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(Ed-I think it's interesting to note similarities between this lesson, and SLC and Nashville's lessons of the same date. Not completely the same, but interesting threads of similarity, at least to me.)

Southeast Idaho TeaM


Opening Prayer by Nancy: May our minds be open to receive; may our hearts be open to share; may we appreciate the wisdom provided. Amen.

* Aaron: Greetings to each of you. This is Aaron, and it is my pleasure to open our discourse this evening.

Your world is going through changes at this time, and though the general level of awareness has been agitated, the cycle of change is one that you will progressively become accustomed to, for you exist in times of transition. The stable foundations are trembling, such that you will need to continuously adapt to keep pace. Though this may seem unsettling, you may rest assured that your continued efforts to connect with the spirit will allow you to maintain a steady view, and it is important in these changing times to encourage the steadiness of spiritual seeking, rather than craving and promoting a return to the steadiness of former times.

True progress is on the horizon, and in this you may recognize why we have so consistently encouraged the stillness practice, for it is your lifeline in enhancing your abilities to be of service during these times. Instead of flailing about aimlessly in fear and despair, you have all the tools necessary to be an encouraging sign of calmness and a representative of personal spiritual experience which augments all social endeavors.

The truth is that you have been prepared, with your willingness, to represent points of light throughout your world, not as some massively-promoted, excitement-filled, miraculous endeavor, but as interconnected individuals who can spread common awareness that the goal of life is more than material and more than an idea about God, but rather found in your personal seeking to God and an awareness of intercommunication with spiritual forces, coupled with your continuous efforts to manifest those values gained therefrom in service to your fellows, such that the eventual recognition of planetary fellowship can occur.

Your responsibilities are not severe; your requirements will not be beyond your capabilities; for it is simply your fearlessly engaging life with the knowledge of spiritual relationship and a desire to do good to others. This alone will serve as the point of light that I speak of.

Do not think that this means there will be perilous or troublesome times to the extent that you must fear for your own existence, but rather that the stability in anxiety-filled transition can be administered to by you.

At this time I would allow for communication from Daniel and will be here if there are questions this evening.

* Daniel: Greetings friends. I am Daniel, your guide and teacher, your friend and confidant. My role in this evening's discourse is to soothe and calm the jitters raised by Aaron's remarks. There is more to be said, and Minearisa, too, has an address, yet this address will be saved for another evening.

It is natural for mortal beings to resist change and to prefer that which is known over the unknown, even when the unknown is unpleasant. It is natural for mortal beings to be loyal to individuals and institutions that do not deserve loyalty. This phenomenon can be seen in abused children who attempt to protect the abusive parent. I raise these traits so that you may think about how strong the resistance to change can be.

In a time of transition often there is polarization, for there are the forces of progress and transformation and the resistance of opposition. While there may be other causes for the great transition that is beginning to swell, we wish you tonight to consider narrowly this phenomenon just described, that of progress being resisted because of natural human tendencies. You are aware of these resistances, for you have and do experience them even now in yourselves. Yet you have sought change; you have sought transformation; you said "yes" those many years ago.

Bob: Oh sure, throw that at us. (Laughter and comments.)

* Daniel: I enjoy your interaction very much and I will simply note that you are all sitting here tonight and this is evidence of your decisions that may have been made internally or externally at various times. I invited you to change that first night. Michael invited you to sip his bitter cup. There have been other invitations throughout the years to which you have responded, and you are here. So despite that mortal tendency to resist, you persist in agreeing to stretch larger.

Ken: My waistline has increased. (Laughs)

* Daniel: My friends, it appears I have succeeded in lightening the mood, or perhaps it is you.

Bob: It seems like humans have a great knack for making light of things, sometimes to our detriment and sometimes positively, perhaps.

* Daniel: Well noted, my friend. Yes, humor can be a coping mechanism that cuts both ways.

LaReen: I was thinking, when Aaron was talking about how grateful I am for you teachers, that I can't imagine what it would be like to not have knowledge from the Urantia Book or the knowledge from you teachers who serve Michael and Mother so well. But when Aaron starts out a statement with "future problems" I get a knot in my stomach. So I want to give you a theme song, which is "I never promised you a rose garden." I'm grateful for the uplift, encouragement, and explanations that follow.

* Daniel: My dear friends, thank you, all of you. It seems that my work toward which I was developing, is perhaps not needed. Your foundations are strong, and although the knots do form in your stomachs, you have the knowledge and wherewithal to talk amongst yourselves and dig in to that which you have developed and find solace in.

Yes, my dear, we did promise you a rose garden. With growth there are thorns, but there is the intense beauty of the flower. There is the opening and blossoming of the soul and the fragrance which is so moist and sweet. If you walk through a rose garden, the abundance of the fruit of the flower can almost be tasted on the tongue. We promise you this experience in your walk with God and with each other. The thorns are a part of growth. They are not hidden. They are not a betrayal. We will be talking more about this in the coming weeks.

I now return the floor to Aaron, that questions may be asked and further dialogue may occur. I release PamElla and thank her for her service.

Virginia: It seems to me that there is a contrast here between what you are saying. We said yes to change and soul growth, and I think all of us could rally behind that purpose and motivation in our lives, but I didn't hear Aaron saying that it was a matter of soul growth on the horizon, but changes. And I couldn't help but wonder Aaron, if, indeed these are political changes, earth changes, religious changes? There are so many possibilities out there that would require us to have trust in God's future for everyone else and be that calming influence, but for soul change I don't think it's necessary to be calm for someone else. Am I making myself clear?

* Aaron: I believe you are. Thank you. There will, indeed, be changes in all arenas-social, political, religious, economic-and yet these won't necessarily be sudden drastic changes as much as a reordering of things. I believe when you read the lesson this evening, you will understand that your primary mission has not changed, for it is your personal growth in relationship to God which develops your soul which makes you a beacon, rather than "trying to be a beacon." For we are not asking you to be what you are not, but rather to continue to focus on the mission of knowing God and becoming more like that presence which will incidentally achieve the results of the various points of light which I referred to. I believe you will understand it more clearly when you can read it.

Virginia: Thank you Aaron.

LaReen: I wanted to thank Daniel for that picture of the rose garden, including the thorns. I pictured Angus and Gerdean's wedding in the rose garden overlooking the ocean. When I feel down, that's the image I'll bring up. Thank you.

* Daniel: I am Daniel. LaReen, you are most welcome.

I feel an obligation to address Virginia's question, since it was the shortening of the lesson I was developing that created the gap. Aaron had talked about institutions being in flux, being shaken, and had referred to transition. Much of the trauma of transition is caused by the natural human tendency to resist change. I was desiring to compliment all of you for your willingness to work on this human trait and to overcome it. That is the connection between the two. I was attempting to open a window of understanding for you into the trouble, the struggle, the events to which Aaron alluded. As you look out upon the world you may recognize this natural trait in your brothers and sisters, and acknowledging it in yourself, you will be better prepared to lend a hand and say, "Hey, change is not always comfortable, but we can do it together."

So that is the connection. I was not saying that in your desire for spiritual growth you had signed on to a social revolution, no. I was simply saying that your experience can help you to shine the light for your brothers and sisters as they experience fear and a desire to revert to old ways. Does this help, my dear?

Virginia: Yes, Daniel, and I think of something that I've heard recently, something from Ham where he said, "The only constant in life that you have is God's love and the only other constant is change." It's true, and sometimes change is thrust upon us and we can be very grateful that God's love is constant. Thank you.

* Daniel: I know PamElla has a question for Aaron, and so I release her unless there are other questions or comments tonight.

Nancy: Aaron, as I listened to you talking about being a beacon, I have real doubts and concerns about where I am in my life. The nature of my job is so contentious. I feel like I do just the opposite, because I continually make people angry at me. I liked it at first because I knew I was doing my job, making my points. It's my job to make their jobs difficult. I wasn't worried about relationships with the people. I know I'm a thorn in their side, but my job is to look out for a greater interest. But I am having a difficult time in my role of being good at making other peoples lives more difficult. I'm trying to do good stuff for customers, but it's tough. I struggle with the tension and relationships. When there's a sign of openness I get hopeful, but then I do something that closes the door, which usually occurs when there's money on the table. If there's anything you can say, I would appreciate it.

* Aaron: My friend, yes, you struggle, but this is the lot you have in life, to try to carve out progress with those who may like things the way they are. Being a beacon does not always connote to being nice, for idealism and standing for ideals is powerful to witness regardless of which side of the fence you fall on. The rose and its development can surely produce thorns in the side at times, but nonetheless it is still developing into a rose. When instability occurs, those who would be most destabilized will look to the person with ideals and an idealistic nature even if they don't always agree. Your ability to speak directly on behalf of what you believe to be a higher value is producing fruit in this regard. It is not always easy, and, yes, you find yourself beaten down or beaten back at times for all people want to be loved and accepted. But your ability to stand firm in your convictions and portray them to the best of your ability will serve in ways that you cannot recognize in the daily grind. So continued emphasis on your stillness practice and gaining acceptance and love from that source will help to alleviate the larger concerns you might have. I hope this is answering to your heart's quandary this evening.

Nancy: Thank you Aaron. That helped very much, and, yes, I need to do more stillness and all the rest was very helpful for me. I am idealistic, so I'll just go be myself.

Ron: I wanted to share something which came to me from Jedediah and that is that you're not responsible for their temperament.

Nancy: Thank you.

LaReen: Jedediah's short, but sweet.

Ron: We tend to believe that we make people do things and we don't make people do anything. We often feel responsible for their reactions. I like the saying that "As iron sharpens iron, so a man sharpens another man." Those conflicts bring growth.

And when they were talking about the garden, I kept getting the thing about being root bound. Like a plant can get root bound, we sometimes become root bound and don't want to get out of the pot to be put in another pot. We refuse to allow the soul's capacity to enlarge. Then we just remain root bound.

LaReen: Then there's another analogy in that some plants like to be root bound. (Laughter)

Ron: I personally thank you for doing your job and looking out for a lot of other people.

Nancy: Thank you.

* Aaron: My friends, this has been a stimulating conversation. Our time has ended for this evening. Let us stand and pray together. Minearisa, could you do us the honors?

* Minearisa: I am Minearisa. It is my honor to preside over the closing of this week's session.

Father who indwells us all, light of the universe, light of the universe of universes, set a light in these, your children, this week, that they may be comfortable being themselves, that they may trust that their relationship with you is their bedrock. It is all they need to do your will, to provide a model of progress, a model of love, a model of fearlessness and calm in the tempests of time.

Children, we send you forth. Go in peace.
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