this embrace in your lives. I look forward to the
beauty that will unfold as a result and for now I simply desire that you  be
of good cheer. Farewell.....[church bells in neighborhood singing loudly]

Elyon: [Rick] This is Elyon. I am delighted to be among you, your brother in
fellowship. We are so close in many ways. I share your origin as one who
walked on a terrestial world and I am fully cognizant of your striving and
your aspirations. You honor a day in history when our Master Son ascended to
his soverignty. This is the world upon which an historic local universe
event occurred. It is triumphant in the eyes of many and in the traditions
resident here. Today you have been receivers of the confidense of Michael in
you and he has expressed your value to him, even if you consider yourself
the lesser among all he has embraced as one highly cherished.

Recall the records wherein Jesus, days before his capture, upon the Mount of
Olives, wept over Jerusalem. His youthful idealism was crushed. He had so
longed to bring the light that he understood of the Father to everyone, and
soon approached the hour where they were to reject him. He met with
dissapointment but he did not meet with defeat. He knew that his mission was
not to transform all of a city, or country or even the world, it was to
transform single souls. His teaching was not a system for world function, he
taught that if a man asked you to carry his pack for one mile, you carry it

If you are smitt upon one cheek, you turn the other. He taught you to trust
that if you in ignorance asked for a stone Father will give bread. Each of
you are capable of functioning in this simple manner. Michael knows you are
fully capable. He has witnessed this already in your lives. Each of you have
your own mount upon which you gaze on dissapointment, but you have the tools
and the techniques given by our Michael Son to be effective. One small
transformation of one hungry soul, one moment at a time. That's all you need
to do. That's all the qualification you must have to function as a spirit
being resident upon this world. Belonging to a family, a kingdom, a universe
transcendent of all the struggles and the difficulties you face.

Hope was not crushed in Michael that day. It was his passion to continue his
mission. He did not fail in his loss of life, he magnified that mission in
the replication of his truth in each one of you. Every moment you expand in
a morontia awareness, albeit unaware, the events of your day appear to
distract you, they do not. Everything contributes to your unfoldment. This
is natural within the organization of Supremacy. It is your attention and
sensitivity that accelereates or enhances that morontia development, your
soul. By turning the other cheek upon yourself when you feel unworthy, by
offering yourself a chance to begin anew, you are in service to Supreme.

You are experiencing transformation and thereby can confidently and
assuredly witness and convery to another that it is a real mechanism for
upliftment.  Remember the tale of the Samaritan who helped the ailing one.
It has been hailed as a supreme example of service to one another from one
considered of low worth, that all too above circumvented the incident. Today
I ask you to make this story internal. All characters reside within you, the
struggle between your various natures, your aspirations and that which you
fail to do, that which depresses.

This story is not merely an indicator of the goodness of a single
individual. It shows the interworkings of nature. Despise not that within
you which circumvent it, but also allow that good servant that resides
within to step forward and address which you wish to avoid. It is in the
miniscule that the magnificent is attained. And Michael has once again
reminded you, you are accompanied with powers beyond your current imaginable
abilities. These are my words. I welcome comments, feedback, questions as
always and am ever grateful for your attention and am always humbled to
stand in the presense of our Soverign Son to be of service to his mission,
to be of service to you.

Harold: We were talking about frequenies and carrier waves and it occured to
me that possibly the carrier wave for us is the wave of faith that brings us
from the material to the morontial states. Does that make sense?

Elyon: Faith is the utmost of essense if I may phrase it that way, for it
does carry many other elements of your spirit makeup, hope, trust. It is the
individualized carrier wave of yourself. Love is the volumous  space through
which the carrier wave travels. When you launch your faith in love you arae
able to transmit much of your being through experience and therebty do you
develop those values that arae morontia in nature. You have expressed great
insight and I commend you.

Harold: That is beautifully elaborated.

Mark:  Elyon, many of us desire to function in more awareness and in
cooperative effort with spirit and yet when the time arises to act it is
overwhelmingly easy for us to fall into the familiar patterns which we are
accustomed to in our lives. I have an idea that I wish for you to respond
to, that it could be possible for us  to function in more awareness if we
were to, through our dicipline, come up with a signal that would get us to
the point of spiritual cooperation, say a pre-ordained sign that we could
offer that would be acknowledged on the spiritual side so that in having
given such a signal we could expect to function in a different capacity.
Could you speak to that potential please.

Elyon: The issue you address entails the grappling with the preparation of
self and the worth of self in an opportunity of service, and you have
rightly spoken of the upliftment available by turning to higher sources, to
morontia beings, to divine spirit for assistance. Jesus was fond of saying
"my hour has not yet come", and while this is the expression of great
patience and forbearance, and insight, you may do as he did when he knew the
hour had arisen to proclaim the hour hath come, the moment is here. When he
set down his tools, he set it down as a human ready to function and he took
up his divine mission, fully aware of Father's engagement.

Acknowlege that the moment is here and weight those words with the awareness
of which you have already spoken, the celestial assistance. But I would be
remorse to not also remind you of the practice of stillness, that you be
prepared and sensitive to that time. And while I give you this technique,
each one has a method which resonates, which rallies you to step above your
own self abilities and to be a partaker in the fellowship of ministers. Be
ready to seize the opportunity, but do so with wisdom for there are training
lessons wherein the growth to be derived is your growth and the assistance
given is by the one you may perceive to be in need only that you will be
better prepared for a more critical event. Discern rightly the hour and
declare it when it is perceived. I hope this helps.

Mark: I think many of us might consider that the proclamation that the hour
has come to be something which we await for from on high and I wonder if we
are not missing the boat and somehow not in realization about this
proclamation and its origin being from within?

Elyon: Indeed.[thankyou]

Elyon: Again I will draw from the experiences of Jesus when he told the
ailing man to pick up his bed and walk. Those were empty words but for the
faith and action of that humbled soul who asserted himself and did so, and
grace was upon him.

Fiddlin' Red: I'd like to say that this morning I had a  question on my
heart and you already answered it but I wish you would elaborate upon it.
The idea that a small service can be a tremendous service.

Elyon: You are aware of the expansive, comprehensive ability of the mind to
grasp the ideal, to visualize an eternal greatness, a high lofty state of
being. This is designed within the mind of all will creatures to assist the
unfoldment of the Supreme in time and space. However, this is a mechanism of
time, this unfoldment, and the great and grand view or ideal is not attained
in a second of time. The minute is one tick among the numerous, and it is in
such an action that the composite is formed and we will all recognize the
beauty of the replication of the Eternal in this sequencial realm. The human
heart longs, as did Michael on the Mount of Olives, to bring the beauty of
the peace of spirit presense, and for that to blanket all with that love and

But the personality is housed within a vehicle that maintains a single
location, and therefore it is in the small action that the grandview of the
mind and the high hope of spirit is attained and realized. Remember again
how Jesus would stop his work to minister to the small child. The multitudes
stood by. Great numbers to be ministered to would wait while he addresses
the young soul with even the simple and apparently insignificant encounter
devoid of grand philosophy, of profound theology. This was of great
importance to him, this you each are fully capable of doing. I hope this has

Harold: Hearing the raindrops on the roof suggests that each one of those
little acts and descisions that we make contribute to the mighty river that
is formed from the rain.

Elyon: My friend, if you keep up these observations I will no longer be

Nebadonia: [Mary]  There is a blanket of peace that is available to you at
all times. There is a surrounding serenity always there to be of comfort to
you. When you find yourself on the brink, when you find yourself on the edge
of uncertainty, in service, tune in your dial, align your soul, reach your
arms up to your parents, pull the blanket around you. Comfort, serenity, and
peace are there. Pull these in, bolster your convictions. In a time of need,
in a time of uncertainty, pause for that moment, that second, and remind
yourself that it is there. There is the infinite upholding in the arms that
surround you. Remember.

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