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Arcadia Teaching Mission Group

Monday, October 4, 2004, 7:53 pm
Arcadia, California


Donna: Dear Lord, thank you for this meeting here. Thank you for the
camaraderie among all of our spiritual brothers and sisters. Thank you
for our teacher, JarEl who is going to bring us more enlightenment. Please
open our spiritual eyes and ears so that we may be fed what you would have
us ingest. Thank you for everything, we love you, Amen.

JarEl: TR, George. Good evening, it is I, your teacher JarEl. It is good
to see all of you once again. It always makes me glad to realize that
those who are here in this room come for a purpose to learn and to grow
spiritually. It shows me that you have not abandoned your will to mature
and to grow. It shows me that you are clearly intent on learning life’s
lessons. Hopefully you will find some inspiration here. It is well worth
it to you and that is why I’m glad, for I see that you take the time out of
your lives to work on the one aspect in your life that will benefit you for
the rest of your eternal life. You have clearly understood the importance
of this world. You have understood the significance of your entire
Universal Career. You comprehend the beginnings of this Universal
Career. It is very difficult for many of you. I, for one, know how
difficult it is for I was once mortal myself.

Starting out in life, not knowing for sure what is around the corner, is a
very difficult experience. Through time you begin to mature, grow and
toughen for life throws you many curves. It never gets easier, but you
begin to survive better in many ways. Whatever blow you may get you can
recover faster. Whatever you may learn, every new lesson prepares you for
your eternal career. There are still many lessons down the road for
you. There are still many problems and many challenges. There are too
many to talk about at this time, but you will get to them as you have the
capability to deal with them.

If you put a marker at this point in your life and at some future date look
back at all of the problems that you have overcome from this point forward
you shall see the tremendous growth and maturity in your being; from
imperfection towards perfection. Whatever is in front of you is the most
important at the moment. The important thing as well is that you have
dedicated your time to learn these lessons, to grow and to mature.

I bring you messages from afar, I give you insight for whatever may be
happening in this Universe, but it is you who grows, it is you who matures,
it is you who gets enlightened. I only bring the message. I show you how
but ultimately it is the lesson that you learn on your own that has the
most benefit. As I look at you, from afar, I can see your fragility and I
can see the challenges up ahead. I know that you shall overcome all of the
challenges you shall have. These challenges shall make you tougher and

These challenges I went through and I survived. So I know that you will
survive as well. I do not know the challenges that you shall have for they
are all different. Everyone has a different experience. No one meets the
same challenges and no one is challenged the same. It is up to the
individual how he or she reacts. It is all important your attitude towards
these challenges; it is all important your reaction. The challenges that
are presented to you are not simply there to challenge you. These
challenges are there for a purpose and a reason. Whatever challenges you
may get, try to have the best attitude that you can. Accept your
challenges, for that is the quickest way for learning your needed
lessons. Whining about it and wishing that you did not have to face this
challenge only prolongs the time you will have to face this
challenge. Understanding your attitude towards any challenge that you may
get will insure that your personality will mature, your spirituality grows
and overall your soul kicks up another level.

No one is immune from any challenges that may come. Everyone has a certain
degree of challenge or pressure. This pressure will continue building
until the point you make a decision, whatever the decision, it does not
matter, but if you keep procrastinating, if you keep put off dealing with
it or making any decision whatsoever that challenge will remain. It will
continue pestering you until you finally turn around and face it. This
applies to everything in life. You may try and avoid certain situations in
life but they shall only come back to you until you learn the needed lesson
by making a decision and taking the proper action. Nothing ever goes away
until we deal with it, until we look at it, face it and understand it.

One of the biggest challenges in your life, you may or you may not agree
with me, will be God. He is the ultimate challenge to you, He is the
ultimate mystery. You must face Him before you are able to understand
Him. People go their entire life avoiding God, but ultimately He is
someone you will have to face. Hopefully you will want to face
Him. Hopefully your attitude shall be one who welcomes the opportunity to
come face to face with your Creator. This is the ultimate challenge for
any creature in the Universe.

For now you are being prepared, you are being trained and you are being
toughened. Every vicissitude that is thrown at you has its purpose. If
you desire the perfect soul, if you desire true love, if you desire the
perfect personality, if you desire happiness and joy; if you desire all
these things, then you should desire all of these challenges of life. You
should welcome great problems, great crises, for all these situations shall
help you get to where you want to be. All these challenges shall usher you
more quickly to wherever you desire to be. It is only through friction
that the sparks of life begin and the fire and energy inside of you gets
ignited where you more quickly go after what you most desire. If there are
no challenges in your life you become lazy and uninterested and your life
becomes mediocre. Nothing in your life is ever happy or sad, it is only
in-between. Those who are most happy in life have also felt the worst pain
in life as well.

At this moment I would like to give the opportunity for any individual who
wishes to speak.

Stella: I have had my book The Secret Revelation translated into
Spanish. Now I have submitted the book to a Publisher in Mexico. She came
back, does not believe in the Teaching Mission and does not believe that
the Teaching Mission should be connected with The Urantia Book. I am kind
of puzzled as to what to do. Of course I will keep trying, but I just want
to tell you that the Teaching Mission is not being accepted by some of the
Publishing Companies.

JarEl: TR, George. Stella, the book that you co-created is the expression
in your heart and soul. It is the expression of those who help you
co-create as well

Stella: Oh, absolutely, the questions were mine and the answers were the
Celestial Beings who helped.

JarEl: TR, George

therefore these expressions should never ever be
quieted. The expressions should be allowed to flow and express themselves
freely. The fact that one person cannot see beyond their own thoughts
should not deter you from bringing this book forward. It is a challenge to
you, but I have faith that you will find creative ways to get around this.

Stella: I have something in mind, of course I will try, but it just seems
a shame that the Teaching Mission is being stopped in its tracks by a
certain person in a certain company. When those who have read the message
are so enthusiastic about it, it is such a source of peace for many
people. I would like to reach more people, especially in South America.

JarEl: TR, George. You will get that opportunity. It is not being
stopped Stella, it is simply being diverted. So go with the flow and move
your book wherever it may take you.

Donna: JarEl, I have a comment too. I was noticing in your teaching this
evening you were talking about if there was a marker in our life here
today, that into the future we could see that we have many challenges and
yet at the end of time, so-called, we will see that we were able to
overcome them. What I suggest is perhaps if we could all look back, 5, 10,
15, 20 years or so and find a marker in our own life from our lives in the
past. I think that is also a really good way to encourage someone that
they will be able to overcome difficulties and problems just by looking
back and seeing were we have come already and how many things that we have
already solved, with God’s help. It is good to encourage a person by
looking back and asking, what did you do and how did you solve this then,
how did you solve it then? When people start to reflect they can see, oh
yes, really, well that’s right, I did---I did, I did, I did. So anyway
that is my comment.

JarEl: TR, George. Thank you Donna for that comment, yes, that was my
intention of what I meant. Also what I meant was that you will also have
more challenges and by setting a marker here in your life in the future you
shall be able to look back and see all of the progress you have made from
this point on.

Dennis: I have been reading some recent transcripts, they all seem to
indicate that there is something very major coming up, either a global
catastrophe or political upheaval, could you comment on that?

JarEl: TR, George. I can only tell you what I have meant to tell you
Dennis, and yes I have alluded to certain things happening but I will not
go into details as to what will happen. I come here to prepare you. I
come here so that you will prepare others. When the time does come you
will be ready to give light to the world. For that is what the world
needs, light. All of you have that potential inside of you to really shine
and glow and to lead others to happiness, friendship and forgiveness. So
easily people hate, so easily they are angry, so easily they go into war,
but all of you in this room don’t easily do these things. It takes awhile
for you to get mad and hopefully you will teach that to others. Hopefully
you can show them how to forgive and how to love. First, by being an
example, by living your life to the fullest and showing others that you can
be happy despite people hurting you, despite your economic situation. When
you show them this light that you have inside of you, they will ask you
where you got it? Or how you got it?

Really that is all that I’m here to tell you, to prepare you to love one
another, to be brothers and sisters. Understand the message of the
Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man. That has been the message
from day one and it continues to be our mission. No matter what happens to
this world, that will still be our mission: the brotherhood of man and the
Fatherhood of God. This message is to be taken to all the world so that
all nations will begin to forgive each other and love will begin to flow
through one another. We would like it more than anything that this message
survives, that this message goes forward and does not get forgotten.

We will do the most to insure all of your lives so that you may have the
greatest opportunity to bring forth this message. Everyday there are
angels surrounding you, insuring that you have the best opportunities for
delivering this message. If you only stop and listen, you would recognize
the signs all around you. It is not so important what goes on or what is
about to happen. What is important is what goes on inside of you and how
you connect with God and how you connect with others. If you deal with
that and just that you will be more prepared to deal with other things that
come your way.

Are there any other questions?

HenryZ. I have a question, JarEl. I was reading in The Urantia Book again
about the control, evolution and development of the species and there is an
interesting sentence where it says, paraphrasing it says, the most dramatic
changes come suddenly. Do you have anything to say about that as concerns
our immediate future.

JarEl: TR, George. Yes I do Henry. The jump in evolution is directly
linked to the well designed DNA structure that is imbedded in all of you,
in every living thing. It is meant to evolve and to jump at certain
intervals in life. What holds for all of you in the future is that there
will be a jump in evolution. You will see this new and improved human race
and they will lead all of you from desolation. I am not talking about you
in this room. I am talking about the world. They will lead the world from
desolation, they will be the new guides of your planet.

Dennis: Will these be the next material/Morontia mortals?

JarEl: TR, George. It is basically humans who will jump a level in
evolution. You are all destined to get there eventually. Humanity is
destined to arrive at the Age of Light and Life, but before you get there
certain things must happen to your world. Before you evolve others will
evolve before you. Most likely it is the children who are being born today
that have this up-step in evolution. They will be more prepared to
appreciate the higher levels of understanding that will relate to
spirituality, connection and love. They will shun the old ways of war and
embrace the new Age of Light and Life. They will help usher in this new
Age with the help of their elders. Although you here have gathered
information that is vital for this new step in evolution, you must insure
that it is well protected and that it survives and that it moves forward so
that future generations benefit from this information, so that future
generations may disseminate it more clearly and understand it.

For those of you who have introduced The Urantia Book to those who were not
ready, you understand the rejection. It will not be like that in future
generations. They will understand, they will logically deduct the meaning
and values that lay in The Urantia Book. Where others have been unable to,
they will and that is because they will be more equipped mentally to accept
these new values. The simple reason will be because of their connection to
God which will be so much greater for the mere fact they will have evolved
to a much higher level. Which brings everything up a level and that is
what lies ahead for the human race, Henry.

Lucille: How many generations before this happens?

JarEl: TR, George. The generation can be born as we speak.

Donna: Are some of them already born?

JarEl: TR, George. Yes, that is why it is important for you to be
prepared and be willing to share this information when it is asked and when
it is needed. It will be needed. I am not simply wasting my time here,
ladies and gentlemen. This Teaching Mission is not just something that we
came up with to pass the time. There is a reason for everything and the
reason for this mission is to fulfill everyone’s mission here. To help
them, to equip them and to insure that they have all the help available to
them, that is why I always tell you that I’m happy to be here, that I am
glad to be among you. I understand truly all of your intentions. I
understand your motives and your feeling and that is what makes me happy.

Lucille: We sure appreciate JarEl all of your teaching, information and
advice that you give us. It’s a wonderful feeling and we thank you.

JarEl: TR, George. Thank you. Are there any other questions?

Lucille: Is this information being given over in the countries where the
Moslem beliefs are predominate?

JarEl: TR, George. They are being reached by other means Lucille and,
yes, the message does get through. So have faith, believe that others will
receive this message. Do not be so quick to write them off. Just because
they do not believe like you, have faith that their humanity will rise to
the occasion. It always does. When you can all relate to each other as
simple human beings who are seeking, searching for God, there is no
difference between you, you are the same sons and daughters of God. When
you understand that Lucille, you will understand that however they receive
their messages and whatever messages they receive will work out for the good.

Very well, I will wish you all good night.

All: Good night JarEl.

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