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The mind knows perfect peace that is settled on God. Settle your minds
upon God's perfect spirit and you will certainly know that peace. Once
you know that peace, you will crave to have it with you always. For the
Master and the Father both continually exert a pull upon your souls,
pulling you ever upward and expanding your soul to encompass the ever
greater God experience.


Ham: Greetings, children, I am Ham and I am happy to be here this
evening among you. Let us discuss what it means to find God then what it
means to grow to know him. Knowing God comes through experiencing his
spirit. When you know God in the mind, the intellect can discern what
God should be like, what God should not be like, but the intellect alone
does not perceive God directly. The mind can decide and differentiate
between value levels and attributes a perfect God would logically
possess. But, only the soul can perceive God's spirit and know him
directly as Father and Friend.

Experience of God, then, must supercede thoughts about God and this
experience - the direct perception of God's goodness, truth and beauty -
can then create the mental impression which begins the true knowing of
God. Experience is translated into thought. Thought about God, at least,
cannot be directly translated into experience of him. The mind must be a
doorway, a point of acceptance, but it is not directly the seat of

God is experienced through the loving channels of the soul. You perceive
him in your hearts, truly, and this perception is first felt then
thought about. God's love is known before it is described. God's love is
experienced and that experience creates knowing in itself. You know the
color red because you have experienced it. Without the experience, all
description falls short and description cannot generate that unique
perception to one who has never experienced the color red. In this sense
then, the mind is a doorway but the experience of God by your souls is
so altering, so effective in realigning your perceptions that when God's
love is felt, there is a simultaneous knowing of God.

If you did not directly perceive his goodness, the mind would rebel
against the requirement of trust. But for those who have perceived God's
goodness directly, the question of trust is never in doubt. Once you
have grown in your perception of God's goodness, you simply cannot help
but to trust him. And, trusting God is the only certainty upon this path
of life for God's love is the only constant you will know.

What is God's will? This is truly the central question of your lives and
yet the answer can only come through the knowledge of God as given
directly through experience of him. When you experience God in your
hearts and have learned to trust him, then walking a path of
righteousness, bearing the fruits of the spirit, and serving your
fellows all are manifestations of his will. When you know God, then soon
you come to know his will for you.

My children, you must rest securely in his arms. Allow the Father to rap
his arms around your life. Allow the Father to guide and direct all your
efforts, not simply those you have consciously dedicated to him.
Consciously, you must simply open the door. All else will be added unto
you and your knowledge of God will grow as you increasingly experience
his love.

All of you are coming into greater God-knowingness through increasing
experience of his love. All of you are increasing in your trust of him
and in your willingness to be led. In this you are all doing very well
and are finding your love for your brethren increasing over time. Be at
peace then in all things. Release your tendencies toward worry and
distress and do not be afraid of what the future holds, for in this the
Father goes before you preparing a place. You are his children, precious
in your nearness to him. Trust him and he will not fail you. Lean upon
him and the way will be made straight and easy.

Q: Today I think I experienced what you are talking about while I was
out running. At the time I had no doubt about the experience, but now
that we are thinking and talking about it, is there ever a danger of
misinterpreting experiences like this? If you are feeling like you are
experiencing the reality of God or the love of God should you just trust
that this is happening?

Q: Yes. Do not try to analyze spiritual experience, for in the analysis
it will seem to disappear. The soul informs the mind on matters of the
spirit, not visa versa.

Q: Are there certain situations that can facilitate God-experiencing,
like stillness or being in nature?

Ham: Well certainly this is so, but it is important understand that the
experience of God can be had any time and all the time. If you confine
the experience to certain set conditions, you may be hampering growth
rather than facilitating it. The mind knows perfect peace that is
settled on God. Settle your minds upon God's perfect spirit and you will
certainly know that peace. Once you know that peace, you will crave to
have it with you always. For the Master and the Father both continually
exert a pull upon your souls, pulling you ever upward and expanding your
soul to encompass the ever greater God experience.

Q: Could I have a message Ham?

Ham: Yes, certainly my son. My son you are doing well. You have come
through many difficulties and are now growing in balance and truly more
balanced thinking and more calm self-assuredness. Your path continues as
your soul expands and develops. Always remember that spiritual growth
must come first. At this time, it is well and good to pursue your path
in the spirit with all your heart for the growth of the spirit, of the
soul, will lead all other developments. Also, if you are blocked in your
spiritual progression, you will be blocked in other ways as well. Seek
first the kingdom of heaven, then all things needful will be added unto
you. Make the spiritual your priority, everything else will follow of
its own.

Q: Do you have anything for Rebecca?

Ham: Yes, my daughter, you are doing well. Continue to grow in trust and
faith. Continue to move forward and to deepen your commitment to the
tasks before you. Know that the Master's spirit goes with you and before
you in all things. He will open your way so long as your trust in him is
complete. Think not of yourself at any point, rather think only of the
mission and its importance. Let the importance of your work wash away
thoughts of personal insecurity or failure for these things are
immaterial. Trust, trust, and more trust must be your mantra. Let not a
shadow of doubt enter into your thoughts. Rather, be upheld in secure
knowledge of the Master's spirit and his personal, intimate, and tender
love. With this love, you can truly be about our Father's business.
Trust then in this love and your way is secure.

Q: Jarad?

Ham: Yes my son, you are doing well. Continue also to deepen your
commitment and the consecration of your life's path to the Master's holy
will. Embrace his love without reservation. Learn that his love is not
conditioned upon anything you can do or control. His love for you is
absolute and yet extremely personal, solicitous, and tender. Be at peace
then, for you way will open.

Q: Do you have anything for Billy Don?

Ham: Yes my son. Truly you have walked through the valley of the shadow
of death and now you fear it not and thus it has no power. Trust in
God's love my son, trust in his spirit. Consecrate your will to his
service and know that he can and will use you for his greater purposes.
You will be going through a time of decision making. In this, and in all
things, turn over your decisions to his will and release your burdens.
Realize that even as you find everything you need in him, so too does he
find what he needs in you. Ask then to be used for his will and he will
use you. Ask to know him and you will know him. Ask to be forgiven, and
you will find the ability to accept forgiveness grows. Love God with all
your heart and all your might and all your mind and his love will be
manifest within you. Rest my son. This is a time of preparation not a
time of action. Be at peace. You are doing well.

Q: Do you have any counsel for me tonight Ham?

Ham: Yes my son, you are doing just fine. You are finding that indeed
when you seek first the kingdom of God, then the things of this life
begin to fall into place without too much effort. My son, as you find
your way forward, remember that growth in the spirit is always
manifested in every day life. Know that you have past many tests and
that you are being strengthened for the work ahead. Understand that so
long as you seek after the Master and his righteousness, you will have
what is needed in all areas of life. Trust in him and you will have what
you need.

Q: From Keri: If you have a meeting with Ham on Sunday will you please
thank him for his continued words of hope and guidance and may I have a
personal message too?

Ham: Yes my daughter, you are doing well. Gradually my dear you are
coming to order your life by the priorities of the spirit. Let this
continue. Find your way forward by means of listening to the still small
voice in your heart saying this is the way. Pray that you can accept the
great love the Father continually showers upon you. For the more you can
perceive and accept that love, the more peace and fulfillment you will
find in all areas of your life. Embrace God and the way is plain. You do
well my dear.

Q: Do you have a personal message for Norbert?

Ham: Of course my son, you are doing well. My son, do not worry about
your future, for your future is secure in your acceptance of our Father
and your acceptance of Christ Michael and his spirit. Hold back nothing,
but give all you have and all you are to the greater purposes of our
Father and his Son. Do not be confused. Seek and you will find. It's as
simple as that.

Q: Do you have a personal message for Charlie B?

Ham: Certainly my son, you are likewise doing well. Embracing the loving
hand of God would seem to be an easy and natural thing. Of course, with
the complications inherent in all of the human condition, accepting
God's love is often anything but simple. Reach out to your fellows as
you have done. Do not fear nor worry about the future. You will have all
you need.

Q: Do you have any feedback for me this week?

Ham: Yes, my son. You are doing well. Rejoice in the spirit for your way
continues to open. Increase in the fruits of the spirit. Let your love
overflow to all those you meet and open your heart in increasing measure
in all areas. Do not be tempted to revert to judgmental feelings, rather
push through these kinds of responses into acceptance of all who cross
your path. Embrace and love all the children sent into your charge. Show
consistently by your example a feeling of calm and a feeling of security
through knowing God and striving to be like him. Show forth the fruits
of his spirit. You are doing very well my son.

Are there any further questions at this time? Very well then, my
friends, as you go forth in this life during the week ahead with all its
challenges, let my love be with you, let the Master's spirit be
increasingly part of your experience and your consciousness. Let his
word speak constantly to your hearts. Until next week, farewell.

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