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Ham: Greetings, friends, I am Ham and I am happy to be with you this
evening. You are all having to consciously open your hearts to those
whom you feel some friction with. This effort to love without
expectation, to love without caring about the results, this is an
extremely important part of your training. To love unlovely mankind is
one thing, but to love in spite of animosity expressed is another.

Never is it easy to love for always there are points of friction, even
with those most dearly beloved. The process of moving past ego concern
is the most important aspect of your growth to date. If you can love in
the face of hatred expressed, this is a mile marker denoting a key
victory over your own ego. Love is easy when there is flattery, ego
stroking, and adoration in return. But love is deeper and more a total
part of your being when you love those who do not love you in return.

The Master was total love. He never deviated from this attitude, even
when delivering stern admonitions. He was humanly able to love his
torturers and his executioners. When you love others you are fulfilling
God's will. When you love in spite of all harsh treatment, then you are
truly walking in step behind the Master.

Love goes beyond forgiveness. When you love forgiveness is unnecessary.
Step by step you are beginning to find love in all circumstances. When
you do this, you are bringing a part of the heavenly realm into the
earthly realm for truly my children you must be ambassadors of love.

In all things my children, please know in your hearts that you are truly
moving closer to the Master every day. As he moves his spirit upon the
world, that spirit moves within you as well. But as you grow in your
love for him, you also grow in that personal connection that can only be
had by loving Jesus humanly as he was human and his humanity of spirit
connects with that love and returns that love human to human. This human
part of the Master's spirit makes a close bonding between your souls and
his much easier.

Truly my friends he will walk before you and he will stand beside you
through all your spiritual struggle and all your human struggle as well.
Do not worry then what you should say or where you should go. For the
Master's spirit goes before you and his spirit whispers to you what you
should say at the time you should say it. When you release the ego
struggle and take on instead that greater spiritual struggle for truth,
beauty and goodness, you are setting down a heavy burden and taking on a
light one.

As liberated children of God, you have the freedom to follow truth
wherever he may lead you. Be comforted in this knowledge. For truly love
is freedom and freedom is love. When your hearts are free to love,
regardless of circumstance, that is true freedom.

True spiritual freedom never requires intellectual or moral
contradiction. The Master asks for your highest allegiance. Never does
his spirit chain your souls to outdated theological constraints. Never
does he require that you believe two contradictory concepts at once. No,
rather said he, "You will know the truth and the truth will set you
free". In this day, his spirit is truth. All truth belongs to him. And
so, it is his spirit itself which opens the cell doors of the mind.
Accept that freedom, accept that love and you will find yourselves in
possession of ever greater measures of peace.

What are your questions.

Q: Do you have a message for me Ham?

Ham: Of course my daughter. You are doing very well. Step by step my
dear you are being led where you need to go and you are being placed
where the Master wants you to be. You will have all that is needful to
do what it is the Master asks of you. Do not worry about the future. Do
not worry about what he will require of you. Rather, trust that he will
not require anything from you that you are not able to fulfill. You have
always sought the Father's will in your life and now is no different.
Soon the difficulties of today will be laid away and you will have no
fear but only love surrounding you. Trust in this process. All is well.

Q: Can I have a message please Ham?

Ham: Certainly my son. You are likewise doing very well. The challenges
facing you are the same. How do you expand your heart's capacity for
love even in the face of those who seem to be rejecting that love.
Slowly but surely you are releasing your old fear of failure and your
fear of rejection. These two fears are limiting and restricting. But now
is the time for expansion in all areas. Expanding how you perceive
yourself as well as expanding your capacity for love. Do not worry my
son for you are doing the Father's will in your life. Trust in your own
feelings and find peace as you do. Release your ego concerns more and
more and you will find the peace you are seeking.

Q: Do you have anything for Rebecca?

Ham: Yes my daughter. You must practice being the Master's child and you
must practice reliance upon that child like trust. When you can see
yourself as the Master's child, you see yourself in truth as you are and
thus you cannot be false to anyone in any way. All things are moving
forward and each new adventure must be experienced with the Master.
Allow him to carry all the burden. Trust and grow in your reliance on
him. You are doing just fine.

Q: Jarad?

Ham: Jarad my son, you too are doing well. You are finding ever greater
spheres of interest and you are also allowing yourself to be as a little
child in the learning position rather than the teaching position.
Gradually you are releasing that propensity to immediately switch from
student to teacher and you are beginning to enjoy the place and the
status of a child. Continue in this way to find ever greater realms of
peace. In all things my son cleave tightly to the Master's spirit and
grow in your reliance upon him. You do well.

Q: Ham could I please have a message?

Ham: Of course my son. As the saying goes, you are coming to accept the
things you cannot change and in this acceptance you will find ever
greater peace. Also my son, you are coming to see yourself as the son of
God you are. You are not the black sheep in the Father's family. You are
cherished, loved, and fully accepted as you are. Grow then in
self-acceptance and you will grow in wisdom and in the ability to love.
You do not need to define yourself to God, you do not need to prove
yourself to God. Accept the peace he is giving you. Release the
pressures you put upon yourself. You are doing well.

Q: Do you have any counsel for me tonight Ham?

Ham: Yes my son, of course. Have great peace and tranquility for you are
truly fulfilling your responsibilities in this life. You must learn to
release the tendency to punish yourself for imaginary offenses. You must
learn to stop defining yourself as one who falls short of expectation.
Your feet are ever more firmly planted on the ground and you are coming
to find new and greater areas of interest where like your brother Jarad
you do not need to be the expert. The Master requires only that you
should carry each day's burden to the best of your ability. You are
coming to understand that you don't have to solve all the problems of
the world yourself. Gradually but steadily you are throwing off the old
chains of restriction which held you in varying degrees of mental
torment. Handling each step one by one is the only thing that will take
you from here to there. You are doing very well my son. Have peace in
your heart.

Q: Ham I am turning to you for some advice. I'm not sure that Nashville
is where I need to be any more and am confused about where I should be.

Ham: My daughter you are doing very well. You have been a diligent and
successful student of mine. It would be a loss for me to lose your
example as I enjoy watching you working studying and making progress in
the spirit. However in all things, we must defer to the Master's
guidance. If over time he guides you into new pastures, I will be with
you regardless. In this you should have no worries about. Allow yourself
the upmost freedom in all your decision making. Pray for the Master to
show you what he would wish you to do. Then relax and do nothing until
you are sure of that guidance. Do not let it worry you for you are just
fine wherever you are.

In the spirit you are doing better and better. In fact when we teachers
get together to compare our experiences and our students, you are often
a topic of conversation for your example. Other teachers are envious of
my students.

Q: I am very grateful for that Ham.

Q: Do you have a personal message for Charlie B?

Ham: Certainly, my son all is well. Truly you are releasing the old
bonds of worry and fear even while you are facing and will face
difficult situations. Step by step you are finding spiritual freedom
ever more to your liking. Continue in this way.

Q: Do you have any feedback for me this week?

Ham: Of course my son. You are also doing very well. The way grows for
you step by step and in all things you are finding greater peace as you
open your heart increasingly. The old fears that restricted your heart
are melting away as love becomes increasingly dominant over your person.
Always have you been accepting of truth, beauty, and goodness. Now you
must open your heart even more to these spiritual realities. Rejoice and
be exceedingly glad. You are as wonderful as a student as you as a
teacher. Embrace increasingly that child like trust and allow the
Master's comfort to invade your soul in ever increasing measure. Have no
fear my son, nor any worry. You are firmly in the Master's hands. Trust
him and all is well.

Very well then, until next week my love and my prayers go with you each.

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