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SE Idaho TeaM
October 24, 2004

Virginia: This is Virginia.

God we would ask that You would be with us tonight in our reach to know you better. Help us as we listen to the teachers that we might be able to apply those things that will make us true emissaries of Your true love to the world. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

DANIEL (Bob S.): This is Daniel, greetings my students, my friends, my colleagues, traveling together down our individual roads during this time of correction.

The lesson we have prepared for this evening’s class, we trust will add information to your queries about some of the happenings outside your Urantia Study groups and their related Teaching Mission groups.

We are somewhat limited to the amount of detail, which we are allowed or permitted to convey. But we know of your curiosity and hope these words will provide something to fill the gaps in your thinking and knowledge levels. So with that introduction I now turn the microphone over to the major presenter this evening. One moment please.

MINEARSIA (Nancy K): Greetings my beloved friends and associates, I am Minearsia, instructor in residence to you, the SE Idaho Teaching Mission Base.

As always it is my pleasure to be among you in this familiar manner, sitting in a circle listening, striving to find truth and those gems of understanding that assist you in your ascension through the difficult struggles of mortal existence and in anticipation of the Morontial phase.

Tonight’s talk, for that is what it is, is focused once again on the essential elements of the Correcting Time, to help you feel confident that the welfare of this planet, Urantia, and its many diverse peoples, is truly in the loving and safe hands of our Creator, and that it’s and your future are bright. As you have been instructed from the beginning of these communications, the Correcting Time is here and is exactly that—the time for the correction and redirection of human happenings. It is time for the healing of the fundamental institutions of Urantia, beginning with the family and emanating from it and through it to the other institutions, education, government, religion, and economics, as well as other related but more minor institutions.

In order to heal the family, the most basic institution, the fundamental core, it is necessary for healing in the lives of the individuals to take place. And we have had a curriculum focused on individual progress from the beginning. This is the initial phase of the Correction Time that you experience through these meetings, through the great revelation of the words embodied in the text of the Urantia papers.

There is much more afoot. There are grand plans. There is the great design. There is an enthusiastic reclamation occurring at many levels, encompassing much broader geographic dimensions than Urantia, certainly, but even much broader and grander than the extent of the original quarantined area of rebellion.

I wish to remind you of [the role of] time in this relating of the broader plan. You experience time as mortals, events are compared to the living of your lives, and you deeply yearn for time to pass rapidly, for events to occur in rapid succession, as if the magic wand had indeed been raised and spread [waved].

As you are aware through your reading of the Urantia Papers, God’s plan does not unfold in quite that rapid of a manner because of the role of free will. It is not that it could not if God were to suddenly reverse the most fundamental law He has given, the greatest love He has shown, the most meaningful gift provided. But free will does not allow for immediate response. It is the desire of the mortal, yes, to see results to boost faith, to instill hope and so forth. But I would remind you of those mortals who were privy to, had the privilege of, experiencing Jesus’ miracles in that they were not changed spiritually.

The Correcting Time will correct completely, permanently, eternally, the errors and distortions, the evil of the rebellion. But it will not happen overnight. Now, having given that lengthy preamble, that urge to caution, I will attempt to instill you with hope, with purpose, with knowledge of truth and assist you in strengthening your faith.

Remember that all things, ALL THINGS, are possible with the First Source and Center, even the waving of the magic wand. And enormous spiritual pressure is being applied at this point in time. The circuitry is re-established; the communication is open; the help is at hand; the time is now. Michael has a grand plan, and time also is undergoing alterations in tempo to assist in the awakening of the grand questions in the minds of humankind. Worldwide events are occurring in rapid sequence—in part as a result of the alteration of time to assist from the physical side the pressures that are being applied from the spiritual.

It is not comfortable to be human, particularly at this point in time, because of the pressures applied. The need to declare one’s self many times a day, to reassert one’s faith, to choose the high road, to look for the opportunity to serve, to look for the opportunity to improve communication, to clarify meaning, to more consistently connect actions to intent—these are daily challenges for you all, not just those of you with the great privilege and support of the knowledge of the times in which you live, but also, for your brothers and sisters who have not this knowledge but yet feel the pressures, feel the urgency. This is a trumpet call to all to listen to the quiet within, to connect with love, to ask fear to step aside, to face each day with courage in the knowledge that strength is yours for the asking.

My dear, dear beloved friends, do not doubt that the small decisions you make each day are vitally significant, because they are. What may appear to you from the world’s perspective to be small and insignificant is not so, for you are not separate from the whole. I will use an analogy that PamElla is familiar with from The Course in Miracles. You are not drops in the ocean separate from the ocean. As drops of the ocean, you are a part of the whole, and therefore the small decisions you make are vitally significant. Your decision to face the day with love, with joy, with gratitude, with expectancy is roaringly important. These decisions affect not only those you may come in contact with, they give courage, they give strength, they give hope to your brothers and sisters on the other side of this globe, whom you may never experience in person, but whom you assist with perhaps much more difficult circumstances, through the choices that you make.

For now, focus on the here and now. Trust that great events are being planned and being implemented according to the time allowed by the most important gift given, by free will. But the end is certain. The oceans will be clear, the rivers will run startlingly brilliant. The air will be delicious to smell, and peace and goodwill will reign on earth. This is a promise. It will be fulfilled.

I am finished and willing to respond to comments or questions.

Virginia: Minearsia, I thank you very much for what you said, but, wow, for you to say that the tempo of time has been accelerated is something that many of us have felt for months, or maybe even since the turn of 2000, I don’t know. I was sitting here wondering…and that people say, “I can’t believe it is October, it was just June”. Do you actually mean that time has been accelerated? Did I understand you correctly?

Minearsia: Yes. This is part of the pressure.

Virginia: Wow, then that means that the solar system is moving faster. Oh wow. I’ve actually said that somebody sped up things and we are moving around the earth faster, but I really thought I was joking, so I don’t know.

LaReen: Thank you Minearsia. I am very grateful for your lesson tonight, for your words, for your encouragement, for your service to Father and Mother. I thought I was going crazy Thursday, Friday and Saturday. It seemed like the whole world had gone crazy between traffic, people, family. Everywhere I turned, it seemed negative, and, then, of course, you could turn on the TV or radio, the politicians, the mud slinging and the prisoners, just everything, just everything. Then I would wake up the next day, and it just started over again, and so I grabbed the Second Miler’s Club papers out thinking, okay, I have got to study harder. It is just me. It is not anyone around. And so I am very, very grateful for this lesson tonight. Thank you.

Minearsia: My pleasure is overflowing.

Bob S: Minearsia, do you care to comment on our discussion of apparent biological up-stepping?

Minearsia: No, my friend, I do not. But even if I did, PamElla would resist.

Virginia: Minearsia, on an issue that has bothered me for a couple of weeks now. I have always believed that by their fruits, you shall know them. And there was a distinction made in the paper that I have been listening to that there is a difference between social fruit and spiritual fruit. Would you please comment on this?

Minearsia: Yes, please give me a moment. Spiritual fruit is oftentimes experienced even more than it is observed. Spiritual fruit can lead to calm, to the deep faith that sustains one beyond the temporal ups and downs that are a natural part of living, that keeps one’s candle of hope burning bright. While social fruit can be learned, it may provide the same appearance to the observer, the inner life of the one with social fruit and the one with spiritual fruit can be quite different. Does this help, or would you like to expand and define your question somewhat more?

Virginia: No, I think that it does help. It doesn’t erase the fact that by their fruits you shall know them, but it does suggest that there might be a difference of motive and that spiritual fruit perhaps has more value to the person who is producing that fruit.

Minearsia: Yes, absolutely. You understand it well.

Virginia: Thank you.

Minearsia: You are welcome, my sister.

Virginia: Thank you. I need that.

Minearsia: You are welcome my dear friend.

Any other questions or comments tonight? Please stand and hold hands. Daniel wishes to lead you in prayer. I bid you farewell with great love and admiration.

Daniel (Bob S.): Friends, let us pray together. To our great and glorious Parents who each day we understand more, we offer this prayer in gratitude that You have created each of us in Your own image, yet with individual personality which leads each of us on a different path to You. While we do not completely understand Your universe and our place in it, it is clear that we should approach the tasks before us in our lives with the optimism, the hope, the faith, the love that You display to our Master Son Jesus Christ Michael. In gratitude, we humbly thank You for this opportunity to grow, to learn, to become that person You have created each of us to be and the opportunity to help our brothers and sisters as we all struggle to find Your will in our lives. Send us to our homes now with the confidence and faith that each of us will take the necessary steps to use the time we have wisely and well. In the name of Jesus the Christ, our Master and Mentor. Amen.
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