[tmtranscripts] Arcadia Teaching Mission - November 1, 2004

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Arcadia Teaching Mission

Monday, November 1, 2004, 8:00 pm
Arcadia, California

JarEl: TR, George.

Good evening. It is I your teacher JarEl. It is good to be amongst my friends once again. I am honored to be in your presence here on the eve of a momentous occasion for all of you. Much will be decided but yet at the same time much will stay the same. It is up to all of you to help bring about change, bring this world into a more progressive <can't understand word>. Regardless of what decision is made there is still work for all of you to do. You must remember that there is a majority that thinks differently. Your world at this time may be at war. There may be battles raging in far away places and perhaps even in your own backyard but the battles that you must face, my friends, are of different sorts. It deals with ideals, thoughts. It is a concerted effort on your part to convince others a better way of doing things, a better way of treating others and a better way of accepting others. Too long has this world been separated and at odds with one another. It is time for this world to begin to heal and reach outwards towards your brothers and sisters. The leaders that you elect tomorrow will let you think otherwise, will try to convince you that the world is a dangerous place, that the world is something you must fear but how can you fear your own brothers and sisters. why should you put up such defenses, for it will only cause harm to both of you. Embrace your brothers and sisters, embrace your neighbors. teach them and show them by example the love that is possible. The ideas that you will put forward will be considered radical. But to an accepting heart and it will feel like home and it will make sense to them. For in their hearts they feel the same. They want peace and they want love. Humanity will one day get sick of all this warfare and will want to do away with the old ways and that is where you come into place and that is when you are called into service to bring forth your message of love and brotherhood. No matter what happens you will be needed for the service of God. He calls upon you to unite all y
umbrella of love. It has been too long and too hard for this world to be separated and isolated the healing must begin. The decision that your nation makes tomorrow is important but more important are your own actions, your own decisions that you make, how you deal with your life, with your neighbors, with your family. That is perhaps the most important thing that is vital to mission of God. If you will but stop and listen, you will hear the will of God speak to you. You will begin to understand his entire grand plan for all of you. He does not plan to separate you and to put you at odds with one another. On the contrary he wants to bring you together and bring peace. So my friends there is still much work to do and you will see soon that you do have a battle on your hands. For the ideas that you hold in your hearts and minds will be so radical many that they might perhaps have an aggressive reaction towards it. But those who are open and loving will accept your message of love and kindness and will embrace this new doctrine. The mission that all of you have remains. It has been the same since the beginning, it has not changed. Just like God in heaven is changeless, for he is perfect, the mission he bestows upon all you is perfect as well and it has not changed one bit. So remember what you are here for and remember who you are and remember that we are all brothers and sisters and that this must be known throughout the entire world.
I will now answer any questions that you may have.

Q. I was wondering do the Thought Adjusters of all the people ever urge them, and I'll just stat the election as an example, to vote for love and tenderness and compassion as you say and also do the Midwayers have any influence in the political affairs of this nation?

A. The Thought Adjusters always attempt to urge and nudge the human mind towards a more loving progressive all inclusive way of thinking it is something that is natural to God something that is unifying therefore the Thought Adjusters, being of God, act in a similar fashion. It is always a unifying effect and nudge that they try to do. As far as the Midwayers are concerned they do not interfere in your politics. They allow you to decide for yourselves otherwise they will be in breach of their mandates.

Q. What sort of impact would Monjoronson have once he is physically here? What sort of visible impact would we be able to see within our human lifetime?

A. The arrival and physical arrival of Monjoronson will be a tremendous impact on your world. It will signify a new age in your world. Governments will change completely. People will come into a new renaissance of life. People will have hope and dreams. There will be new inventions. A new urge also to reach out to all of the people in the world. The arrival of M will have a unifying effect upon all Urantians. There will be great celebrations for a last there will be a clear indication of the connection between God and man. A physical interpretation of the divine presence of God. And for once, humans will no longer feel utterly alone in this universe. They will know from that moment on that there is a God.

Q. It seems like there would have to be some display of divinity otherwise the elite few will not let go of there power so easily. And those that aren't in a position of power, I don't see them following someone that claims to be of divine origin.

A. Whether Monjoronson decides to display divine acts or not, is none of my concern. However, I will tell you this, the more followers that Monjoronson has on this planet the lesser the leaders of old will become. Sooner or late their power will vanish. Those who will embrace Monjoronson as their spiritual guide will benefit from the Glory of God. Those that deny it ..are unfortunate.

Q. Would he arrive in a physical body?

A. Eventually he will materialize in a physical form, so that all the world will see who he is.

Q. Won't he be in danger?

A. There is no danger for him.

Q. This world is very dangerous for anything that's strange to their thinking.

A. He is not afraid of any danger that this world may <unintelligible>. He does not come to act as a king or bring rule upon your entire plant. His intentions are pure and good. Therefore, he has no fear, so everything he does, he does according to the will of God.

Q. Well, Jesus was like that to except he got killed.

A. Jesus was unafraid as well. But I tell you this no harm will come to Monjoronson.

Q. I he a Trinity Son?

A. Yes.

Q. JarEl, when Monjoronson does come and when he is visible to us humans, how will he look different from us? Will he look different in terms of his appearance such as Adam and Eve had violet blood and were eight feet tall, will there be a different physical appearance to him so that he will not be confused with any of us average mortals?

A. The questions of <unintelligible> Monjoronson will be enough to differentiate between him and the average mortal. The light that emanates from his body will be a clear indication that he is of divine glory.

Q. Ok thank you.

Q. Do you know where he will appear first?

A. I am not at liberty to discuss that. The arrival of Monjoronson will signify the great age in your world. The timing will be soon. But the preparation must continue. All of you here are here for that purpose, to prepare this world for the arrival. Not only for Monjoronson but for the age of light and life. Some of you forget the significance of your mission but it is all important to the entire world that you continue with this good mission as we unite all of humanity. It is only when the soil is completely fertile that Monjoronson will begin to arrive.

Q. Is that soon as in Celestial soon or human soon. (laughter) No offense, but we have very different perspectives of "soon".

A. The timeline is within your reach. We are all transients on our native planets. We are not meant to stay there forever. Sooner or later the next generation will take over and will continue our mission. It is important that the time you have available you use to the best of your advantage. Make the best of it. Pass on this knowledge, give it to the new generation. Let them carry the torch of light to the end of time. You will all have the opportunity to view the developments of your planet soon after you pass from mortal death. You will see that as the ages progress your world will become better and better and one day it will finally arrive at the age of light and life. But this age, this time, this moment will always be remembered for it was a critical time on your planet. You might not see it now, you might not understand its entire significance but you will look back and understand and realize. You are all diamonds in the rough. You shine so brightly for the rest of the Universe to see. They put all their hopes and dreams on you. That is not to make you feel pressured by any means. That is just to let you know that you have their love and their support. Carry on the good work my friends and good night.

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