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December 19, 2004

Ham: Greetings, children, I am Ham and I am happy to be here among you
this evening. Let us discuss the miracle of Christ Michael's bestowal
and the importance of yearly remembrance. It matters not the time of
year of his coming or the exact year or location even of his birth. The
miracle of Michael's coming, of his birth as a helpless babe, of his
growth and life as a mortal man - these miracles are a permanent and
unshakable fact, in fact the central fact of all life upon your world.

The Master's coming broke the spiritual chains of the past and brought
light and truth light years ahead of the prevailing understandings of
God and man of that day. The Master's mission is continuing to bring
forth good fruit even now some 2000 years on. It was important at this
time to bring to your world a more detailed and accurate portrayal of
the Master's life so that you would have guidance in the understanding
of his life. This understanding is the most crucial thing you can know,
both as individuals and as a community of the Master's followers.
Understanding Michael is absolutely critical. It is once more important
that you do not stumble over his words, that you rather lay hold of his
truth in its true essence so that your future may find guidance and
comfort in his words and in his life.

Constantly my children you are forced by life's circumstances to
evaluate and to reevaluate your faith, your belief, your purpose, and
your relationship with God and with the Son of God. The great mercy of
Michael is in his spirit, the comforter. Forever is the Master's spirit
close to your hearts, providing comfort, guidance, and naturally a
nudging direction. In a very real personal and spiritual sense, the
Master once more stands before you saying, "follow me". Following him
will bring you not a sense of mindless bliss but rather a sense of
purpose in service. The Master said, "he who would be greatest among you
must be servant to all". Said he, "the son of man comes not to be served
but to serve". Therefore, those who follow him must find gradually a
life in him, in a life of service.

Like his apostles, he asks of you this simple question, "do you love
me". And to your reply, so says he, "then comfort my little ones, feed
my sheep, and tend my flocks". This is the call you have responded to.
Each of you has heard the Master's voice in your lives and each of you
is seeking to find greater purpose through finding his purpose, for all
of your realize this is the way.

Rejoice then in this season of light. Consecrate your wills and dedicate
your purpose to him and his purpose. Just as the apostles were called,
so are you called in this day and in this time to bring to life the
meaning in the Masters words once more. This is indeed a season of
reflection, a season of forgiveness, a season of rejoicing in the
knowledge of your sonship or daughtership with God, a knowledge the
Master gave his life in order to give you.

The lives you are living are continually renewed through the Master's
spiritual touch, his word, and his voice speaking every gently to your
hearts, "this is the way. I am beside you. Fear not". Rejoice that
through his life was revealed the Father's loving nature so that never
again would men look to God in fear, but rather would be able to come to
him in love. Rejoice that through the Master's life fear of death was
largely removed as certainty of eternal life was given complete evidence
through is resurrection. The Master's life was greatly guided by his
desire to remove fear and especially to remove fear of God from human
experience. Forever after the yardstick for religion measured truth by
the content of love. This must ever be your guidance.

Rejoice then my friends. Seek closeness with the Master through prayer
and thanksgiving. Rejoice in his live, welcome his familiar spirit, and
above all completely reciprocate his live with the highest of your love,
your unique human expression of love. Be completely confident that the
Master's spirit is unfailing so that even in your darkest hour his
tender blanket of comfort, his personal spirit will cover you giving you
strength, hope and courage.

At the hour of his birth, all the angels, indeed all the beings in a
vast universe rejoiced. As his spirit is reborn in your hearts every
day, so too do your angels rejoice and so too does the Father's spirit
smile upon you.

What are your questions?

Q: Do you have anything for me this evening?

Ham: Yes my daughter, of course, you are doing well. Rejoice my dear in
friends and family this season. Have peace throughout this time. Have no
worries or fears. Simply rest, relax and recuperate your energies for
you have much work before you when the time of rest has ended. Rest then
and be at peace. You are doing just fine.

Q: Jim has asked for a message please.

Ham: Yes my daughter.

Son, you are doing well. You are still going through a period of forced
rest and this will ultimately be good for your spiritual balance. You
are someone who easily gets off balance and so finding a balancing point
is important. Once you become confident in maintaining spiritual balance
and once this balance is sustained, you will find movement without
effort occurring. Right now think about balance as being more important
than movement. This will help you.

Q: Ham I'd like to ask if you have anything for me and I would like to
thank you for helping me get close to the Master.

Ham: My son, you are doing well. Be at peace for you too must find your
way to a sustainable balance. You also have a tendency to get off
balance and then do things that aggravate that imbalance without
thinking. Do not try to control so much. Do not try to fix your feelings
before you experience them fully. Consider that there are truths within
you that are seeking to be acknowledged and understood. If you always
push them away for fear of the pain they might cause you, then you will
not move through the emotional- spiritual tension that develops. Do not
move away from truth, however painful that truth might seem to be at
first. You are doing just fine my son.

Q: Do you have anything for Rebecca?

Ham: Yes my daughter, you are doing well. You are finding a great deal
of spiritual strength through your reliance on the Master's hand. Remain
close to his word and you will be fine. During this season, rejoice in
his love. Follow in his footsteps and enter the doors he opens for you
while gracefully turning from those doors he may close. Rejoice my
daughter in this season of love.

Q: Jarad?

Ham: My son Jarad, you do well. You are also talking things over with
the Master in a purely personal way and this is as it should be. Grasp
his hand and let him lead you forward. He will lead you always toward
himself. Understand this, and your way is secure.

Q: Ham do you have a message for me tonight?

Ham: Yes my dear, you are doing just fine. In this time of family
gathering, reflect on the meaning of family in its larger sense. The
Master said, who is my brother, who is my sister. And by this he means,
the true meaning of family is spiritual. The true meaning of community
and hope in the future comes through his love and his spirit. You are
then, the Master's sister as well as his daughter. This is the true
intimacy of Christ's relationship to each person. Follow this
relationship and let it blossom even more in your life through the
season and beyond. His hand is extended to you always in the spirit and
so in the spirit is where you must meet him to grasp his hand. Do this
my daughter and your way is secure.

Q: Do you have message for Neil?

Ham: Yes my son, you are doing very well. Do not make more of your
spiritual struggle than need be. Truly the way of the spirit is simple.
Truly the way of the spirit is easy. Truly the way of the spirit lies in
surrendering as much as the grasping of his hand. Right now you are
searching for deeper meaning and I say to you, you will find it and you
will find it through Christ's spirit for in this you will find his
purpose for you. The Master said many times, let not your heart be
troubled neither let it be afraid for these human fears and troubles can
overwhelm the gentle speaking of the spirit. Seek for that spirit in
love. Follow him and all is well.

Q: Do you have a personal message for Charlie B?

Ham: My son, you do very well. Deepen your understanding and commitment
to the Master's spirit through the grateful appreciation of all the love
surrounding you in this life. As you eyes become opened, love is more
and more evident everywhere. Be at peace then.

Q: Do you have any feedback for me this week?

Ham: Of course my son, you are doing just fine. In all things, cleave
closely to Michael's spirit. Draw his spirit over you as a comfort.
Nestle as a babe in his arms, for truly his spirit has been sent to
comfort you who are heavy laden. Place your burdens in his arms. Rest
your head upon his shoulder. Allow his spirit to refresh your soul. You
will have all that is needful and all that is required for the tasks he
sets before you. Recognize those tasks. Renew your commitment to his
purpose and all will be well.

Are there any further questions at this time? Very well then my friends.
Relax and enjoy this spirit of the season. Love your neighbors with
renewed purity and confidence. As always, my love and my prayers are
with you. Until next week, farewell.

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