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Arcadia Teaching Mission Group

Monday, October 18, 2004, 7:53 pm
Arcadia, California


Larry: Dear Father, thank you our meeting. We love you very much and we
are so grateful for all of the blessings that you have bestowed upon each
of our lives. Open our eyes, our ears, our minds and our hearts to the
truth that we hear from the teachers tonight. We pray for peace in the
world. We pray that we may be an instrument of your love and bring about
this world peace and the Age of Light and Life. Thank you Father for
everything, in Michael's name, amen.

JarEl: TR, George. Good evening, it is I, your teacher, JarEl. Once again
I'm glad to be in the presence of my dear friends. Many of you have come
to this room tonight with lessons already learned. Many of you have come
to this room also with a sense of growth in your spiritual life. In these
times it is people like you who are needed in this world. It is you that
take the time to work on your lives to grow spiritually. It is you who the
world needs. There are so many people who attempt to take this world
backwards. Your minds are progressive and forward thinking and that
counterbalances any regressive attempts by others. It is with positive
thoughts in mind and heart that you walk forward into this world affecting
all of those who surround you in a positive way.

Some of you have been faced this week with the reality of your mortal life
and you understand the process of death. But even more important, you can
see beyond that and understand the process of eternal life; the very
message that Jesus, our brother, came to this world to deliver. He arrived
here to illustrate to man the glory and the grandeur of the entire Universe
and to assure us that life is everlasting. It is this message that many
have forgotten or simply care not to believe, but it is you who take this
message forward and embrace it in your hearts. It is you who are able to
comfort those who are dying and assure them that their life will continue.

Michael came down into your world to fully understand you, to experience
everything you have experienced. He even experienced the disappointment of
his family. Yet, despite all of that, he was able to forgive and move
forward and understand where everyone was coming from. He was able to
adapt, but most importantly he was able to show love. He truly manifested
the Father here on earth, for it was true when he said, "those who have
looked upon me have seen the Father." Those who understand the love that
Jesus had for all of mankind will understand the love of the Father.

I will tell you that your work is not done yet. There is still much to do,
there is still more preparation to go through. If you are willing to step
forward and assume your responsibility in life, the work will be available
for you if you are willing to perform it. You are never given more then
you can handle. Whatever work you are given has value and the lessons that
you learn from these are ten times more valuable.

However, it is always a choice. Nothing is required of you but everything
is expected of you. It is a contradiction of sorts but in the grand scene
of things it all makes sense. You will begin to realize how much
responsibility is added to you. The more lessons you pass, the more
conflicts you resolve, it will seem that you get more and more problems
piled on top and this is because you are doing a good job. It is not to
burden you or to give you more work, it is simply the fact that there is
more work to be done and there are not that many available or willing.

If you were to see the world from our perspective, you would see an
insurmountable amount of work to be done. It would be completely daunting
to you, for you would think how in the world will this ever be done? That
is why your perspective is limited, you are not meant to see all of
it. What you can see and what you do see, you see for a reason, a
purpose. Whatever reason it may be, be assured that you are called into
action to solve any problems that cross your way. The mere fact that you
even attempt at solving a problem shows to us a great willingness to be
active in the Father's Kingdom.

Most of the time, when we see the willingness behind your attempt, we usher
help to you. In other words, you get reinforcements and these
reinforcements may come in many shapes and forms and in diverse ways. They
are there to ease your burden. It is mainly through your energy and
willingness that the power comes and action takes place. It is through
your connection with the True Source and Center that all the energies of
the Universe come through. When you begin to intend in a positive way then
those who are to help you can do so, but it is only when you make that
decision. There are many things in this world simply by pure intent.

I am sure all of you have had experience wanting to do something but never
getting around to it. It was not until you actually sat down and planned
and thought and put your plan into action, that whatever you were thinking
got done. It is like this for everyone. There is a world of dreamers and
there is a world of doers. It is important to dream, but it is also
important to take these dreams and make them a reality. Your mind has
great power in this world. It can manifest anything, if you take the time
and effort to actually manifest it. If you dream of a world that is full
of peace and close to the Age of Light and Life, then help manifest it;
help bring it into existence. It is simply an idea at this moment, it is a
thought, a dream, a fantasy. It is not until we take it into our minds and
make it real that these ideas begin to formulate and manifest into reality.

The reality that you perceive around you was created by thoughts and
ideas. Your thoughts and ideas can and will manifest. These
manifestations are not exclusive to those in power. All of you who have a
grain of God inside of you can manifest any idea. It is simply the will to
do it.

Are there any questions?

Donna: JarEl, I have a question. Perhaps The Urantia Book talks about
this but maybe you can enlarge what is said. There is so much suffering on
this planet, so many people suffer from various diseases, poverty,
hunger. How does God the Father, or Jesus, Nebadonia, how do they stand
all of the suffering that their children go through? Or do they stand
it? Or is it just because they know that they will survive life after
death that it does not become part of their focus? Could you respond to
that please?

JarEl: TR, George. Yes, thank you Donna. It is not simply that they
stand all of this. There is compassion for all of the suffering that is
going on. It is something they cannot help. There is the assurance that
all those who suffer will one day resurrect in the glory of God and their
suffering will be no more.

During the life of Jesus, he could not help but to have compassion for all
those who suffer here, who were afflicted with disease and pain. He did
help them, even for just a little. He so wished to help them spiritually
and he knew that helping them physically was not entirely the answer, for
many of them followed him for that very reason.

They look from afar and see all of the suffering in the world. They could
have immense compassion and come down and save everyone but they know that
is not the answer. They know that stopping the suffering will not cure
what is deep in the souls of man. Humankind must eradicate all of their
barbarism, all of their diseases before any of the suffering is stopped,
that is man's responsibility.

The reassurance that we know is that the suffering is only temporal and
will not continue beyond mortal death. Nonetheless there is compassion for
those who suffer. The Universe is not entirely indifferent, we do care,
but we care more to see all of you stand up on your own feet and declare
yourself victors over your own destiny.

Donna: Thank you JarEl.

JarEl: TR, George. You are welcome.

Michael: TR, George. Greetings, I am your Father/brother/Michael. I come
to you in peace and bring you blessings for all of your lives. You do me
great honor to walk in my footsteps and to cherish my life. I am overjoyed
to have brothers and sisters like you. It is truly remarkable that I
affected all of you in such ways, but I knew that this would happen, even
when I set foot on this earth, the ripples in the water would expand for
Ages. It is remarkable that you can see the original drop and understand
it and comprehend it. I am blessed to have brothers and sisters like
you. You are an extension of my ideas, to manifest them so lovingly and
you take joy in doing so. I hold a special place in my heart for all of
you. I will continue to bless you and guide you. There is no break in our
connection; there is no void. There is only us and we are everything, good

Donna: Good night Michael. We are so honored to be able to serve you
whenever we get that opportunity. We love you so much as our most esteemed
elder brother.

Lucille: I love you with all my heart. Thank you for all the blessings
you give us.

JarEl: TR, George: This is JarEl. Thank you for coming tonight, good night.

All: Good night JarEl.

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