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Aaron - 10/26/04

Lightline Teleconference T/R Group

* Aaron: Greetings to you. I am Aaron. It is my pleasure to be here tonight, sharing with you.

These meetings have been ongoing for over a year's time now and though the participants fluctuate there is a consistency in effort that provides a platform for communication and spiritual growth. Though this communication process can seem somewhat of a novelty to those who listen there is a point in the evolution of each individual's progress where the novelty wears off and the emphasis shifts to the substance of the communication.

Your world seems often to be distracted and, perhaps, addicted to the novelty, such that when something becomes normal or is no longer new, many have the tendency to seek something else that is newer and fresher. There is a chemical response in the material body to new things and it impacts you each in different ways. But it is a real occurrence, and so it is that in life you must, in your increasing maturity, recognize the influencing factors and gain perspective regarding their influence upon you.

Stability requires time and association for one to determine the true value contained in anything, for it is when the fluctuations of your electro-chemical system stabilize in response to an activity, person, or thing, that you can then decipher the degree of value contained as it pertains to you. While we ask you to recognize this as it pertains to this process of communication with ascending beings and other ministering spirits, you can also apply this to other areas of your lives, relationships, activities, and items of current interest.

But in the maturity of our relationship here with one another, we ask you to contemplate what it is that you truly seek in this communication, to ponder what value you gain and then to recognize this resource and to utilize it, not only for the benefit of your personal growth and development, but for the potential edification of humanity.

I know there are transmitter/receivers who might be uncomfortable with my next challenge, but we want to encourage you to challenge the process, to gain insights into the human condition, and to seek for real value in our communication, such that if it isn't benefiting you then we ask why you would want to be in the process. And if it is of value to you, how can you, as a partner in the process, amplify the potential? How can you be an active participant rather than a passive learner?

Though we do not plan to entertain the testing of the process for curiosity's sake, we certainly encourage you to challenge us to be able to grant insight into the important questions of your day and time.

So again, ponder what value you see in this process and how you can benefit the process, not only for yourself, but for all. At this time I would entertain any questions or comments you might have. Welcome.

Manu: Teacher Aaron, thank you so much. The Urantia Book talks about how males and females are so different and how these changes last through ascension somewhat. Are you able to talk about what these differences are, especially beyond the earthly life and how they are beneficial to the universe?

* Aaron: Though you are in similar situations, there are patterns of response. Some of these patterns are due to environment, character development, or genetic factors. There is a dual functioning model throughout the universes that responds distinctively to situations such that one can make the assertion that the feminine and the masculine are real and true and lasting differences. And though, in quality, there is no distinction as to one having greater or lesser value, there are indeed two basic patterns of approach to circumstance. One might see it as passive and aggressive, though this is not quite accurate - assertive and retiring.

Something to understand here is that these patterns are not absolutes, such that all female mortal ascenders act differently than all male mortal ascenders. Some overlap can occur, but it doesn't change the fact that there are two basic patterns of response and activity. These patterns are seen in the angelic corps and other types of beings. The difficulty in delineating this to you at this stage of existence, beyond the recognition of patterns, is the fluctuating nature of mortal existence, such that it is not so easy to discern what is true to the feminine perspective and true to the masculine perspective. But if you are perceptive in life you will begin to understand the differences in thought patterns. You may have some inkling already.

Ideas on a societal level see women as emotional, men as rational, and though this is not an accurate description of the patterns, there is a thread of truth in the perspective of a thought based and an intuitive based approach. There is also a thread of truth in the aggressive and passive, though again, not completely accurate. There is a reality to the action based and the contemplative based pattern. I hope this has given you some ideas for consideration my friend.

Manu: Yes, it's a lot of food for thought. Thanks. I appreciate it.

* Aaron: You're welcome. It is good to communicate with you again.

Russ: Aaron, you mentioned about how to make these sessions more valuable to us and others and it seems to me like it's a very long term type of process and we are being guided celestially. It's very hard to feel like we have any direction ourselves to bring to this Teaching Mission. Can you speak on that?

* Aaron: Yes, thank you for your inquiry. Let me clarify, in case there is a misperception that you should view the process from the perspective that you, and even ourselves, are going to try to appeal to a larger audience. Instead, by your application to the process and by you engaging your thinking processes toward finding the highest value, by contemplating throughout your week what questions you might ask for personal growth, for social understanding, for awareness of factors related to economic, religious, political, and social arenas, as the interest is there, as you apply yourself to the process, it is our hope that the resulting interaction will be appealing to other people who might have the opportunity to be witness to the process, currently or at another time.

But the difference is in where your perspective and motivation is. Often there is the distracting influence in spiritual communication where an individual is trying to impress, or wanting to make it profound for others before first engaging the process personally to gain understanding and a deeper level of insight for yourself. And so really my communication this evening was to encourage you to "take the bull by the horns" in the process and ponder how you can more effectively utilize it for upliftment to the degree that you find value and believe in the validity of the process. Does this help to clarify?

Russ: Okay, so it seems that you expect or would like a more structured line of questioning, perhaps addressing more practical problems, human issues, etc, which I think is great, but hasn't been such a part of the Teaching Mission before. Along that vein I do have a question though. It seems there is a global leveling of standards of living and especially in the United States it seems like we will have to lower our standards of living somewhat. I was wondering if you could comment on this situation and some of the factors?

* Aaron: I will attempt to communicate some thoughts, taking into account that this contact personality also has similar questions and doesn't completely trust himself to be clear. But it is a reality that there is a standard of living to which, on a planetary level, people can attain which sustains the planet, the environment, the people, on a par level, where there are minimal degrees of variance. And yes, at the present time this distribution of wealth is not balanced, so the process of bringing it into balance will be a tumultuous time, especially for those who have a standard of living above what is sustainable on a global level.

And yet there is the potential for this adjustment to be non-cataclysmic. It can occur due to the forces and lures of profit expanding to those areas where the largest profit can be made, taking away resources from areas that have been accustomed to a higher standard of living. But still at some point there will be an adjustment on the level of values and ethical considerations. Even if a global trade expansion occurs that levels the playing field for the large majority of planetary citizens, there will still be those who are very wealthy and powerful who stand above the norm, and the eventual overcoming of this disparity by the inclinations of altruism will occur, though it may be still far distant and removed.

So I guess the understanding I would like you to consider this evening is the balancing factor of the profit motives, which may occur before the balancing factor of the altruistic motives, and though on a normal planet this occurs at an earlier stage, it still will be inevitable at some point in time almost as though it were a "no brainer," so to speak, but it may be as much as a thousand years on your world or more before this truly levels off completely.

The more pressing considerations are the straining of resource limits and the simple nudging back into sustainable balance of current production levels. Is this commentary clear to you at all, my friend?

Russ: Yes. it's a little disappointing that it might take so long. One thing that wasn't mentioned was the soaking up of resources that weapons and armaments takes and the potential for strife as people try to maintain their standard of living. Can you talk about that?

* Aaron: Indeed. When I mentioned the straining of resource limits, I lump all of these together, but there will be strife. Indeed, this is probably unavoidable for some time to come, though it is our hope that this strife is more localized rather than widespread. The current situations on your world which cause anxiety and political tension as well as the threat of war, can lead toward a more widespread conflict, but sometimes in the midst of periods of uncertainty and clashing of ideals, a new pattern of thought emerges which can thread through the various viewpoints and provide a more enlightening lure than what is seen on the surface.

While it may seem like the world is going deeper toward conflict, in reality it could have already bottomed out and be coming to the surface without one realizing this change occurring. And on your personal level, and what you can apply to the world, it is a sense of hope that there are forces larger than yourselves, and the world is in the hands of a loving Creator, who seeks to bring about positive change. If you can try, in your sphere of influence, to manifest a sense of hope rather than pessimism, you may find that this sentiment is catching.

I do have to withdraw at the present time. Did this answer your question well enough for now, my friend?

Russ: Yes, it was very good.

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