[tmtranscripts] N. Idaho TeaM 9/12/04

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Sun Sep 19 10:57:59 PDT 2004

North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Topics: Prayer, Rest, Refledction, Recooperation
Teachers: Elyon, Olfana

September 12, 2004

*	Elyon  (Jonathan TR):  Greetings again in spirit and 
circuit.  This is your teacher friend Elyon.
	I have a few words to share regarding prayer.  It is also a 
circuit, a form more familiar to your peoples than some of the 
other communication lines that are available to those like 
	Prayer, while clothed in words, is in actuality an energy 
line, a connection.  It is by your use of language that your 
mind increases its sensitivity to this connection with spirit.  
Forming thought into sentence structure draws open the membrane 
between pure spirit and the material realm.
	Ages ago it was said, “Pray without ceasing”.  It is not 
natural for the human being to pray incessantly, for you have 
far too many other things to consider that require your 
attention that even it would be unsafe for you to be distracted 
through constant verbalization in prayer.  However, since prayer 
is a circuit, you can become more greatly associated with this 
energy conduit and hold within your heart the feeling of divine 
connection, of celestial support and guidance.  Such an 
acknowledgment and awareness is possible without words, without 
concept.  This is the unceasing prayer.
	The value of words is that they draw you back to your 
connection when you are distracted.  Words are a stimulant which 
triggers the mind to look upward, to look inward, to look 
Godward.  Even as I speak to you today this same function is 
occurring, for you in heart and deep mind are tuning your ears 
toward God.  I am merely stimulating that form of attention.  
When we assist our fellows we are ministering in this very 
manner, stimulating another’s attention to look toward the 
divine.  No matter how it is formed in concept, the soul is 
looking, is drawing near.
	These are my words.  I hope you find them of worth in your 
meditation and reflection.

	Evelyn:  We are told God knows our thoughts, He is already 
there, that it is not important that they be put into words.  
So, the benefit is more for us to verbalize or compose our 

*	Elyon:  Yes.  It is a focalizer to the mind.  It is a 
lubricant for feeling.  It softens the personality by 
redirecting attention.  This, by the way, is not to discount the 
value of the content of the prayer, for the words shape what is 
meant by the personality reaching to God.  Soul longing can be 
hard to clearly discern in the mind.  Framing thought structure 
in prayer is like laying a sheet over an invisible object to 
make it appear to the mind.  Then the mind is able to function 
in harmony with your deeper self, your soul, your personality, 
and the spirit presence.  The mind resides at the membrane 
between spirit and matter.  Words in prayer may be likened to 
the beating of a drum that signals from one side to the other.

*	Olfana (Ginny):  Good morning, this is Olfana.  I greet you 
at this time of slowing down, reaping the fruits of your labor; 
a calming down, so to speak, of your summer activities  and 
energy.  As you know, it requires both to be in a balanced state 
of change.
	It is important to reflect upon how necessary it is to 
rest, to reflect, to gather the seeds, so to speak, to sit back 
and reflect upon the fruit of your labor and to begin to  take 
more time to assess your life.  Although things seem to be 
waning, things are losing energy, they are disintegrating in 
nature; it is also an important time to look at ourselves at 
this time and appreciate our maturity as well as our 
vulnerability, for indeed it is a mature time of year when we 
see in full bloom the results of our efforts to bring to 
fruition all the wonderful fruits of the land.
	We also become a bit sad that things are waning and dying 
only to hibernate, to recoup, and to prepare for the next burst 
of energy in the spring.
	As fall approaches let us appreciate all these qualities, 
not only as applied to our physical surroundings, but also 
applied to our growth in the spirit ... good analogy.  Just as 
springtime brings us lots of hope and growth and renewal and 
life and energy, so does this season give us a chance to review 
our vulnerabilities, maybe our weaknesses, our maturity, 
certainly.  So, I encourage you in your time of reflection to 
appreciate these times and give yourselves the opportunity to 
rest, to reflect, to appreciate, for each season brings with it 
qualities that contribute to a balanced planet.  You as part of 
this growing season are also part of that cycle of rest and 
	As you do your fall chores with your plants and vegetables, 
fruits, be reminded that all these qualities reflect your nature 
also.  Appreciate it all.  It is all necessary.  I encourage you 
to be grateful for each day, whether it be sunny or rainy, as 
each day you view opportunities to advance in spirit.  Gather 
your fruits and enjoy.
	I leave you now.

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