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* Aaron: Greetings to you, my friends, I am Aaron. I am here with you tonight to share in fellowship. At a very core level in the human psyche there is a deep yearning for the realization of fellowship on a community, societal, and global level. Clashing often occurs in the fear based illusion that isolation has occurred and fellowship is lacking. And thus, so often you perpetuate what it is that you fear, making it a reality, turning the unreal into the real.

This fear of isolation has its roots in the Rebellion, and the loss of your Material Son and Daughter, and though countless generations removed, the perpetuation of this sense of isolation has occurred, manifesting into abnormal fears and sometimes drastic events and cycles of behavior that separates one further from the realization of connectedness in the universe of God. We are here to provide alternative systems of behavior. We recognize that the root cause was not of your own doing. To allow this cycle to perpetuate would be to witness continued implosion of personality potential.

Though a long drawn out time, in your mind, that this planetary and system isolation has occurred, we recognize it as the natural course of events wrapping themselves up, and now that the culmination has been processed and is in process, we no longer need to wait to be of assistance to your worlds that have been darkened. The dawning of a new day of spiritual enlightenment is upon us all. The perceived need to feel alone no longer exists. The first step toward coming out, so to speak, is to know that a friendly universe exists and this is why we are here, to tell you, but also to show you. For our lessons are of worth for ponderance and comprehension of ideas and ideals, but our presence is the dawning awareness of a connectedness that you have previously been unaware of. And although you have the Source of Everything residing within your very beings, the mask of default and rebellion has clouded your realization of this common union.

At this time, we want you to know that aside from your union with the Divine, all else is trivial in comparison. Communication with celestial personalities without the recognition of the divine embrace merely signifies to you an oddity, an awareness of creaturedom, but without the recognition of the Kingdom of Heaven within, this would be hollow to the yearning of your soul. And thus, the importance of your coming into quiet time with your Father fragment, seeking union with the Divine, such that all your communications, either celestial, divine, or human, are magnified in the divinity comprehension that underlies all efforts toward fellowship.

I look forward to continued relationship with you in our common awareness of a common plan of ascension where, as brothers and sisters, we are seeking the same goal, which is manifestation of personality to its highest potential in the recognition of its embrace with divinity. The levels of your willingness to pursue this personality realization are tied up in your willingness to spend time in contact with your Father. This contact happens by: 1. Stillness -- quiet meditation -- reflective contemplation -- worshipful problem solving, or by 2: Your outward reach toward manifesting a desire to do good to other personalities - service. We encourage you to recognize that these two methods of contact with the Divine are both critical to pursue for a balanced, increasing comprehension of divinity, and your own potential in light of that realization.

Stillness without service is, and would be, gravitating you into circular patterns of behavior, whereas service without stillness would be like grasping at straws, spokes of energy applied that can cause diffusion of being and exhaustion. But stillness, if approached with a healthy realization of its utility, which is the refreshment of your soul in the divine embrace, will naturally gravitate you toward service opportunities in your lives.

The service you undergo can be at various levels. When you hear someone talking to you about bold manifestations, proclamations of God as a necessity, these are the more boisterous realms of service. When you hear someone talking to you of offering small kindnesses as you pass by, these are the less noticeable realms of service. And yet, neither is recommended by us as the way you should go, because your service, your personal service, should be the result of your communion with the Divine, such that you will know what is right for you to do and it will seem more natural. And as you pursue, you will find fruit in your efforts.

This level of activity is where you will begin to find the higher and more noble efforts of fellowship, for when you are in the flow of manifesting your divine leadings, your inclinations, you will both attract and gravitate toward people who yearn for similar activity in their lives. And the satisfaction of your personal relationship to God will have smoothed out the rough edges of your character such that you can be more sincerely connected to other personalities who are connected to their Divine Presence. It is here also that you become a magnet for wounded souls and your balance and unselfish activity will lure them toward this community of love, manifesting into service potentials.

And so tonight I hope that I have afforded you a picture, an idea of a procession, a series of items that you can reflect upon and perhaps utilize in your own connection and communication with your Indwelling Spirit such that you can perhaps grow more certainly in the recognition of fellowship that is ever present on a universal level and only waiting for your increasing recognition at the human level.

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