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Greetings children, I am Ham and I am grateful to be here this evening.
Have comfort and courage, my friends, for you are each doing well and
making progress. Your efforts going forward should be continually
consciously consecrated for our Father's purposes. If, when you are
beginning some new project or working toward some newly understood goal,
then it is important to consecrate anew your purpose, your life's
meaning as part of Michael's greater movement, his purpose of reclaiming
his world for his kingdom.

What was begun with his dramatic bestowal will continue through the
lives of his followers as your planet gropes in the darkness for a
sliver of light. Only Christ Michael can provide direction, only he can
steer your way. And he will do so, so long as you never turn from him
and light.

As you reach various moments of decision for yourselves, personally, do
not attempt to make these decisions alone. Rather sincerely open your
hearts to the Master's guidance and allow him to place you as he would.
Allow him to be your protector, your friend, your compass pointing the
way forward.

Fear not the derision of those who know him not, for your relationship
with him now is so deeply personal that none can shake your faith any
more. Did not the Master say, "Happy are you when you are reviled, and
all manner of accusations are made against you unjustly when you do so
for my sake." Said he, "Everything is worth it."

Standing for the Master throughout human history since his bestowal has
been a difficult and rather dangerous business. And yet, the truth,
Michael's truth, continues to flourish and to grow due to the stalwart
faith of those who came before.

The fact that Jesus Christ was, with his bestowal, the truth, the way,
and the light of the world has not changed from that day to this. He
remains the truth, the way, and the light of your world. Trust in him
and all will be well with you. Trust in him and your way will be secure.

Walk through this world with grace, faith, and the mental security that
only faith can provide. Look not tot he left or the right, but follow
in the pathway that he has shown you. Let your faith be continually
made deeper through your conscious effort to grow in faith. Faith is
something that grows inwardly and as it grows, it grows deeper, rather
than outward. Faith is that thing which is the Father's spirit
contacting and touching within your own soul. So as faith grows, so do
points of contact between your soul and the divine spirit.

Even so, remember the Master's guidance and his model when you are
tempted to make decisions without prayerful worship. The Master always
took time to step back and to have a little conversation with his
Father. So must you continually practice stepping back and having a
little conversation with him.

Do not be in a rush. Do not be impatient with yourselves. Move forward
slowly and deliberately and you will find this prayerful asking always

Rebecca. You are doing very well. You have set your course with the
Master's help, so now you must rely on him for the details. Continually
develop the habit of speaking with him and of allowing his answers to
grow in your soul. Don't be concerned about what others may desire of
you. Rather, remain upon your path and as you do you will find a place
opening for your contributions to be received. You are doing just fine,
my daughter, do not be worried or concerned in any way for you will have
the strength you need for every step.

Amalayne, my daughter. You are doing well. And you are finding also
increasing comfort in your relationship, your growing relationship with
Michael's spirit. Whenever the bells of truth ring in your soul, it is
the Spirit of Truth reacting and bearing witness with your spirit so
that your soul can be strengthened, deepened and given greater purpose.
You, my daughter, are very determined in your spiritual questing and in
your steadfast loyalty to Michael. Understand that this is known and
that as the Master said, even the hairs on your head are numbered, so
precious are you to Michael's...the human word is "heart" but in
spiritual terms it is more corectly expressed as "being." You also have
before you many things to explore, many roads to walk, and you must know
that the Master's spirit walks with you, that you are never alone. But
his hand is always about your shoulder and his arm is pointing the way
ahead. Have comfort in this and be at peace as you feel the Master's
growing presence within.

Jarad. You are also doing just fine, much better than you think. You
are making some big adjustments in your and Rebecca's relationship as
well as adjustments in your work, and adjustments in your mental
climate. Gradually you are realizing that those forces you perceived as
arrayed against you, you imagined. And that you have a growing and
expanding career ahead of you. Truly, my son, all things are becoming
new and you are trading in the old attitudes for new ones with the
Master's help. And you are going through many stages of growth and of
change. Learn directly from the Master and take your cue from his
example in life. He was truly the ideal which all men should aspire to
emulate. So be courageous in your reaching forward. Be happy in your
work and humanly satisfied with your accomplishments.

My son, Bob. You are also moving through a time when the reliance on
the Master's spirit will be of ever-increasing importance. Human effort
often times falls quite radically short, but the Master's spirit helps
to bridge that which is of eternal importance and that which is humanly
desired. Walk in his comforting spirit and you will have all that you
need to make the decisions that are coming to you. Do not worry, my
son, for you wil have everything you need to make those advancements
which are necessary for your soul. The way is, as always, just one step
at a time and this discipline, this learning to walk with the Master
will serve you throughout your eternal life. Be careful and aware that
all human beings become impatient, so you must have patience with thier
impatience. You must wait upon the Master's spirit and rely on this
spirit as you move forward. Learn to see things in the Master's time
frame so that the small things do not rankle the way they can sometimes.

My children, you are all doing very well. I will not entertain other
questions this evening for I want to simply impress upon you who arehere
the really crucial importance of your personal relationship with
Michael. Consciously cultivate this in the weeks and months ahead.
Come to talk over your problems with him and come to rely on his
guidance in every greater measure as time goes by. In this way, you
will be able to withstand the difficulties which are bound to be part of
your path. You will be able to be increasingly quiet in your hearts and
calm within even as the winds beat about with fury the outside of your
earthly temples.

Let your faith continue to grow day by day. Let your trust in the
Master's guidance grow more firm, unwavering, and unyielding. Let your
hearts be constantly centered on God, for then he will lead you through
the difficulties of the hour. Do not worry, my friends, your way, each
of you--your way will come to you and you will find each door, if it is
truly meant ot open, will open. Have comfort in this, my friends. And
as always, my prayers and my love go with each one of you this evening
and throughout the week. Until we meet next week, farewell.

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