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SE Idaho TeaM
September 12, 2004

Ken: Our dear Parents: As we stand before You this evening, we feel the embrace of Your love. May we be with You in thought, in word and in action. May we hear the words of those here this evening? May we take them to heart? May we understand? May we be that expression of the love of the Father? It is in your name, Michael that we come. It is in your name that we will be. Amen

DANIEL (Bob): Greetings my friends, my students, my stalwart seekers of God’s will in your lives. How amazed we are at times with the depth of your understanding. You sometimes amaze us. We had planned something entirely different, but your earlier conversations led us to believe that other information might be more appropriate this evening. Therefore, we are busily scurrying about trying to prepare ourselves for what we now wish to say. No I am not stalling, I am introducing the speaker who says he is now ready. Ladies and Gentlemen our presenter is at hand.

MINEARSIA (Nancy): Greetings friends. I am Minearsia, instructor in residence with this Southeast Idaho teaching group. It is my pleasure to participate in your continuing growth, your ongoing stretching and reaching for greater attainment. Tonite’s discussion concerns the Morantial experience. A discussion of the Morontial experience serves two purposes. It honors the graduation of your brother Isaac this year ago, while it also responds to your discussion and individual reflection. I am taking PamElla’s hand and holding it tight to offer my friendship in assisting her in overcoming her fear of being my voice. The reason I was nominated for this task is because I am intimately familiar with the Morontia career, as an instructor, as an architect of remediation. I do not have the personal experience to offer you that others of your ascending friends might. Their input will be solicited in due course. It is hoped that this platform may be shared this evening, but I will take the microphone first to set the context for the others.

You are aware that there are very large differences between normal planets and your planet. This is the beginning of the Morontial career, but keep in mind that not all planets begin in Light and Life. New planets, young planets, have struggles, wars and other difficulties. Your planet, of course, is in the process of correction. All of these beginnings share in common …

Nancy was unable to continue.

MINEARSIA (Bob S): This is Minearsia. We regret PamElla’s condition makes her TRing impossible, but we understand, and are sympathetic, perhaps empathetic of her situation. I shall proceed thru this TR.

Those of you who have sought the truth are to be commended. So many of your brothers and sisters appear to be content to remain in the dark of their own choosing. My task tonight is to elucidate on the conditions found once the ascending mortal arrives on Manson World #1. You will truly be amazed. It is literally beyond description which we can convey to your minds. I shall address some of your concerns, raised in tonight’s earlier discussion. Your understanding that the world beyond your world is much more positive is accurate. I am disinclined to provide many details but I feel that I can say this is one of the things you will find amazing. As many of you have concluded, your world is so negative, you will truly be astounded once you awaken on Mansonia 1. It is so positive, so up-beat, so uplifting, you will truly be in awe.

But there are other things which I would like to address having to do with education on Mansonia 1 and above. You are aware that your education begins where you left off on this planet, but the approach is again much different. As you have surmised, it too, is positive. Rather that focusing on your problems, we will be assisting you to expand upon all characteristics of your personality. But the approach is always positive. We do not see problems, as you would characterize them on this planet. We see them as opportunities yet to be experienced or fulfilled. I trust you can catch the implied difference in my description. We see everything from God’s point-of-view, from the love aspect. Hence, how could it be negative? It cannot be negative for love is never negative. So you will again be delighted with the approach taken to your education at the next level. There are many other differences which I choose not to deal with this evening. I now am turning the microphone over to others here. Are there questions, comments, reflections that you wish to raise at this point?

Ken: Am I correct, Minearsia, that you were an instructor on Mansion World #1?

MINEARSIA: Yes, and on other Mansion Worlds. I have had had the opportunity to address students on all seven worlds at this next level, plus I have also been invited to speak at universities at higher levels. Does this answer your question, Kenneth?

Ken: Most certainly, and thank you. I feel honored that you are our resident instructor here, and I look forward to more from you concerning our ascent into the Morontial.

MINEARSIA: Thank you, Ken, for those words. As I alluded to earlier, it is sometimes advantageous to hear from other ascendant beings who have had experiences, which I have not had, which are or could be similar to those you will encounter. Therefore, I now turn the microphone over to another. One moment please.

ALISTAR: Greetings, brothers and sisters. My name is Alistar. I am not a person familiar to you, but am a personal teacher in training recently assigned to this mission, and have asked to provide information regarding the process and the experiences one may expect when awaking on Mansonia 1. My planet was somewhat more advanced than is Urantia, but we were not in full Light and Life, so my experiences may well be similar to what you will find upon awaking. As our leader Melchezedek has suggested, one generally is amazed upon awaking. It is so much more than words can describe: the surroundings, the architecture, the persons one encounters, everything is truly amazing. I am somewhat at a loss on where to proceed from here. Are their directions you might give me to where information might help individuals in this group?

LaReen: I have a question. What part does our ego play in our ascension?

ALISTAR: Ah, yes a good question. The ego you will be glad to hear is no more. It is entirely a phenomenon of physical electrochemical existence. Hence it does not survive. I am sure you are sorry to hear that. I am joking.

Virginia: Alistar, what about the association that ego has maintained here as a negative or positive?

ALISTAR: There are some characteristics of your personality, which you may consider on Mansonia 1 to have some relationship to your ego from this life. It is difficult to describe them in detail. Perhaps an example would be helpful. Recall when you awaken in the morning from some reflections of a dream you had the night before. While many of those remembrances have no relationship to reality, some you occasionally recognize as having some relationship to your life as you understand it today. One’s old ego gets no closer to your new self than that. A vague reflection of what might be characterized as a bad dream, but the world in which you awaken is so positive that any relationship to bad dreams are but faint memories and have little or no meaning to life as you find it on Mansonia 1. Does that help?

Virginia: I would say it helps a bit. I just think in terms of beginning where you end off, and there has got to be a lot of ego there for some of us. Maybe I should say that.

ALISTAR: Yes, for some more than others. I regret you’re going to have to take my word for it. As a brother not that much older or more mature than those of you in this room, I trust you will accept my words as one who comes in truth and in love.

Virginia: Thank you.

ALISTAR: Anyone else care to give me some direction? I truly am enjoying this experience of talking through the mind of another. It is quite an amazing experience which I trust some of you will experience one day in your extended lives.

LaReen: Okay, I will throw out a curiosity question just to help you in your training.

ALISTAR: Understood.

LaReen: Do you see us, and if so, how do you see us?

ALISTAR: Yes, I see you as you as you see yourselves. I am also capable of seeing the spirit and morontial beings that are here. Is that

LaReen: Short, but sweet.

Ken: You see us as a physical form or you see us as a light form?

ALISTAR: I am capable of seeing both your physical presence and your spiritual level/morontia mota growth that you have achieved.

LaReen: Welcome to the teaching mission. Your prodigy or your student is very lucky.

ALISTAR: I have not yet been assigned, but that I am told is very near. Are there other questions I may address tonight? There are others here who would appreciate the opportunity to speak. Therefore, I will close with my words of thanks for your attention and the assistance of this TR. Good Evening.

Group: Good Evening.

LYNDA (Nancy): This is Lynda. I have urged PamElla to remount the horse, as the analogy is on Urantia. I am, as you know, Nancy’s personal teacher and would like to share some of my experiences upon awakening after mortal death. The planet I come from was not as not technologically advanced as Urantia, and was not as old at the time I had my mortal life. However, my planet was not beset by rebellion, and so we had the benefit of a planetary prince and a functioning Adam and Eve. The Spirit of Truth was not yet functioning for all mortals. My understanding of God, to use this planet’s terminology, was somewhat limited personally. However, we had the benefit of accurate teachings, and I did have knowledge of the hereafter.

I was an avid seeker and apparently had attained the third circle for I awoke on the third day. My joy was overwhelming. The love and the care, and the tenderness of the receivers was beyond anything I had imagined or really could comprehend. I was somewhat dazed by the sheer overwhelming love present and available. As was stated earlier the beauty of the surroundings was also incredible to my eyes, eyes which had seen limited architectural wonders. The beauty of the sphere, and the senses available for perception are beyond comprehension. In awaking thus, I knew that God was real. I knew that my life had meaning. I knew that my struggles were not for naught. And I was affirmed in ways that I cannot explain. I always embraced living, but upon awaking on Mansion World 1, my zest for growth, for attainment, was unstoppable. And in my new form it was easier, yes. You might liken it to training in heavy weights and having the weights removed. That was my experience. I thank PamElla for trying again, and I take my leave. Thank you for your listening ears.

Group: Thank you, Lynda.

DANIEL (Bob S): This is Daniel. We feel it is probably time to end tonight’s session. Are there any burning questions that can’t wait until next week. Very well, let us all stand and join hands. Klarixiska has asked to give the closing prayer.

KLARIXISKA (Virginia): Father of light, of love, of life: we thank You for the truths we have been reminded of tonight. We would ask that we would be stalwart in our living day by day as members of the Correcting Time and as members of Your great family on Urantia. Help us each to hold fast to the truths that You speak in our hearts, and may we share those truths with those we rub shoulders with day by day, moment by moment, and certainly with peers in each of our realms. We would ask that love would be our calling card as we relate to other people, and may we be quick to give them the ticket that you have given to us—your love, as Parent. In the name of Christ Michael. Amen.
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