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Teacher Daniel

T/R Bob Devine

LightLine Teleconference

* Daniel: Greetings to you, I am Daniel. It is my honor to be with you tonight. Join me in the attitude of prayer.

Creator of all that is, we are engaged here in communion with you and with each other, seeking your grace, your enlightenment, such that we may be emboldened by your power, which is the manifestation of love throughout the universes. Keep each of us close to you as we communicate with one another. Bring us into the higher mind so that the greatest potentials in this interaction can occur. So be it.

It is a deep blessing to have this opportunity to converse with children of the light such as you. Having once traversed the mortal existence, it draws memories for me, the struggles you undergo, the moments of clarity and the moments of weakness you find yourselves in. This is not a unique characteristic of Urantia, for the evolutionary life on all worlds is challenging and rigorous, affording opportunities to make choices on very diverse levels. Some are good, some not so good, but indeed all choices have the opportunity to expand your soul by the recognition of the quality or lack thereof in the choices you make.

The growth comes as a result of a refinement process where you, much like a scientist, experiment. And when the experiment goes awry you adjust some factors, change a few variables, and try another way. It is the ability to refine your choices in the light of the Highest Source that will guarantee your success in the eternal adventure.

There is a great diversity, even disparity, in the life circumstances that mortals find themselves in. Some are born into privilege at an economic level, some destitute with marginal chances of survival from day one. But as you evolve into a thinking creature, one who gains the ability to choose right and wrong, these advantages or disadvantages are somewhat like the housing, but the real and the true is in how your vehicle operates in whatever housing you find yourself.

Thus I encourage you to seek to fine tune your vehicle by looking at choices you make, seeking clarity in communion with the Father, and moving forward to the next choices that you face. Your choices and your reactions thereto will determine the quality of your soul vehicle, not whether you were born into a life of privilege or despair. On the other side of the mortal life all that is real and true in your existence is what will be left as everything else fades away.

Some believe the world is in troublesome times. I would encourage you to, instead, view the world as challenging times. For with challenges, the opportunity to rise is there, and you, instead of holding in your consciousness the idea that the world is one way or another, good or bad, might react more favorably with the view of all that transpires being a challenge.

I am sure most of you, if not all of you, have heard or read what the great challenge is for you - to seek better communication with the spirit of the Father indwelling you. Grow from that core instead of trying to grow into that core by stabs in the dark in the world, thinking that something you do will make you more favorable in the eyes of God. If you can centralize your focus on the Father as the primary relationship, spend time in reflection consistently, and continue to work that presence into your consciousness throughout your day, all of your reactions to your environment and the actions you undergo will be laced with a higher quality of mental activity in your being. You may make the same decisions at times that you would if you didn't seek the Father first, but your awareness and your ability to move, adjust and react within those decisions will be greatly enhanced by your central focus on the Father.

So I encourage you, as you seek ways to be of service in your life -- a very honorable and noble intention -- that you continually refresh by remembering this central personality overall as your guiding force.
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