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Sunday, December 5, 2004

Ham: Greetings, children, I am Ham and I am glad that we have this
evening together again. My children, we have undertaken a long journey
together and we have found the way to be pleasant but not entirely pain
free or smooth. The efforts you have made in the spirit are courageous
and entirely born of noble intention. You are each making great progress
as you grow in self-mastery and spiritual thinking.

The gradual process of the mind's transition from material sensory and
drive domination toward increasing levels of spiritualized thought has
been gratifying for me to observe for I undertook such a journey in my
mortal life as well. The gradual relinquishing of the concerns of the
body is also part of the spiritualizing process. As you grow in and of
the spirit, your minds increasingly attach themselves to those things of
the spirit the mind can grasp relinquishing in the process the old
concerns of the material world, the body, and the ego.

The new life you have each been born into is a life of increasing
spiritual awareness and spiritual sensitivity. You are each gaining also
a higher spiritual perspective that puts you above the day by day
rumblings and conflicts that are inevitably part of existence. From this
peaceful vantage point, you can observe with some degree of detachment
the passions of the moment without those passions engulfing you.

Do not worry about anything if you can avoid it. Worry is born of fear
and fear must be gradually eliminated from your lives. All your energies
are required in living the life of the spirit so that useless energy
drains like anxiety over anything at all becomes unaffordable. The
Father requires all of you in his grasp.

Q: When you said useless energy did you mean unused?

Ham: No, anxiety is a useless drain of your energy.

Spiritual preparation will also become more and more important in your
lives. The master said many times, "We will be none too ready when the
Father calls". And, so you my friends, will be none too ready when the
Master calls.

The work before you is light, for you will be given every tool you need
and all the instruction you require to carry forward any task the Master
should put you to. Once you realize how much support you really have,
you will be able to release anxiety on a very deep level for fear can
find little pockets to hide in, so to speak, and these hidden pockets of
fear must gradually be released as you come upon them. When you come
into periods of spiritual testing, you will have absolutely nothing to
fear for your fear will already have been released and you will not be
surprised or suddenly overcome by fear the way you once were.

Your faith my friends is strong and getting stronger every day. Faith is
now not something you have as much as something you are. Faith is part
of your character, your make up. No longer is it something to be had and
lost, found or failed. You faith simply is part of your life. This
profound faithfulness cannot help but impress others on your journey.
Others see faith within you and are moved in their own faith.

Make no mistake my friends, your faith is certainly the bedrock of
character. Each movement you make in the world pulls you closer to the
Master and pulls the Master closer to you, if those movements be
consecrated to the doing of the Father's will. Never will you be alone
in your struggles and this feeling of being surrounded by and pervaded
by God's love forever vanquishes the fear of being alone, the fear of
isolation and estrangement.

Now you have within you the Father's assurance over you heart that you
are his and his alone. None shall break this bond between parent and
child, between creator and creation. Accept this loving claim with
complete faith and trust, like a child accepts his fathers hand knowing
that hand is protection as well as guidance.

Gradually my friends you are emerging from the world of doubt into the
greater world of supreme self-assurance, assurance born of God's love,
assurance born by your own surrendering to that love. Do the then the
tasks before you and keep the ear of the spirit open to the Master's
calling. Let him guide you and all will be well.

What are your questions?

Q: Ham, Jim has asked for a message please, I think he needs some guidance.

Ham: Yes my son, do not despair over things you cannot change but
realize and move toward those things in the spirit that can give you
comfort and direction in your earthly existence. Realize that the Father
constantly speaks to your soul saying, "Come son, come to my arms". You
are not alone. Listen to this voice. Learn to understand the ever so
gentle prodding your inner spirit gives you. And remember, if something
does not result the way you had thought, this my no means signifies
failure, just difference. Learn to accept the Father's way and let go of
your human struggles to make things your way. Each movement must be
judged on one criterion only: are you moving toward God or away from
him? Everything else means very little. A human failure might be a
spiritual victory and visa versa. Learn to accept the things, both large
and small, the Father places before you. You way will be revealed. Fear
not, all is well.

Q: I want to thank you Ham for this great lesson tonight. You always
speak directly to me.

Ham: My daughter, you have come far and you have made ever better
progress over time in every way. You are one who is very integrated and
this process of personality unification continues. Human beings have
difficulties in life largely as a measure of their personal disunity so
that needs, desires, efforts, thoughts, are all going in different
directions. Your purpose to discern the Father's will and then to carry
out that will serves to begin the great process of spiritual
integration. Continue in this path and all that is necessary will be
added unto you.

Q: Do you have anything for Rebecca?

Ham: Yes, my dear, you are doing very well. You have come far in your
own personal unification and this ease with the storms of passion that
can sometimes surround you will serve you very well. You have made a
great leap forward in this area lately and as you become ever more
effortless in letting go of consequences, you way will be light and
easy. Be at peace then, all is well.

Q: Jarad?

Ham: Yes my son, you do well. Have peace and courage. Each effort you
make to bring comfort and truth to others is important. Use each
opportunity to help to solidify the faith people need in God and
country. Human beings need to feel part of something greater than
themselves, some greater cause, some more noble aspiration. All people
feel validated through feeling they are part of a greater cause that is
just. Helping to clarify the things that are good, true, and just in
America is a help for those feeling uncertain and afraid. Be at peace my
son, you will have all you need moving forward.

Q: Do you have a personal message for Norbert?

Ham: Of course my son, you are doing well. Before you, there are many
challenges, many decisions to make. As you make more progress and move
into larger realms of the spirit, have no fear and do not be tempted to
fear. Fear is one thing neither you nor your countrymen can afford. You
must, both individually and as a nation, find your way past fear in your
determination not to succumb to fear. Those who live in fear seek to
spread it. Be secure in your faith so that you can reason without
emotion. The shield of God's love will protect you from fear. This is
the most important thing to demonstrate. Hold the line on fear and you
will be fine.

Q: Do you have a message for Margie?

Ham: Yes, my daughter, you are doing well. It is with great joy that you
are welcomed in this group. Your angels rejoice each time you move
toward truth, and goodness, and beauty. Be open in your love. Indeed be
unafraid to love and to be loved my dear. Fear not. You are doing just fine.

Q: Do you have a message for pz?

Ham: Yes, of course. Be at peace my dear, you do well. You are truly
learning much in the spirit at this time and your soul is expanding,
even now. As your heart opens to greater love, you must allow this love
to flow out to others wherever it will. In other words, you must release
control of your love and let your love simply exist as you exist in the
world. Find your way my dear where love leads you. Trust in this love.

Q: Could David Harper have a private session this week?

Ham: Yes, Tuesday 2:00 PM.

Q: Do you have a personal message for Charlie B?

Ham: Yes my son, you are doing very well. Gradually you are letting go
of some old buried fears, and as these fears surface, they can be
somewhat disturbing. You are moving beyond that now, but every so often
some old buried fear will jump out at you and when this happens you must
examine it, find where it is coming from, and in that way release it.

Q: Do you have any feedback for me this week?

Ham: Yes, my son. You are doing well. Each week you are taking steps in
your spiritual development. You are making great progress integrating
and unifying your personality over time. You are always open to service
and to serving Michael in your life. Mistake not, you will be given ever
greater trust in that as you grow in the spirit, the things the Father
trust you with also increase. So you are brought, one step at a time,
into ever greater levels of spiritual responsibility as well as
spiritual functioning. Have great peace in your heart, my son, for you
are doing very well.

Children, you are all doing very well. I would not tell you this if it
were not so. Trust increasingly in the Master's hand and all will be
well. Until next week, my love and prayers are with you each. Farewell.

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