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Solonia: Greetings fellow workers for the manifestation of our Father's
will. It is once again your sister Solonia greeting you tonight. You are
just beginning a new calendar year on our world of Urantia and if you are as
most who celebrate the New Year at this time, then you most likely already
have done for yourself a review of the year that has just passed and most
likely you have begun to project for yourself how you would like the coming
year to proceed for you.

Perhaps you have even gone so far to make resolutions for how you will go
about accomplishing your ideals of how this coming calendar year will unfold
in your life. Resolutions are something that many here on this world only
think about once a year and yet in the higher realms of the morontia and
spirit personalities, we find that we make resolutions almost daily.
Resolutions help one to focus their attention in a particular area of focus
and help us to move forward in our growth.

Truly the daily resolutions are seldom considered to be long term
resolutions. Most here in their resolutions, here on Urantia that is, make
the error of only defining their long term resolutions and then when they
stray from their resolutions from time to time, they have a tendency to give
up and this is unfortunate that your civilizations have learned to give up
after one or two or even one hundred apparent failures.

When you fail, often you neglect to recognize the gifts or accomplishments
that have been achieved up until that single momentary failure. In your
morontia existences, you will be more apt to learn from your little missteps
and therefore you rarely have the opportunity to ever consider that you have
failed. Truly, there is no failure other than the unfortunate choice to give
up.  That, my dear friends is truly the only failure. Giving up. When you
make your resolutions, continue each day to emphasize your determination.

The highest resolution any of us may make, and indeed this is one of our
daily resolutions, is to the best of our ability, be examples of our
Father's will unfolding in his universe. As we all know, our Father is love.
Our Father is truth, and beauty, and goodness. Our Father is compassion and
caring. These very things that our Father is, are the very things which we
may bring into our own individual lives, and by so doing, you are in fact,
doing our Father'  s will.

If you can remember to do so, make small accomplishable resolutions each
day. If you forget sometimes, or even for a time, do not chastise yourself,
rather, recognize that you have been reminded it is time to do them again.
Eventually, this making of daily resolutions becomes far more difficult to
forget than to remember. There are accomplishable goals each day of your
life. Take a few moments with Father each day and ask for guidance and truly
for his help in discovering what they are and in accomplishing them.

I would take a few one part questions this evening,  Any asked multiple part
questions, I will answer the one part that I feel most aplicable.

Q: Do you have any pointers on how to be more like Jesus in engaging people
by asking questions like he used to do while on earth?

Solonia: Jesus had a way about him. When he was in the presense of another,
he was so very interested in that person and who they are and desired for
them to share themselves with him. The greatest thing that any mortal can do
to be more like our Master Jesus, Our Father Michael, is to be truly
interested in the others we are with. To realize that they are our family.
Many are so wrapped up in their own internal dialogue that often they miss
the opportunity to be there in the present with their fellows and indeed
with that fragment of God that indwells them.

As you each become more and more in love with your fellow men and women, in
a brotherly or even a fatherly manner, I assure you that the words that you
utter will be profound, for in those times of genuine soul and spirit
contact, our Father will show you what to say. Jesus was an exceptional
listener. In most cases he did not use his preknowlege of individuals. He
much preferred to use only the human tools he had available to him and this
is exactly what each of you have available to you. Never be afraid to look
one another in the eye, for there is where your souls make contact. There is
where you quite naturally become more and more like our Master on earth. Are
there other questions this evening?

Q: Sister Solonia, you spoke earlier about pusuing our resolutions and
asking our Father for guidance and help in discovering and accomplishing our
resolutions and I recently had a resolution to be more patient and loving
and kind in dealing with my children. What is the proper balance between
relying on the Father and relying on ourself in terms of developing virtuous
character traits or overcoming character deficiencies? I sort of feel, why
should I ask the Father to help me be more patient? Isn't it my
responsibility to acquire that character trait through actual experience and
practice and make the choices?

Solonia: True, and yet none of these things do we do alone without our
Fathers help. By actively asking for help, I assure you that the Father will
not do it for you. You will still be required  to earn  each and every
accomplishment in this area that you make, but by asking the Father, you
will perhaps at times be more aware of His guidance in the moment. It is
easy to recognize what one perhaps should have done in retrospect, and this
happens very often when one tries to do it alone, and indeed there is
learning and growth from  this way as well, but truly when you sincerely ask
for and watch for the Fathers guidance in  these times, you will be
surprised by the great number of positive responses you will find.

You mentioned that you prayed  for patience. We all chuckle at this
particular prayer for we all make it and we have come to know without a
doubt, that the way to gain patience is more and more and more opportunities
to practice patience. These are not always comfortable, but we chuckle when
we remember back to the time when  we first prayed for it. You would do
well to practice this previous  lesson of the Master's way of interacting
with people, even with your children and other family members. Often mortals
are asked to treat their family in one way and their friends and
acquaintances in another. If you can emulate the Master's way with all
people, you will be greatly rewarded with the outcome. I hope this has
aanswered your question to some extent.

Q: Yes, it helps a lot. Thankyou very much.

Solonia: Are there any other questions this evening?.... It appears that we
have concluded tonights lesson. I truly enjoy these times that I am allowed
to be with you and to share a bit of my larger knowlege and understanding
with you. I truly love this world and enjoy working with you all in the
upliftment of it. Keep love in your hearts. Keep our Father in your minds
and let your souls flow outward to all of your brothers and sisters.
Goodnight dear hearts and I will speak with you again.

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