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Arcadia Teaching Mission Group

Monday, August 23, 2004, 7:57 pm
Arcadia, California


Donna: Dear Heavenly Father thank you so much for this beautiful evening
and the chance to be together with our spiritual brothers and
sisters. Thank you that we have a new person here tonight who is willing
to listen to what the teachers have to say and who wants to know more
truth. Dear Father please help all of us to have our eyes and ears open to
your truth, goodness, beauty and your love so that we can manifest more of
what your will is, for us and through us in the world. Thank you Father,
in Michael's name, amen.

JarEl: TR, George. Good evening, I would like to welcome all of you back
into this group. It has been awhile since we gathered. Welcome to those
who are here for the first time.

I would like to comment on how those who are involved in their spiritual
growth, can be involved so long that they can forget that the only way that
growth comes about is to be bombarded by problems, situations and
challenges that will most likely cause much stress in your life. Of course
it becomes easier for those who have reached a higher level to deal with
such problems, nevertheless these problems still exist and they must be
dealt with. The challenges that you have are there for a reason. Ignoring
these problems only leads to greater problems in your life; ignoring them
will only guarantee that the problem will arise once again later in your
life. You need to deal with them as they arise.

There are many ways to deal with life's vicissitudes. It is up to you to
find a creative solution. Not finding a solution signals a lack of
creativity in your life. It most likely signals an attitude of conforming
and not really taking the proactive approach of changing your life and
changing its outcome. The reason that I bring this up is to remind you
that challenges will constantly come into your life, regardless of where
you are spiritually. It does not matter that you have reached a higher
level. It only signifies that you need greater challenges. I know that
most of you wish that life would become easier, but on the contrary life
will become harder or more challenging. The more you find out about
yourself and the world you will begin to realize that it is full of
complexities and these complexities are what makes life hard or
interesting. Even through all of this chaotic mess there still exists one
true beacon of hope, the Father within, the light and the source that
brings the whole universe together; it brings order out of chaos; it brings
peace out of war.

The True Source and Center is constantly giving you all the resources
available to bring order into your life. You only need to access this
Source so that you may begin to access His Will. For only when we
surrender our own will and decide to do the Father's Will, will our lives
begin to be put into place. Things start to fall into place. The chaos
that once existed in our lives soon dissipates. A tremendous love and
harmony will surge in our hearts and affect all of those who surround us.

This is the reality of the True Source and Center. The reality that you
know of, which is the material, is but a dream to us. For our reality is a
truer sense of reality. The love that you feel for one another is real,
the love that you have for God is real and the relationships that you have
for one another are real. Once you start realizing what is real and what
is not real then your mind will expand to accept more truths in your life.

Many of you come here to listen to me and you believe in me even though you
cannot see me, but at first you question my reality. The reality exists in
our hearts and in our minds. The reality that we see around us is but a
shadow of the true reality of the kingdom of heaven. To access this True
Source and Center is but an easy tack, for all that is required is to
silence your mind and your heart. Open yourself to contacting a greater
being than yourself. Life exists all around you, life exists through you.

You are all connected with a single thread. Adjust your vision, adjust
your heart and adjust your mind so that you may perceive this thread. Only
through sincere meditation, prayer and love will you begin to see these
interconnections that you have. Allow your vision to grow so that you may
connect with those who wish to harm you. Once you connect with them you
may show them the true meaning of love, friendship and compassion. It is
when you believe that you are separated that wars begin, when fear creeps
into the hearts of men. When you release the perception from your mind
and you accept the connection that exists with all of you, that is when you
will lay down your arms and embrace one another as brothers and sisters.

You have the power within your hearts to know what is real, which is a gift
from Michael. The Spirit of Truth which indwells you will let you know
what is true or not. The Spirit of Truth will lead you to the fact that
you are all connected to one another and that you are all children of
God. One day we shall all rejoice for the universe shall be in Light and
Life. Those who had faith and those who saw it through will have hearts
over-flowing with joy, for they saw past the lies and separations and were
able to see into the hearts of men and the needs in their lives. You have
all been called forth to be peace makers in this world. So go out and make
peace and reveal the truth to everyone that we are all brothers and sisters
and that God is our Father.

I will now open it up to anyone else who wishes to speak.

Unknown Teacher: TR, Henry Z. Greetings to you my friends, you have heard
words of what is real. What is real can also be true. The truth of love
is real. It is real in that it affects everyone's life in a very strong
and positive way. It is acknowledging, reassuring and comforting. Love
may be the only truth that you have truly experienced in such a world as we
live. Besides being an act of divine supremacy, love's ability to show
forth respect, goodness and compassion towards our person and our
situation, service and love is the highest Christian value on our
planet. As you go about your lives as you continue to contact and connect
with the Divine Spirit within, continually show forth love in all of your
service and attitude. It is important to hold love as a form of
consciousness. The intention to show love to all people usually results in
loving a few people; the ability to see love as one of the greatest forces
in the power of our minds. Thank you, this is all I have to say.

Michael: TR, George. Greetings, it is I, your Father/brother Michael. I
come to you in peace. I receive you in my arms with love. I would like to
expand on something that JarEl had said, that is the idea of seeing the
greater picture of your lives, not just here on Urantia, but rather your
whole spiritual career, something that will expand many years, many
thousands of years. I want you to see this for it is truly amazing. Not
many can imagine the greatness their lives will be. Many here are just
focused on the immediate, but you all have the opportunity to imagine
greater things in your lives. I today give you this opportunity, to look
past the point of your death, past the point of all the Morontia careers,
past the point of fusion, past all of the millions of worlds that you will
travel throughout your career and now come to the point of being in the
presence of the Father on the Isles of Paradise. Now, look back on your
life, look back into your life. Look back and see all the things that you
have done, all the things that you have gone through. Look back and see
all of the challenges, all the effort, all the strength, all the love, all
the friendship, all the stories and all the triumphs. Your life is truly
glorious from that vantage point. For once you have arrived you will
become who you are truly destined to become and God sees you like that
right now. God sees your entire life and He has an image of who you truly
are. He only asks of you to attempt to be that perfect you, because that
is who He loves, that is who He adores and cares for and He sees you for
whom you truly are. Allow yourself to become that and allow yourself to
dream of greatness, glory and of eternity. You are truly remarkable
creatures for you have no one in this world in which you can look up to and
say, that is truly a representative of God. Yet you have come to believe
in me and I believe in you. I know all of you shall reach the shores of
Eternity and triumph. I bless you with my love and bid you good night.

JarEl: TR, George. This is JarEl, I am open to any questions that you
might have.

Henry Z.: JarEl, this is to comment on something that you said earlier this
evening before the other transmissions. You know how we see you or don't
see you. I just have to say one of the things for me that was always real
was your ability to always bring us into a very aligned space to seeing
things correctly. Thank you for that, what is real about you is your
ability to bring us to see things correctly. I want to thank you for that.

I have to also comment that you probably have been off your planet for
quite awhile. It doesn't get harder and harder, it is just plain hard,
JarEl. It is just hard, none of this getting harder, it is just hard all
the time.

JarEl: TR, George. Thank you, Henry.

Henry Z.: You're welcome JarEl.

JarEl: TR, George. I would like to comment on that, Henry. There is such
a saying that ignorance is bliss.

Henry Z.: Are you saying that you are in a very blissful state tonight JarEl?

JarEl: TR, George. On the contrary Henry I am not ignorant, but those who
choose to remain ignorance have a perceived notion that their lives are
easy, but it is only when they awake into the truth and see the reality
that surrounds them, that they fully realize their being. You should be
thankful that your eyes are open Henry, you should be thankful that your
life is so hard. For it is through these challenges that you become
stronger and truly deserve to be called a son of God.

Henry Z.: Thank you JarEl, that is true. I am very thankful for life and
challenges and the growth that I am taking in my own life because I can't
seem to live life any other way. You can put off doing things, but you are
just putting off real living because that is what real living is, doing things.

JarEl: TR, George. There is always something to do, isn't there? Well my
friends, it was a very interesting evening, thank you all for coming and I
will see you next time.

All: Thank you JarEL.

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