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SE Idaho TeaM

Opening prayer (Nancy):

Dear God, we thank you for the real life, for young Abby who represents the upcoming generations in the direction of correction. We thank You for this opportunity to undertake the necessary tasks, to do the necessary work, that Abby’s children and grandchildren may experience an evermore hopeful world approaching Light and Life.

Be with us tonight as we “tune-in” to one aspect of Your great ministry to us. Give us the desire to take full advantage of this ministry and to pass it on. Amen

DANIEL (Bob S.): Greetings my children, my friends, my colleagues, my ever-erstwhile students, this is Daniel. (Greetings Daniel) It is my esteemed pleasure to greet all of you once again in this accustomed way and to kick off tonight’s session which we trust will be beneficial to each individual here. We seek always to touch individuals even though our process is group oriented. Yes, that can be done with planning and insight, which your teaching staff has.

With these words of introduction, I shall now step aside for tonight’s main speaker. One moment please.

MINEARSIA (Nancy): Greetings dear friends, I am Minearsia, your instructor here in residence in the geography of SE Idaho. (Greetings Minearsia.) Thank you Kenneth.

Greetings again to you. It is my pleasure to continue a topic introduced last week the idea of mission. Some of you had the experience in your ‘retreat’ (Albuquerque) of staying in a Mission, a Mission whose service is to further the knowledge of God, the Father, First Source and Center, and His beneficent love.

Tonight I wish to talk to you regarding this mission through the act of service and the many forms that service can take. The purpose of a mission, such as the one in which you stayed, is to serve individuals in creating a sense of safety, of security and closeness to God, in the many ways that you experience and know God.

One of the greatest ways that you can serve another is to provide a sense of safety and security for others—those whom you know well, passing acquaintances, and those you know not at all-through a sense of non—judgement and openness. To look upon your life and address the issues and patterns that do not serve you well in your own being requires an honesty that can only be experienced when you are willing to be non-judgmental with yourself and gentle with yourself. And as you undertake this work, your experiences assist you in a tolerant non—judging attitude with others such that security is experienced and God may be found.

So one way to be of service to others is to consider your life, address shortcomings with love, tolerance, understanding and empathy, and share these experiences with others. As you become more open in your own beings, it is easier to provide that security and safe place, that sense of ‘retreat’ that shines forth an appeal to come in and rest.

The hearts of your brothers and sisters are weary; they are tired. It is so difficult to maintain facades, to maintain images that were built to please other human beings but were not built to please God. The effort of maintaining these facades, these images, is quite exhausting. And so the world is weary and is desiring to know that it is okay to be who God created, to display the personality bestowed by the Father. Over the years, these personalities have received many messages, not all of them complimentary. And so people have learned to mask facets of themselves in order to fit-in and to be accepted and acceptable.

These ideas are not new. No! Not at all! This is simply another way of viewing the curriculum we have been pursuing with you; to ‘retreat’ with the Father, to be a ‘retreat’ for yourself, and in so doing to be able to offer a sense of ‘retreat’ to others.

My message is short this evening, but I welcome dialogue, for it is through dialogue that seemingly esoteric concepts can become concrete and the ability to implement the concept is more readily understood. Would anyone wish to dialogue this evening either on the topic discussed or on any other?

Ken: Yes, Minearsia I would. Thank you for that definition of the word ‘retreat,’ either a place physical or a place within your own heart. Indeed it is a great place to be. We did go on the last ‘retreat’ in Albuquerque and it was very insightful and a tremendous learning experience, not only individually but as a group. I felt that I grew somewhat, okay I grew a lot… I think. Thank you for that insight in the word ‘retreat.’

MINEARSIA: My pleasure. Thank you for your recognition and your clarity in summing up my main message. Yes, you have internalized the lesson well.

Ken: Okay, I didn’t look at it that way, thank you.

MINEARSIA: You are welcome, my friend.

Virginia: Minearsia, I too thank you for the lesson. It is of course a reminder of the masks we all wear depending on who you are around. You know I know all this up in my head; it’s applying that to everyday life [that is hard]. Certainly becoming more open is very important, and to admit the wearing of the mask can be a significant relaxing of the other person, whatever that situation may be. And I can’t help but think of a quote that I’ve often used, and I try to remind myself of that: “if we worry about what other people think, then we are their prisoner.” And boy ‘my bars’ are many, because I really have that problem.

I also would like you to comment, if you will, on a term that—I kind of put two words together—but I wonder what the teachers think about the term “spiritual dormancy?” If there is such a thing.

MINEARSIA: Yes, my dear, I will address both aspects. It is good to understand the masks you wear in different situations and for whom you wear them and what it is you are trying to protect in so doing. For it is through this type of analysis, that one can better discern the effectiveness and the cost involved.

Yes, there is such a thing as Spiritual Dormancy. However, you are not spiritually dormant. We have discussed previously that the emotions are not good indicators of spiritual growth. Your current emotions are part of your electro-chemical makeup. They are much more material in nature than spiritual. Emotions are an important part of the learning process, they must be experienced for what they are in order to move through them. And yet they do not describe what is happening spiritually, for sometimes it is when the emotional struggle is at its most difficult that the greatest spiritual progress is being made.

Remember that this brief material life is critical to the entire career of an ascendant being. While it is pleasant to feel on-top of the game, to not have large issues to address, to be comfortable, this was not God’s plan in creating the evolutionary worlds of Time and Space. Great progress, great growth, even transformation comes through this struggle. And I would remind you of the image that you brought to this group of the butterfly who has the struggle removed in escaping from the chrysalis; it is unable to fly. While emotions are churning, while struggle is at its height, it can feel to an individual that they are spiritually dormant, as you put it. And for some this may be so, for periods. And it may be so for you, for periods. But it is not the general direction of your life nor reflective of the decisions that you make each day to desire God and to desire to become more like God and to do His will. You may resist some of the turns in the dance of His will. You may wish to take over and become the leader of the dance, but this is normal for mortal beings. It does not mean that you have decided not to dance.

So now that I have addressed that you are not spiritually dormant, let me discuss spiritual dormancy. Sometimes after a period of growth and intense work, an individual desires a rest—and not just a rest of a few days or a week but a time-out of several months or longer. And if they continue to practice the level of attainment that they currently have but do not strive for more, this can be considered spiritual dormancy. If the individual were never again to choose to reach out and grow, then regression would set in. This is not generally the case. Spiritual dormancy should be considered a time of rest following achievement before digging in to grow again.

Have I addressed the essence of your heart’s question?

Virginia: Far more than I expected Minearsia. Thank you very much.

MINEARSIA; You are well loved my dear, and you are doing well. Keep up the good work. (Thank you)

Since I hear no further comments, let me welcome this group back together again. It is good to have our traveling retirees with us this evening. Please give our love to our dear friend, Pat.

Ken: I will. May I give her a hug too?


And now stand and hold hands. Daniel will give the closing prayer.

DANIEL (BobS.): Let us bow.

To that great Trinity on High whose universe we inhabit, we Your children thank You for life, the challenges and the opportunities it presents. Go with these our younger brothers and sisters this week as they seek to grow spiritually in a world that is constantly confronting them. We pray that our lessons will be beneficial in helping them meet the challenges of life on this very planet. In Jesus’ name and in His mission we pray. Amen.
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