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Ham: Greetings, children, I am Ham and I am very glad to have another
evening with you. Let us discuss recognizing the spirit within. All
human beings experience the spirit a little differently, however, in
each human being spiritual influence is unified. In other words, you
feel the pressure of the spirit and the influence of the spirit whether
it be the Master, your thought adjuster, your other more subtle
spiritual influences from your angels and so forth - all of this is
experienced as one. You do not experience disruption or contradiction at
all, but rather all your spiritual influence is unified and coordinated
as one.

The overriding spiritual message is love. Love dominates and fashions
and controls all spiritual input. When you experience love, whether it
is for your friends, for your little pets, for life in general - always
that love is given by spiritual awareness. Your soul is feeling a love
connection with other life and other souls. This commonness of being,
this feeling of belonging in the universe, this appreciation of God's
creatures and his handiwork - all comes from the spirit and is of the
spirit. When you experience love, you experience God. To feel and to
express love is God-like and so in your journey of becoming more
God-like, you naturally become more loving and more appreciative of love.

My children, as you make your way in this life with all its hardships,
disappointments, fears and anxieties, you will never be lost nor
abandoned so long as you move in the direction of love. When you move
away from love, then you can truly become lost. Love is your way finder.
Love is your compass, your direction.

The way of love is not the easy way for always do you become ever more
vulnerable as your human guard goes down and your spiritual self shines
forward. The life of the spirit can only be realized through this
increasing vulnerability, this openness of spirit. You must be
essentially unafraid of being afraid. You must be open to rejection and
disappointment, and you must be increasingly dependent upon forces
unseen rather than the things of this world that human beings use to
feel safe. For as you grow, you become ever more trusting of the spirit
and ever more willing to endure that which the Father sets before you
without trepidation. The life of the spirit is one of trust, for you
cannot follow the Master and walk with him without trusting him completely.

The Master demonstrated the ultimate vulnerability, but he also
demonstrated the ultimate triumph as well. For all who follow after him
said he, "you must lay down your life in order to find it. You must, in
a sense, release your control over your life. You must sacrifice your
own human goals for greater divine goals. But above all my children, you
must grow in love. For love is your surest compass. Love is the
direction finder for your lives. And with this new found life you will
find increasing joy, happiness and contentment as well. The Master did
not create his children to be crushed by spiritual slavery to rules and
regulations. The Master created you to be freely alive to his love and
to be freely accepting of the Father's plan. When you love, my children,
you are free and when you fear, you are enslaved. As you grow in the
spirit and you release deeper and more profound fears, you will begin to
taste true liberty of the spirit and your boundaries will begin to

Do not be tempted then to retreat or to step back into seemingly old
patterns of safety for in this life there is not safety but that found
in the spirit. There is no certainty but that of the spirit and truly
there is no comfort but that of the spirit. As you find your way, the
joys of spiritual liberation will come increasingly into your lives. You
are free to love and free to be loved without reservation, without
fearful questioning. Love is the gift that gives life its meaning.
Treasure all the love you receive and all the love you give.

Trusting the love of God is an extra step. Make this faith adjustment
and actual permanent part of your psyche. Do not look to the left of the
right but rather trust the Father to lead you one step before the other.
As you grow in this trust, rest in quiet assurance that the Father will
provide for the next step. He may not give you 20 steps ahead, but he
will give you the very next step before you. This is what you must learn
to trust.

Rest in your hearts my children. You will have all you need. All you
must do is trust in love and your way will be secure. What are your

Q: Can you elaborate on what you meant by boundaries beginning to dissolve?

Ham: Of course. Each of you has your own self-imposed limitations. You
have adopted perhaps some views of yourself, you have created a safe
area in which to work, you have each some ego investments in who you
believe yourself to be. And all those things will gradually be dissolved
and your range of motion will then increase. The indwelling spirit is
constantly trying to help you expand your ideas of yourselves. The
indwelling spirit is always trying to impart a greater divine view of
who you are and what you can become. As you trust in this good spirit,
you must begin to expand your understanding of yourself as well and you
must begin releasing your old conceptions for them to be replaced by
expanded versions of how you view yourself. This crumbling of the old
and its replacement with the new is a constant process. When you walk
with the Master, you truly cover some ground. The old self cannot
withstand the spiritual pressure involved in this motion and these old
conceptions begin to dissolve on their own. It is not so much a
conscious act, but the conscious willingness to change is part of it,

Q: Do you have anything for Rebecca?

Ham: Yes, my daughter, you are doing very well. My daughter you are
going through some shedding of the old and this vulnerable feeling must
be embraced and appreciated for the increased sensitivity to love it
brings. You are finding also a better sense of balance and this
adjustment is very good.

Q: Jarad?

Ham: My son Jarad, you are moving in realms of increasing freedom as
well. Your way forward is built one step at a time and your spiritual
development is built in the same way. Move toward the Master ever more
completely so that he is your first and last thought, always.

Q: Ham, what about me?

Ham: My son, Billy Don, you are also in a time of change when you are
transitioning from one level to another in the spirit. This is a time of
imbalance and things can seem magnified, problems can seem larger than
they are. You must at this time take everything easy and slowly. Allow
your inner life to become increasingly dominated by pure love and this
purity will burn out the things which torment you. The love of God can
absolve and rectify everything. It is for you simply to trust and let
the Father do his work. Accepting your sonship, truly, is a process not
a single act. As you accept him into your heart, you will also accept
yourself as he accepts you. And, as you grow in this consciousness of
his acceptance, so will you grow in forgiveness, so will you grow in
faith. Each step requires faith and that's all. Faith is everything.
>From faith, all else will flow.

Q: Can you tell me anything about Barbara or if that's meant to be?

Ham: Let the Father's love guide you in this and in all things. Let love
be your guidance, all else will follow.

Q: Do you have a personal message for Allison?

Ham: Yes my daughter, you are doing very well. My daughter you must
strive to remain centered and balanced. The way before you is secure.
Find your balance and you will be uplifted. Rest my daughter in the
spirit. Trust in his good guidance. For truly you are blessed. Recognize
this and recognize the love that surrounds you. You are doing just fine.

Q: Do you have a personal message for Charlie B?

Ham: Yes my son, you are doing well. Truly you are growing in the spirit
and this growth may be painful at times. Releasing old fears is not an
easy task for they seem to be coming from ever deeper places and these
great central fears can also be invisible until you realize them. Do not
be afraid to be a human being. All humans are fearful. All humans fear
failure and yet all human beings can find ultimate triumph by grasping
the Master's hand and accepting your own helplessness at the same time.
Be at peace my son, you are doing just fine.

Q: Do you have any feedback for me this week?

Ham: Of course my son, you are also doing well. The difficulties and
little ups and downs of life have grown much smoother in recent years.
No longer are you emotionally bound in all these areas for gradually you
have come to understand how to release your fears and how to release
your worries as well. Both of these things require faith. As you
exercise your faith, it increases. Truly my son, your faith increases
daily. Do not underestimate its power for you will have everything
needful in this journey. Trust, trust, and then trust again. As you do
this, you will gain in faith and faith is the basic requirement of all
spiritual accomplishment. Have peace my son, you are doing very well.

Very well then my children, until next week my love and my prayers are
with you each. Farewell.

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