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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Topics: Ready Hands Needed, Transformation - 
Teachers: Michael, Elyon

February 13, 2005
phone conference

*	Michael  (Jonathan TR):  Greetings, I am your brother 
Michael.  I pass among you today sharing our love.  I have said 
that where two or three are gathered there I am also.  I did not 
say you must be within a certain circumstance, for your 
gathering in soul and heart is the congregation I need to be 
with you in spirit, to be incircuited.
	You are my dear associates in this mission.  You are my 
greatest aids for helping this, my beloved planet, reach the 
goals that we from Salvington desire to see attained.  It has 
been a long and rocky course, much of which has proven to be of 
great value to your world, though you do this day still reel 
from the imbalances and are struggling to adjust to truth and to 
foster goodness as the prime motivator for action in human 
beings.  We are fully respectful here at headquarters of your 
desire to be of service.  Your many teachers have continually 
encouraged you to be of assistance to your fellows.  I here 
today acknowledge your dedication, and I stress that I do 
perceive that it is from your willingness and not from 
obligation that you do so attend to the needs that you can 
address for my name’s sake.
	Centuries ago I said that the harvest is great and the 
workers are few.  Today while the workers have increased in 
number we have still not filled the field with the ready hands 
needed.  I can touch the soul of the willing personality, but 
that willingness must be present, for I will never invade or 
intrude upon the privacy of any of my children.  You are in the 
unique position of encouraging that openness, that willingness, 
just as my apostles years back would encourage others to come 
and hear the words I had to speak to any who would listen.  As 
you do so you know that the Father’s spirit moves within as you 
minister from without.  I too come in to embrace, and there is 
the opportunity for the recognition of the love of Creator and 
creature, of Father and son, of Mother and daughter.  It is a 
solemn responsibility and role you have to assist your brother 
or sister and to work for Father and for myself and for 
	I can’t express enough gratitude to you in this medium of 
communication, but I can acknowledge in your heart while you are 
in the poise of stillness how precious you are, how valuable you 
	I give you my peace and I abide with you always.  Thank 

*	Elyon (Mark):  I greet you as well, this is Elyon.  I allow 
for a moment to bask in the glow of the love of the one whose 
mandate and mission we uphold.  Truly we both are blessed by the 
love of our creator and the tender care and concern he shows for 
each of us, his children spread afar, his workers in the field.  
Allow yourselves, each one, the touch of his embrace to 
strengthen you and comfort you as you seek to fulfill the 
desires of your hearts and the desires of his heart as well.
	We are forever humbled and inspired by the words of one who 
cares so deeply for us and by the miracle that allows for his 
direct and personal contact to each of us who prepare ourselves 
in receptivity.  Drink deeply of this cup in your lives that you 
may be nourished to the full, that your thirst for sprit 
guidance may be quenched.
	I would speak briefly today about the condition and word 
“transformation”.  Indeed this time that we will witness will be 
a great time of transformation.  It serves us to understand the 
implications of such a word.  In this word we will find the 
compound of two phrases: “transition” and “formation”.  You know 
from your experiences that your world is in a more or less 
constant state of transition and, while things are in this state 
of transitioning from one state to another, there is significant 
fluctuation and instability involved wherein the many factors at 
play are being re-evaluated and rearranged to accommodate your 
increased perception of your state of being.  While these 
factors are in flux it is easy to reorganize your priorities and 
reestablish your footing based upon your new and improved 
understanding of both your spiritual and your material natures.
	When you recognize that you are either individually or 
collectively confronted with this state of transition, and your 
parameters may appear in flux, keep in mind that this is your 
opportunity for the formation of a new set of guidelines, 
conditions, and parameters.  Thus through transition comes the 
opportunity to form or formulate a new structure and shuffle 
your priorities to more accurately reflect the growth that you 
have attained and the perspective that you now utilize.
	In the phrase “to form” or “to formulate” there is implied 
the action of one who will formulate this new circumstance, 
indeed, in your cases, the new reality that you will come to 
abide by and recognize as your new and improved state of being.  
So it is that whenever you are brought into the awareness of a 
state of flux or transition should you be keen for the 
opportunity to reorganize and formulate your new position, your 
new platform from which you will operate.  This word 
“transformation” is packed with potential and opportunity.
	Indeed this state of transition may prove quite 
uncomfortable to many who rely heavily on the stability provided 
by their framework of understanding when this framework becomes 
challenged or no longer proves adequate for upholding their 
personal platform.  They may very well become unsettled and 
quite concerned over the loss of their apparent stability.  You 
who have traversed certain levels of spiritual growth come to 
recognize that each period of transition may then be followed by 
a period of reorganization and the establishment of certain new 
patterns that are now conditioned by your growth, so much so 
that an individual functioning in awareness finds stimulation 
and anticipation when  encountering the instability of 
transition and eagerly awaits the opportunity for the formation 
of a new and improved platform and pattern.
	Those are my words for today.  Again I would invite you to 
bask in the embrace of the one who so tenderly loves each one of 
us, cares for each one of us, desires that each one of us be 
close to him, and seeks the opportunities that each one of us 
provides to him in our willing offering of openness to his 
influence.  Thank you all once again.  You are my dedicated and 
loyal friends in this mission together.  I cherish your 
relationships, each one, as we fulfill our divine mission to 
uphold Michael and his mandate.  I leave you now.  Thank you.

	Jonathan:  You mentioned that for some people transition 
can rock the boat and upset a previous stability.  Are there 
guidelines to help us discern when a position we’re in is being 
disrupted negatively as contrasted with a positive disruption 
that is helping us transition into a new state of being?  When 
do we hold tight and when do we let go and move forward?

*	Elyon:  There is no question that to a great many 
individuals this instability of fluctuation is unnerving, as it 
brings great uncertainty of the parameters of existence that 
individuals come to establish wherein they are comfortable in 
functioning.  There is but one guideline to be offered, not only 
to yourselves as individuals, but to the many of those around 
you who will experience the choppy seas and be unnerved at their 
instability, and that is the single thread of spiritual reality.
	When individuals are absorbed in the playing of this 
material game on your world they become quite focused and nose 
to the grindstone about the rules of engagement and the manner 
in which they are conducting themselves according to their 
known, established ideas.  If it can be made apparent to those 
individuals, as you all are becoming aware, that the true 
essence of the game that you all are playing is not located on 
the board or in the dice or in the rules of engagement but 
rather in the development of the individual spirit, then the 
perspective is enhanced and the individuals may come to realize 
that this game is but one in a long series of games.  The rules 
will change.  The dimensions will become quite different, but 
the object of spiritual connectivity, of spiritual growth, 
remains the same throughout.  The focus can be lifted from the 
minute details of the next move at hand to the awareness that 
all moves work toward the spiritual growth and development of 
the individual.  Truly from this perspective it can be said that 
there are no wrong moves, no bad decisions, no wasted turns.  
All can be said to be formulating the new perspective or new 
position from which the individual may gaze out upon the many 
different frameworks or games around.
	People in your realm want to know the absolute edges and 
perimeters of their reality and are comforted by knowing these 
defining points.  When these get altered or changed there is 
certain discomfort at having to relearn the new boundaries and 
discover the new perspective.  Once this unsettling process has 
been successfully traversed then there once again is established 
a realm of comfort and ease in where you have grown to be.  
Likewise is it with every individual even yourselves at this 
juncture in your spiritual growth.  You have become familiar 
with the conditions present in the establishment of this very 
circuit, and should the nature of this change there would be 
some discomfort at establishing new boundaries in your spiritual 
perspective.  But the more of these cycles that you encounter, 
the greater your acceptance of this as part of the routine 
nature of your spiritual growth, not to be feared but rather be 
seen as this transformative opportunity.  It is all in where 
your seat of your spiritual self resides that enables you to 
weather the small storm that may blow through and indeed whet 
your appetite for the subsequent opportunities you are coming to 
realize are present as a result of this material disruption.
	Therefore must you counsel yourself and others always to 
reside in the realities you know to be eternal and spiritual.  
>From this perspective look out and around on all that you see as 
transformative opportunities.  Then your challenge is to engage 
yourself actively in the formation of that which you would have 
as reality, that which comes from our your highest awareness and 
implement that into the next shuffle of the cards, the next role 
of the dice, the next move that you make.  Be the one who 
establishes spiritual nature and reality into your every move, 
and you will never be caught off guard, never be unsettled by 
apparent turmoil, never be frightened at your future; because 
you are ones who know of a certainty that your future is secure, 
that your spiritual reality cannot be disrupted by external 
forces, and that your spiritual nature is on a steady growth 
pattern regardless and reliant upon all that goes on around you.  
I trust that all of you view your opportunities and experiences 
from this spiritual perspective.  It is simply the turning over 
more and more to function.

	Jonathan:  Thank you, Elyon.  You are good at lifting us 
out of duality, good and bad, to that morontia overview.

*	Elyon:  You are welcome, my friend.  It is a pleasure to 
see you so much engaged in this spiritual pursuit and growth.  
Truly it is inspiring to all who witness it.

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