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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Topics: Self Worth, Center of Spirit, Fostering Faith, Sphere of 
Teachers: Elyon, Jessona.

March 13, 2005 (phone conference)
*	Elyon  (Jonathan TR):  Greetings to you, this is your old 
friend Elyon.  I refer to myself as old friend not only in 
reference to our eleven years of association but also to the 
marking of the anniversary of my life initiation many, many, 
many years ago.  It is a reflective moment to ponder my 
ascension and to view the historical milestones that have been 
encountered, some with great felicity, others with great effort 
and tribulation.  Along the way I have struggled just as you 
with inadequacies and have learned to adopt skills which replace 
those faults and frailties.  I have also learned to amplify 
residential traits that they may provide the force necessary to 
attain my goal of that time.
	When one is seeking to reach a new level of human status as 
a spirit being, there is naturally present both your current 
possessions of ability and the apparent absence of necessary 
skills.  One who has adequate self worth will merely assess this 
ratio of ability and inadequacy and determine preliminary 
activities that would result in filling in for lack and 
activating that which you possess in ability at that moment.  To 
discover within oneself an absence of a talent or skill is not 
defeating of the will, does not diminish enthusiasm.  When one 
understands that the core of your being is that you are a child 
of God, that you are indwelt by God, all the rest that surrounds 
this core is temporary and transient.  While it is a form of 
window dressing to your true being, it may be supplemented or 
replaced at any time.  So, valuing your spirit being, you 
willingly discard or adopt traits and talents necessary to 
	It is when one forgets the core of being and identifies 
with peripheral manifestations that one can become confused and 
cease to strive or, perhaps more disastrously, to strive 
erroneously, under a false assumption that one is prepared to 
reach a level of attainment of which one has not done the 
preparatory training.
	I have often stressed stillness because it is an interval 
of time where you may remind yourself of the center of spirit, 
to reset your mind to orient from center outward and thereby 
better prioritize your undertakings and better arrange your 
skills and talents that they apply to your goals rather than 
define what goals you seek.
	Upon becoming anchored in this central view of your being 
you are then best able to foster the faith of your fellows, for 
you will, as did Jesus, look past, look through, the 
circumfrential traits of another and perceive the spirit within.  
A seeking soul will resonate to your perception of their true 
being and will become gladdened that there is recognition of 
one’s self by another, independent of external presentation, of 
historical success and failure in life, of whether the goals of 
the future are forward thinking or stagnant.
	When Jesus looked upon another, that other found new-found 
faith, for the gaze of the master was penetrating, never 
judgmental, always loving.  When this occurred that individual 
began to reshape his life.  Jesus did not spend hours upon hours 
in psychological counseling and spiritual training for these 
individuals to change themselves.  They willingly began to adopt 
the higher ideals they already were glimpsing.  They only needed 
the confirmation of spirit to begin to trust their own inner 
compass, their own sensitivity to truth.  Indeed, it is helpful 
to be educational when another is seeking guidance, but 
underlying that, foundational to that effort, is the revelation 
of the sense of belonging to God, that acceptance and love.  
When this is realized, when it is in-valued, then any being is 
capable of growing and of growing more rapidly.
	Positioned in this manner growth is not simply the 
rearrangement of tendencies, skills, talents, of mental 
orientation.  It is firstly the motivation of the inner self and 
then, secondly, the selection of any of your other qualities 
that may be applied at any time for self advancement.
	All too often one will continually rearrange abilities, 
acquire, discard, associate, reassociate all the while thinking 
there is improvement in one’s growth.  It is not how well 
equipped you are, but how well you use what you have, that 
fosters your growth.  As you uphold this same truth in others 
you foster their growth.
	I am desirous at this time to engage in dialogue.  Thank 
you for receiving my lesson.

	Evelyn:  Traits and talents that come to mind that are 
spirit based are integrity, honesty, sensitivity to others, 
fruits of the spirit.  I’m sure there’s other practical things 
as well like math skills, chemistry, and those sorts of talents.

*	Elyon:  These that you have listed illustrate both the 
inner abilities and your more peripheral abilities.  Integrity 
is a fine choice for illustration, for it is a recognition of 
your wholesomeness.  I do not mean that merely in the social 
usage but rather in your comprehension of your possession of 
abilities and/or lacks.
	You mention some abilities such as math skills.  This is a 
more peripheral skill, but integrity is the understanding of 
your current level of accomplishment in mathematics.  You apply 
your current skill in a useful manner in the current moment when 
needed.  And you understand when you must acquire higher levels 
to function mathematically in the accomplishment of a task 
currently beyond your level.  Integrity fosters such further 
development, for pride does not prevent you from deeper 
learning.  Embarrassment does not cause you to shy away from the 
rigors involved in that higher accomplishment.

	Evelyn:  If I followed what you were saying, if our focus 
is on our spirits’ growth and the traits and talents needed, if 
that is the focus rather than the transient needs of daily life, 
that builds the faith of others who see us.  Is that what you 
are driving at?

*	Elyon:  Yes, you have perceived correctly.  Imagine if you 
will a runner.  When one becomes a skillful runner it is due to 
many hours of training.  Along the way in that training there 
are certain actions adopted by that individual, the type of 
shoes worn, the type of diet undertaken, rest, stretching, the 
type of garments worn, and the course that is run.  All these 
are peripheral.  The spirit is the runner, and when another 
views that runner and is inspired, it is the running individual 
that motivates spirit.  It is not the shoes, it is not the 
shirt, that will inspire one who truly seeks that attainment; it 
is the spirit manifestation.  Those who are distracted by the 
peripherals will adorn themselves and mock the behaviors but 
lose motivation for lack of spirit incentive.  I hope this 
illustrates our point.

	Evelyn:  Our advertising world would have us think 

*	Jessona:  This is Jessona.  Greetings to you all.  It is my 
desire this morning to draw you into a sphere of light.
	Imagine yourselves in the same physical location.  Imagine 
each other at your present location, all of you simultaneously 
with everyone else.  Your camaraderie, your love, is felt even 
without physical bodies nearby.  Where two or three are gathered 
there is Michael.  Though you are apart by many miles you are 
gathered and Michael is present.  Extend this association of 
love to the rest in your group who are not currently present.  
Let your sphere expand.  Close the gap of distance making them 
present as well.
	Now each of you may expand this sphere to those you 
personally think of who would benefit from the loving energy of 
brotherhood and sisterhood.  Encompass them with love, with 
healing, with happiness.
	Jesus said that when he was lifted up, when he became 
sovereign of Nebadon, he would draw all to him.  Each one of you 
dedicated to the mission of Michael is a point from which 
Michael extends his drawing power to bring others in need into 
his arms.  While you move toward Michael as he draws you, you 
draw others.  This moment of reflection upon your friends and 
fellows is a moment of extending the drawing power of Michael.  
Send that love.  Draw that love.
	Thank you, friends.

*	Elyon:  This is Elyon.  I wish to release you from the 
classroom today to allow you to undertake your daily activities.
	I am looking forward to our gathering over your weekend of 
celebrating the ascension of Michael from Urantia.  It is a 
profound moment that occurred so long ago on your world, not 
only for your world but for all of Nebadon.  It is beautiful to 
be together to celebrate the joy of the attainment of 
sovereignty by Michael and the opening of hither to unavailable 
potentials of all creatures across this local universe.
	Much has changed in Nebadon since that eventful period of 
time, the time of Michael’s bestowal attainments and sovereignty 
attainment.  A new chapter was born, and we are all writing the 
pages day after day as we live our lives under his guidance.  It 
is a good time, for everyone knows that each contribution is 
expanding the abilities of this local universe to function as an 
educational center, a spiritual training ground, for the many 
who are seeking to attain Paradise.  Mother Spirit and Michael 
are ever willing to receive any who seek.  Let us celebrate in 
joy at this upcoming anniversary.
	I take my leave.  Farewell.

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