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DATE: February 19, 2005

LOCATION: Canossian Chapel

Southwestern Retreat & Reunion

Canossian Spirituality Center,

Albuquerque, New Mexico


CHRIST MICHAEL (T/R: Daniel Raphael)


NEBADONIA (T/R: Jo Ann Wiedman)

TOPICS: Welcoming Messages


The vision of the risen Christ

Acceleration of the Correcting Time

Gifts to God the Supreme

Project yourselves to others

Land of Enchantment


Planetary update

Christianity in the communist countries

Revelation is always the beginning of enlightenment

Do not establish a religion yet

Ask relevant questions

Use the Internet to greater advantage

Become economically ethical

Spiritual realities on a material world


Share the love

Turn the wheel of the material with spiritual energies

[Begin with a group OM chant]

Daniel: I'm pretty overwhelmed with the energy that's here. This is so beautiful.

RAYSON: Buenos Dias. This is Rayson. We are here this morning, my friends, to begin a new era of the Teaching Mission, and it begins each new day.

I will be your M.C. to introduce our guests, and we will proceed as follows: Christ Michael will be our opening speaker, followed by Machiventa and then other guests who will reveal more of today's messages. We anticipate that this will continue this afternoon, as we do not have sufficient time before your lunch break to provide this in one whole session.

CHRIST MICHAEL: Good morning, my children. This is Christ Michael. I welcome you to this sacred and sanctified space, one that you respect and hold sincere with your intentions, participating so intimately with me in this experience and in your lives.

We continue to present to you the vision of the risen Christ. Some of you have been aware of this for numerous years, and we hear it again in your voices and the messages you give, that you search for hope for the old Christian religion that it might be renewed in the rightness of the dawn of the resurrection, and this truly is the symbol of my reign as Jesus upon your land.

The new religion is one of the resurrection, one of the epiphany, and these are your heritage and these are your future experiences, as well.

The Correcting Time continues on with greater acceleration and development. It is my gift to your world and the worlds that were in quarantine. It is the gift I give to my local universe, and our collective gift to God the Supreme.

The experiences of this rebellion, that have been finished, is much like the experience of a rebellious youth who grows into adulthood and maturity and who, in their age of wisdom, is able to present so much aid to their peers, children, and grandchildren.

So, too, is this a heritage for this local universe, Nebadon -- to give it so much wisdom that there never will be again another rebellion - though that is the choice of minds as they determine to follow or not.

Surely the example of the futile rebellion will be a heritage, a dark spot that will turn into blazing light in the wisdom and grace of those who see this and experience it vicariously and choose to go the way of the Light.

You are Children of the Light. You are agondonters - those who choose to live in faith without knowing a supreme, divine being first hand -- without being able to sit at the same table of counsel, or at dinner with this being, to know them first hand, to feel the glow of their presence in their lives, to feel the light that emanates from within them to be shot through your whole being as you sit before them.

And as you sit before them without one bit of doubt about who they are, their origins, their intent or their sincerity, know this too will pass, for this is soon to be the end of the age of agondonters as my brother, Monjoronson, as you have called him, will be here to assist you personally.

Until then, these days of experiencing faith, living faith that blooms into belief and trust and first hand knowing at the depths of your being, this is a great, great heritage, a great, great experience that you give to your life eventually as finaliters in Paradise and, as well, to God the Supreme. And each one of you has this gift to give.

This healing of the quarantined planets could not be done without your co-creative participation. Your prayers for rightness, for correctness, for right development of peace upon your planet are well given and well received. Know, too, that your past prayer are were and are important to help your planet come into the Light; and know that you are the Light itself, and wherever you go, you bring this Light with you.

And do not be afraid to raise your hands and share this with others, to give them this light that radiates from within you. Project yourselves, my friends, past the boundaries of your body. You have power that you have never really fully appreciated or have known about, but which we are striving to teach you.

We are so pleased that you have brought this mission into the Land of Enchantment, where so many centuries ago the missionaries of the priests and of the Catholic Church brought them into this desolate area that was once occupied by those native individuals who - some of whom - knew the creator personally, so intimately.

And now, much as an individual traverses from childhood into adulthood, there is the forgetfulness of the first hand association with the Creator, and so you and those who live here must experience a renewed conscious effort to reawaken that contact with the Creator within you. This is a dream for all times for you.

I wish you well during your stay this weekend. And know that my presence is here personally with you, each of you individually, I am with you. I am able to answer your questions in a way that you may not have thought before.

I welcome you to visit with me during these days and on into the future when you return home. Now I step aside for your planetary prince, Machiventa Melchizedek.

MACHIVENTA: Good morning, my friends, this is Machiventa. Thank you for being here. Many were called and many have arrived.

We have repeatedly told you, my friends, that you are not alone in these activities and that the formerly . what some have called, from the western point of view, the "God-forsaken Communist countries . have never been God-forsaken, nor has the image of God ever been relinquished by individuals there, and they hunger for the messages that you receive. We wish you to know full well that they receive them, as well; that there are, within those nations and all nations throughout the world, enclaves and small groups which meet much as you do, experiencing first hand the revelation that is here on the planet for you. Even in the active communist country of China, there is a refreshing, renewed vigor for the Christian faith. And yes, it may be, in some ways, a slow approach to more enlightened revelation; it is nonetheless antecedent to great revelations that will come and yes, as you know, the yellow race is greatly imbued with spiritual contact. There is, within their gene structure, great receptivity for the unseen. They have been wonderful developers of civilization on your planet, not solely on their own but through guidance of the architects of society who have assisted them. They are very receptive to this. Their gene structure, their receptivity, is invested in many, many, many nations and cultures in the east. You do not have to fear for their souls, as they have that opportunity to participate now.

Revelation comes in layers, as you are aware. Revelation is always the way of new beginnings in every relationship of religion, in the individual and the institution.

Revelation is always the beginning of enlightenment, and Revelation is yours.

Do not forget that you are the precursors of an advanced religion of the Father. Yet we ask you not to establish a religion as such yet. If you wish to convene, then certainly use these wonderful surroundings and the many throughout the world where you could meet, and you could be one with the Father in these places if you need a structure.

Know that there is a pervasive, unbounded, timeless presence of the divine as it can be expressed on this plane in worshipful places as this. The institution of religion is a veneer that helps organize many efforts of those who are not understanding of deeper enlightenment or self-guided revelation in co-creative union with your teachers and guardian angels. They can assist you personally in the correction of your personal religion, with your Father, the Thought Adjuster, the divine Fragment within you.

We do not disparage organized religion that is so devout. We hold it in great esteem, as there are advanced segments within organized religion that compete with you, which compete with your revelations, which compete with the best knowledge and guidance that you have.

If you see in your mind's eye around the planet these little white mushrooms of pure belief, you will find them in every place on your world. You will find it in corporation boardrooms, perhaps in one or two individuals. You will find it in chapels all over the world of various religions. You will find it in groups such as your own, which meet in stillness or when you are going to T/R and receive messages in group revelation. We are there. We are here. One day these little buttons of white light around the world will be joined, one to another, and soon there will be whole areas that will bloom and radiate in light, as one, as one belief, in the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of all Mankind.

If one knew the veneer, it is a veneer for now which will grow into a larger plateau - a huge step eventually will be the Second Revelatory Commission's work. We will ask that you devote some time today, if you would, if you could, to the pursuit of questions through any T/R who wishes to participate. Some of you have wondered what questions you can ask and there truly is only one criterion to guide you: ask questions that in some way are relevant to you as a believer.

We have heard many examples of many curiosity questions of whether there are structures on the other side of the moon. If that relates to you, then we would like you to demonstrate that.

It is all about relevance, my friends. Why am I here today? You are so relevant to me. You are so relevant to Christ Michael. And you are so relevant to the believers that come after you. You are so relevant to everything that happens on your planet, as is everyone else, if they were so conscious to believe so.

Perhaps a moment for a progress report would be in order. Would you be open to that?

[Affirmative, enthusiastic, murmur.] I wish to report that we will not go away. [Laughter.] Secondly, I wish to report that the death of Jesus is over-emphasized. I coin that phrase from your comedian hero Will Rogers. You recall that, don't you?

["Rumors of my death are greatly exaggerated."] Exactly.

Yes, the reports of Jesus' death are over-emphasized and given far too much attention. The living Christ, the Christ Spirit that is immediately, personally available with you - not among you, but with you - individually! - is a force to be reckoned with in your own life. No need to worry about others; take care of your own back yard.

Progress in the Correcting Time on Urantia goes well. It exceeds our expectations. As you know, we do not work by timelines, timetables, or schedules based on time, but on development. But were I to conjecture, I would say that according to this time in the 21st Century, the Correcting Time is doing quite well.

You have yet to figure out how to use the Internet to tremendous advantage. Not good advantage, but tremendous advantage. Can you imagine, dear people, a Google engine that assists believers in finding each other? Um-hum. There is no assignment here. [Silence] There is no assignment here. [Laughter.] [Don't plant any seeds.] No, I wouldn't plant any seeds. But you may keep that in mind.

We wish to report, too, that the mirth factor of your planet has risen. Truly! Mirth. Happiness. Joy. Laughter. Good for your hearts. Laugh often. Laugh deeply. Laugh with great gusto. Be one with your laughter. Live in the moment of your laughter. And you shall know peace. Of all the things that you do, you are most like the Master when you laugh.

I truly was not being facetious about the mirth factor, but truly honest, that there is more joy in the world now than there was five years ago. Further, you have become more conscious of the travesties of your world, and, my friends, believe it or not, there have been worse, longer, enduring eras of era upon your planet than what you experience now.

You may deride the greed and avarice of international corporations, but on a barbarous planet such as your own, they provide a leveling field, a common hunger that can be focused, that will eventually die of its own. Your old philosopher Marx had part of his story right, that economies must traverse through certain stages in order to end in more developed economies. Were he a deeply God-believing individual, he would have gotten to a different conclusion than that which he proposed. His hypotheses would have been much different had he known the presence of great wisdom beyond his own within himself in an immediate way.

While there are economically areas of your planet which are so, so desperately retarded . so desperately impoverished, so implacably resistant to be risen and developed into more advanced economies, your world does progress. Juxtaposed to that, you see corporations that are making profits that are egregious, which are unconscionable.

It is reasonable to make a profit and to share that and to retain profits for growth and development, even large profits, even large percentages to do that. But when lesser cultures, lesser economies, lesser peoples are subverted and subjugated to international economic processes, then there is injustice, then there is retardation of that economic factor which is important for the civilization of your planet.

And so let us have the next shoe drop. We have spoken of this before at your conferences, and that is you must be economically ethical. We ask you to be on boards of directors, boards of trustees; be ethical in your demeanor. Yes, as investors you can choose portfolios of companies that are environmentally and ethically sound. This trend will grow because it is profitable, because it has a future without challenge.

It is easy for you to see the great titans of the petrochemical industries struggling with each other, and we say that both as nations and as corporations, for there are several nations that are based solely upon the petroleum under their borders. You will see a continuing great struggle going on in this area, which is so visible, and you will see it eventually in other economies, in other trades.

Pray for the right outworking of the Most Highs plans for international trade. These things must seem far afield from the spirituality and the personal appeal of Jesus and of the Christ spirit within you, Christ spirit around you. Yet, my friends, we do not live in an isolated world of jubilant, ecstatic, joyous reveling in spirituality. We - you and I and your celestial teachers and the Melchizedeks who are here - the midwayers - we live on a material planet, wrestling with its primitive natures to bring it into The Days of Light and Life. These are spiritual realities manifest on the material world. They are inescapable. Yes, you can go to a monastery or convent in some remote place of the world and divest your life of this interface, this conflict, but you are most helpful to Christ Michael's plans for the rehabilitation of your planet by your active, conscious participation. No less is asked from you and no more is needed than that to help alleviate your planet through the efforts of Christ Michael in the Correcting Time.

Now, my friends, I wish you well during this weekend stay. I, too, will be attending this throughout its duration and see you off as you each go your way. Now, as we close, know that each one of you is being touched. Some of you would say that your third eye is touched by the presence of Christ Michael and the Holy Spirit. Know that you are touched and you bear the mark of the Savior. Good day.

NEBADONIA: Greetings, Children. It is I, Nebadonia, your Mother, your Comforter, lover of your world, both material and energetic. I embrace you today with my presence. Share it among yourselves. Share it with each other this weekend. For it is in your willingness to share the love in your hearts that all of you are able to experience my loving presence.

How I would embrace you with physical arms! Do this for me, and for my other children, for we love you with a great love, and so tenderly. We would share with you and embrace you in every moment of your material struggles as you valiantly move along on this planet. And your willingness to assist us in these projects, in these times, is precious to us. Doubt it not.

We do embrace you. We are always with you. Focus your intention occasionally during your days, to remember our consoling presence, for we would uplift you in every struggle and show you the spiritual through the material, as Jesus learned in his life when he was here, to turn the wheel of the material with the spiritual energies.

Yes, this is a technique open to each of you. Draw on our spiritual sustenance and energy to refresh you for the struggles of your living, for the daily things that occur in your lives that you find challenging but we never leave you alone in these things.

As you have learned, there are lessons in every challenge and often the lessons bring you closer to your spiritual reality, and therefore, we all become more as one -- more and more as one, as each day and each struggle occurs -- and it is through your willingness to be one with us that your growth continues, your community grows, and your light begins to permeate the planet.

Carry on, children, with courage and love. This is all we ask. We do love you -never forget- always remember, and feel us around you. Thank you for your attention, and have a wonderful gathering, remembering to include us all, often.

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