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DATE: September 19, 2004

LOCATION: Rio Rancho, NM

TEACHERS: Machiventa Melchizedek and Persephone

MUSIC: Elena on Piano: "Jerusalem the Golden"

MACHIVENTA: Pensive, gentle children. I come to you this afternoon as a representative of our Michael Son, who seeks to uplift and embrace his children all in one fond embrace. The work at hand is engaging me and my associates, my Teacher Corps, and my many helpers throughout the sphere of Urantia, as well as the region which was isolated from universe commerce to protect the universe from the nefarious Lucifer. I tend you now to engage in the process of re-encircuiting the isolated sphere of which I speak, into the whole, into the fold of universe reality. For this, we come to engage your aid.

Yes, it is true that evolution will naturally evolve to a recognition of the divinity you aspire to attain. While revelation will accelerate that process immeasurably. We thus are here to enhance revelation. And while it is true that the Urantia text provides great cosmology, history, and philosophy for your ever-expanding philosophical and speculative appreciation, it is also true that each one of you individually has an extension of the divine family are able to bring forth, through self-revelation, those truths which you share with universe reality.

Thus, we are engaged upon a very real program of reclaiming for God that which is his. And in the process of re-encircuiting the living light of love into the mainstream of your planetary existence, it will fall upon you then to weigh and adjudge for yourself to what extent you are willing to participate in this monumental undertaking.

I will not dwell long with you today, for there is a teacher here who will spend some time with you on your personal development, but before I go, I, as administrator of the Teacher Corps to which Tomas is attached, will be utilizing him in more far-reaching efforts. Experience requires this. As you are advised, you will be adapting to other personalities throughout the universe career, and the same is true for us. It is required that we adapt to the vagaries of will choice. Only the Father knows the end from the beginning, and while we are assured His will will be done and His mission will prevail, we are only able to effectively work in spurts of time, since it is a living, growing universe, and adaptations are always an appropriate part of growth. Therefore, Tomas will attend to you in a reduced capacity. Not that he will be reduced in his capacity, nor you in yours, but in the context of the evolution of this group itself.

I am personally pleased with the effect of his work on you as of the inception of his teachings, and especially proud of the liaison that quickly formed between Anatolia and Tomas that engaged you so effectively for that period of time. They benefited immensely from the experience, as did you, and this is appropriate.

Trust in the unfolding of Michael's plan for Urantia and for all of Nebadon. While you can only concern yourself with your limited sphere of existence, that is indeed the essential work - the work of your realm - and only you are able to perceive that range of operation as you allow your divine Adjuster to provide the enhanced spectrum of its perspective. And now, without further ado, I say farewell and keep up the good work.

Group: Thank you.

PERSEPHONE: Good afternoon, friends and co-workers in advancing reality. I am adopting a nomenclature for our efforts this afternoon. You may call me Persephone.

Group: Welcome.

PERSEPHONE: Thank you for your welcome. It is a pleasure and privilege for me to be here and to be given this opportunity to help you induce your own self to know itself more and better, that you may find more contentment within yourself and more potential for joyous service.

Recognize the limitations of the human language. I implore you to not be limited by the limitations of the English alphabet, but to see beyond the literal into the ethereal or figurative arena of imagination and freedom to explore the universe, even that universe which resides within you and your consciousness.

Your gathering today is evidence of your longing to enjoy your association in spirit family with others. The spirit is alive and well within you each; and in and through your appreciation of the spirit you connect with the spirit of others, and that includes the engagements you enjoy with and through the organized religions of your world. "The church" - evidentiary of Christ -- is undergoing tremendous change, as are you and as is Urantia altogether, thus the light of truth will be found to shine there as well as in many other formats of reunion you can find to enjoin with spirit.

In part, your sharing represents the concept of the confession, which has been utilized in the church for centuries as a method of unburdening yourselves of those unwanted tendencies that flesh is heir to, which, when confessed, will only render you capable of meeting more intimately with the members of the human race. For the saying goes, "Who among you convicts me of sin?"

What I would like to do this afternoon is invite you to get to know yourself - your inner self - in such a way as to accept yourself, wholly and completely, including the parts of you which you have been reluctant to let be known to others as adjudged by you as being unworthy of the son or daughter of God that you perceive yourself to be. This is unconditional love. This is the divine love that the Father holds for you. It is also the divine love that your Adjuster has for you. Thus, if you can perceive this for yourself, through your own will choice, you will then begin to see yourself as your Adjuster sees you. And that is with love in all circumstances, in all cases, in all conditions. And will work with you from where you are, in order that you may learn to love more yourself and thus others.

You cannot transmit what you do not have, and so have what you are. In acknowledging all that you are to yourself, you can more readily honor that flawed specimen as a work-in-progress, worthy, none-the-less, of respect and consideration, even in those times when you are not putting forth your best foot or [when] your views are reflecting your ignorance and the wheel marks of experience when life has run over you. Only by understanding that this is the scaffolding upon which you have been raised, can you then begin to replace that scaffolding with the scaffolding that will be provided by the Adjuster when you let go of that which no longer serves.

The real flaw is to assume these do not happen, or to demand perfection from your fellows when that is not humanly possible. The point of time for you is to live each moment loyally as a tadpole and when you find yourself having a momentary frog experience, you will recognize the sound of your own croak as a rightful, joyous noise unto the Lord - even if it is only seen as a prayer for continued growth and understanding.

You must be patient with yourself in order for you to be patient with others. And the only way that you can get to know yourself in this right, in this perspective, is to spend time with yourself -- to spend time inside with your Adjuster, reflecting on those elements of life that get in your way of being all that you could be. If you are too busy, if you are too engaged - as so many are in this day and age - you will not have time to process your experiences and reflect upon your choices, including your attitudes, as you engage with others, as you have thoughts.

The goal for you now is to connect with your indwelling God-fragment, that adjuster of your attitudes that puts you in constant contact with your dual nature and that harmonizes the human and the divine in such a way as to provide for you that sense of wholeness and well-being which will result in your joyous acceptance of yourself as you are and in the unconditional acceptance of those around you as they are -- able to love even unlovely mankind as a result of knowing the human condition so well and appreciating and enjoying the saving grace of that divine hand which reaches to you perpetually for you to hold, so that it may lead you through the maze of mortal existence.

Make friends with that which lays within you, trusting that you will be led even closer into that divine sanctuary of engagement where you may reflect upon your being and receive the embrace of that which loves you with an infinite love. Once you have given yourself up to the embrace of the divine, you learn to trust its will such that you yield your own will to its leading. In this way, you embark upon the road to fusion. It is our ambition to assist you in this process so that you will know greater happiness, for happiness is indissolubly bound up with spiritual progress. And so that your sphere may be benefited by your having been here.

We and our Father invests all that we are and all that He is in the unfolding of this reality, and you are invited to conjoin with us in the divine conspiracy to lead all of humanity into a conscious acceptance and awareness of the living water of God in all things and beings.

This has been a satisfying experience, being with you this afternoon. I have felt you individually recede to a place within you that has given you respite from the maelstrom of the animal existence. As you become strengthened in this consciousness, you are better able to discern appropriate priorities and you will gain the courage to stand by the commitments you make, recognizing that the strength to do all these things comes from the Source.

I am not authorized to answer questions, only to walk you through the experience you had in our session today. In closing I would like to pray to our Universal Father and ask Him to deliver to us those impulses of a divine nature that will compel us to draw ourselves nearer to Him, that we may increase our faith and augment our usefulness, that we may wrap our arms around humanity in such a way as to extend the reign of our Sovereign Son and Divine Minister into the very elements and molecules of existence throughout and beyond the borders of inhabited space.

So be it.

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