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Ham: January 9, 2005

Greetings children, I am Ham and I am glad to have you here this
evening. Let us discuss spiritual awakening and growth once again.

This is a common subject because each stage of your growth and awakening
is different each stage has its own challenges and difficulties. As you
move through your lives and make friends as you go you are truly
bringing the Master's love to the best of your understanding, the best
of your capacity.

The Master's love does not require learning or even recognition of his
spirit as being him. The Master's spirit is poured out upon all flesh
and all those who accept his love receive it without question concerning
specific belief patterns or what have you.

Eventually all of humanity will see him. All of humanity will accept
his love, his spirit, his word and his presence, but until then his
human representatives must be about his business bringing his light, his
love and his word to those who are locked away or those who sit in
darkness willingly.

Each of you brings the Master's love with you in all that you do for he
is in your thoughts always and his presence is permanently within your
hearts so that you are never alone, never without love for one moment.

The Master's truth only grows stronger and more powerful with time.
Each generation must decide, each generation must revisit the Gospels
and reinterpret them for yourselves, for your time, your generation.

We are especially heartened to see the Master's daughters rallying to
him so courageously and so whole-heartedly across the world in many
situations. It is very important that the world understand the Master's
complete inclusion of women in all aspects of life and religious life
especially. It is important for the Master's daughters to keep
affirming their rightful place in the kingdom. It is important for you
to keep affirming complete equality of the spirit and complete equality
of the mind. F

For Christianity to truly progress the old vestiges of male dominance in
the churches must give way for the religions of the world have falsely
assigned women inferior status since the early churches were formed.
The Master has been pained by this and has kept careful watch over his
daughters through the centuries of suffering they have endured.

It is important now that you my dears make every effort to hold on to
women's advancing status and to make your own advancements as well. It
is also important to point out that men who understand the Gospels
deeply recognize the injustice women have endures and seek their best
interest as well. This brotherly affection for women as a whole is a
wonderful development to witness.

Love each other and recognize how precious and how fragile the
relationship between men and women can be. Mutually respect and
brotherly/sisterly affection should prevail. You should work toward
lowering levels of animosity and rhetoric for often times when one is
accused falsely trust is shattered and societal relationships fray.
Trust between the sexes on that brotherly/sisterly level must increase
and grow. Do not mistake your friends for enemies. Always recognize
your brethren, always recognize your sisters no matter how they seem to
be when they come to you.

As you my daughters make your way forward in this work of bringing the
Master's love you must be very grateful to be born in this time for you
must clearly remember how far you have come in gaining full equality in
one generation. Remember that the gains you have made can be lost.
Remember that you must never retreat from full equality in all aspects
of life for you are just now gaining that which the Master wished to
give you two thousand years ago.

What are your questions?

Q: In light of what you have been discussing tonight, when can we get
rid of the Old Testament?

H: Yes my daughter, these ancient texts reflect the attitudes and
understandings of an ancient time that are totally unsuited for the
present day. It has largely become acknowledged in this regard to be
irrelevant. It is to the great credit of Judaism and Christianity to
have embraced the idea of evolving interpretation. This understanding
creates a way for religion to evolve with the times and to reflect
modern attitudes and modern morality. The Old Testament will continue
to gradually fade into the background as certain sections are favored
and others are allowed to quietly pass into history. This of course
will not happen overnight, but the last three or four generations have
seen an ever greater willingness to do this.

Q: I understand this. We have this group of fundamentalist Christians
who are using the Old and New Testament to stop advancement, not just of
women but all advancement. How long will this continue?

H: Yes, but one of the functions of religion a brake on societal
advances. Society must continually balance between maintaining the
tried and true values and traditions and experimenting with the edges of
social change. Religion is doing what it's function has always done now
as in all time. It is not something necessarily bad for often society
can rush forward into some very ill thought out areas. Therefore you
should not be overly concerned about this, it is part of the overall
growth and change of society as a whole.

Q: Shouldn't we be a tad bit concerned about the fundamentalist that
relish the prophecy that predict Armageddon and the end of the world. I
don't see that as a brake on society but insanity.

H: Yes there are always elements religious faiths that tend to go to
extremes. It is rather unfortunate that the Book of Revelations was
included in your Bible, for this has been greatly distorted and
misinterpreted ever since. Each generation however rediscovers the
existence of evil and each generation must combat evil and error with
truth. It is no different now. Do not be alarmed however that people
should try to delve into the traditions for answers because often times
there is much wisdom contained there even if it sits side by side with
things that are insane as you say. The Christian faith is still the
most advanced religion on earth. There is considerable wealth contained
in the Christian traditions and in the Gospels that must be treasures,
upheld and preserved.

Let me now address those that are here.

H: Amalyn you do well. You are striving in many ways to be ever more
fully the Master's daughter as you bring him into your heart and as you
bring his spirit to bear upon the many issues and problems you deal with
and think about. Trust that he will be with you, that his hand will be
about your shoulder and his voice within your ear sayings this is the
way. Be unafraid my daughter we will go together.

H: My daughter Rebecca, you are also walking in the goodly path the
Master has prepared for you. Do not worry or be concerned rather be
completely yourself without holding back out of guilt. My daughter,
sometime you approach things holding guilt unnecessarily as though you
were apologizing for your existence and you must work to overcome these
feelings and to move forward with strength and equanimity. Do not be
concerned my dear, you are doing just fine.

H: Jarad, my son, you are doing very well. You are going through a
period of change and of gradually developing self assurance. This self
assurance, this walking with the Master will bring you into many lush
green valleys and goodly resting places. Yes it would be fine for you
to read back through some old lessons to help this next project take
shape. Continue working with this idea, it may be more important than
you think.

Q: It seems that you are wanting me to do a little bit more of a
serious or spiritually oriented things to mix into the ones we have?

H: Yes

H: My daughter, Julia, you are doing very well. You are finding ever
greater feelings of self worth and self respect as you find yourself
working for ever greater values and ideals. The Master has brought you
to this point, he will sustain you and direct you from here. Simply do
each days work one step at a time. Do not worry about the future, trust
in the Master's good spirit. He will give you everything you need.

Q: Personal message for Merle?

H: Yes, my son you do well. Don't worry about the challenges before
you for you have met every challenge in your life head on and you will
find that these health issues are the same. We recommend you get a lot
of rest right now. Make time for all the rest you can and release all
your worries into the Master's hand. Pray that you may find his will
for you in your life and in all aspects of your life. Let the Master's
love be upon you.

Q: Personal message for Teresa?

H: Yes, my daughter you do well. You are surrounded by much joy and
happiness. You must simply learn to recognize how much. Have complete
peace as you make your way forward in the spirit. Recognize that the
spirit is composed of ever increasing levels of awareness, understanding
and love. As you grow in the spirit, you grow in all three areas.
Eventually wisdom will be added unto you as well. Have complete peace
my daughter you are doing very well.

My friends, all is well. Until next week my prayers and love go with
you each.

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